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Pak Nelayan

Selangor Malaysia

渔大叔生鲜 ,一家传承了几代人记忆的海鲜世家。源自于雪州的一个小渔村里,祖辈几代人从最初的捕鱼,一步步慢慢地转型进化成高端技术速冻加工厂把各类的海鲜产品成功的出口到世界各地。这也验证了他们的海鲜因为在第一时间急速低温中速冻起来,因此无论是卫生,新鲜度和营养都能维持在顶级的状态。



Pak Nelayan, a family who has run the seafood business for a few generations, originated in a small fishing village in Selangor. Starting from their great-grandparent with basic fishing skills, nowadays they have transformed their business into a high-end factory with flash freezing technology and export all the fresh seafood overseas. Fresh seafood are frozen rapidly in an extremely low temperature with flash freezing technology, that’s why their hygiene level, freshness and nutrients are retained in high quality.

To allow everyone to enjoy the freshest seafood, Pak Nelayan has insisted to use professional fishing methods which allows our customers to enjoy the original taste from the ocean.

After planning internally for two years, Pak Nelayan has decided to start online retail in 2020. Starting off their new journey with a new vision: “The best seafood with the best price”.