What is MyFishBid?

MyFishBid is a multi-vendor online platform, playing role as a third-party platform which acts as a bridge connecting seller and buyer in fish trading and fish bidding process. That being said, we take full responsibility in creating variety of fish types from different vendors. That’s why you can now compare different services from different vendors, but in just one single platform! Everything’s now easier, faster, and better!

Our Vision

To bring revolution in transforming traditional business trading, retailing and consumerism for the fishing industry.

Our Mission

  • To provide the best platform and services at our best efficient level to serve both fisheries and consumers well.
  • To protect buyers by serving them local seafood with the most reasonable pricing and surpassing freshness.
  • To protect sellers by creating a more consistent pricing and a larger sales volume in the Malaysia market.

Winn Goh Kah Hang Chief Executive Officer /Founder

Jazz Koh Kah Hau Chief Finance Officer / Founder

Evelyn Chong Li Eeng Chief Marketing Officer / Co-founder

Vyscen Koh Kah Wei Chief Technology Officer / Co-founder


We aim to reduce fish price in a sense that we work with the large wholesaler directly. Traditionally, the fishing industry has five tiers, the fishermen to large wholesalers, then small wholesalers, then markets, and finally customers. In this case, we can avoid the unnecessary cost due to the existence of middlemen and guarantee the freshness of fish as the process is more clear-cut now.


We will not take the quality of fish for granted, that’s why we only work with responsible and reliable vendor. Our vendor will be reviewed according to our Standard of Procedures which includes fish processing (Gutting, Scaling and Cleaning), fish packaging (Vacuum-packing and Polystyrene box with our logo sticker), fish delivering (Partnering with the best logistics company) to ensure the freshness of fish.


Every consumer has the rights to know, understand and learn more about fish as well as other seafood. With every consumer being well-educated and exposed with the correct information, we believe that the misleading advertising with the purpose of deceiving consumers will be reduced.


We are not only creating an online platform, but preferably creating a community who loves seafood as much as we do and building a long-term relationship by sharing the knowledge of seafood as much as we can.

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