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Free app for iOS, Android, Kindle. The Withings Body Cardio Scale ups the ante. Body Cardio is not a medical device and doesn’t detect, prevent, monitor, or treat a disease. If you're not fussed o that though, you might be just as happy with the cheaper Body+, which otherwise has an almost identical feature set from as little as £69/$99, or the even cheaper Body scales. Show newer Digital Scales If you don't want to spend quite that much, then look to the two cheaper models: the Body is just £59.95/$59.95, while the Body+ is £89.95/$99.95. All Body Cardio data stored in the Health Mate app integrates with the Apple Health app. Tap Share your scale. $395.65. While it can measure weight and sync its data online like Withings' other scales, … The Body Cardio retails for £129.95/$149.95 - a lot for a scale, but then it does do a lot. Body Cardio connects via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to the free Withings Health Mate app (iOS and Android) and automatically syncs data after every use of the scale. It also measures values such as body fat and muscle mass, but also the water content in the body, bone mass, heart rate and pulse wave speed. The accompanying Withings Health Mate app syncs with over 100 other health apps, including Apple Health, MyFitnessPal, and … There are a lot of newer digital scales on the market. Update: Since our original review, the Withings Body Cardio has now been re-branded the Nokia Body Cardio due to the acquisition of Withings. I'm having issues installing my Body Cardio. As with the Fitbit Aria 2, the measured data is sent to the Withings Health Mate app via WLAN. À l’ouverture de l’emballage, la première chose qu’on remarque en effet est que la Withings Body Cardio … Body fat scale number 2 is the Withings Body Cardio. FitTrack Dara Smart BMI Digital Scale - Measure Weight and Body Fat - Most Accurate Bluetooth Glass Bathroom Scale Body Cardio is an advanced Wi-Fi smart scale, tracks weight (+-0.1kg), body composition and heart rate to empower you to make changes that can improve your health, syncs to the free Health Mate app (iOS8+ and Android 5+). Our only complaint is the squiggly graphs on the mobile app. Withings/Nokia Body Cardio – Heart Health & Body Composition Digital Wi-Fi Scale with smartphone app 4.3 out of 5 stars 2,237. The scales sync well with the Withings range of activity trackers, such as the inexpensive Move and the waterproof Steel, which looks like a normal analogue watch but measures basic activity data. Withings Body Cardio review Price. Our award-winning connected devices are known for personalization, cutting-edge design, and ease of use, allowing anyone to measure, monitor, and track what matters via seamless connection to the free Health Mate app available for iOS & Android. The Body Cardio scale is only classified with the FDA as a “wellness device,” however, which doesn’t require testing and paperwork. Withings Body Cardio - Heart Health and Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale, Black 3.6 out of 5 stars 1,168. If you don't want to... Review. The scale, via PWV computation, gives you an indication of your cardiovascular health as well as tips to develop healthier habits to improve your long-term health outcomes. Support is here to help: http://bit.ly/WithSupportYT Due to regulatory issues the feature was removed from the scale for over a year via a software patch, but in April 2019 Withings announced that it was being re-enabled in Europe, though it remains switched off for now in the US. Note: We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site, at no extra cost to you. Learn more. The … $119.99. For an upgrade, the $150 Withings Body Cardio offers heart health features, including a Pulse Wave Velocity measurement that is only available to users in the European Union. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. The Body Cardio is our favourite smart scale for sheer number of stats and handy info like how much weight you've lost or gained since your last weigh in. Withings Body+ costs around £72 and this then measures body composition via electrical impedance, giving you a rough idea of body fat, water percentage, muscle & bone mass. Withings Body Cardio is a handsome, elegant and easy-to-use scale. The Withings Body Cardio isn't your typical smart scale. It's pricier than the others but offers just about everything you might possibly need. © Copyright 2020 IDG Communications Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Do you have a question about the Withings Body Cardio or do you need help? This doesn't affect our editorial independence. To preserve the Withings Forum as a place of kindness, mutual support, and interest for the products and services provided by Withings, I am committed to: Setting up the Body Cardio for multiple users. Body Cardio gives you the means to improve your health with the most advanced scale in the world. Body Cardio - Frequently asked questions about the Weather screen, Be courteous and participate in the community with a spirit of friendliness and understanding, Ensure that my messages do not infringe on the rights, reputation, image, or privacy of others, Avoid any and all discussions which contain insulting or discriminatory comments, Abide by the full terms and conditions outlined. Cyber Week is here! Withings Body Cardio Description Overview With its slick and extra thin design, the Withings Body Cardio allows you to easily track your weight and monitor your progress. Withings Body+ vs Body Cardio I want to get a smart scale for my boyfriend who works out a lot, cares about both weight lifting and cardio, his body fat %, his muscle mass etc. Verdict. Note that this community is supported by its members, not the Withings Support Team. Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide View more prices. QardioBase2 WiFi Smart Scale and Body Analyzer: monitor weight, BMI and body composition, easily store, track and share data. La Withings Body Cardio mise à l’épreuve Design. To do so, connect your Body Cardio to a power source using the USB cable provided with the scale. Weight, BMI, body composition (fat, muscle, water & bone mass), standing heart rate and Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV). Withings defines PWV as "the speed at which heartbeat-generated vibrations spread out along the arterial walls of the body’s circulation system," with a higher score indicating higher blood pressure and other potential heart problems. At Withings, we make a range of products that empower people to make the right decisions for their health. The Body Cardio retails for £129.95/$149.95 - a lot for a scale, but then it does do a lot. If you need assistance because of an issue which would not be resolved through troubleshooting, such as a product with physical damage, please contact our Support Team. You can create a separate Withings account for each user to make sure everyone's data stays private. Withings Body+ - Smart Body Composition Wi-Fi Digital Scale with smartphone app 4.5 out of 5 stars 11,040. Features. The Withings Body Cardio scale costs $179.95, making it the most expensive smart scale I've seen to date. What should I do? Health Mate also offers integration with 150 partner apps to provide nutrition tracking, GPS run tracking and more to make it an integrated health aid. It's in the top 3 bestselling digital scales and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as My Weigh SCMXL700 or FitTrack Dara. To preserve the Withings Forum as a place of kindness, mutual support, and interest for the products and services provided by Withings, I am committed to: No other company's smart scales currently measure PWV, so if you have concerns around your heart health this could be a significant reason to opt for the Body Cardio. The best deals are not always on Amazon. For every stage of life. View the manual for the Withings Body Cardio here, for free. Withings Body Cardio is a popular and one of the most expensive options. Weight, weight trends, body fat, muscle, bone mass, water percentage and standing heart rate . Users can set goals, earn rewards over time and celebrate health milestones. Tap Body Cardio. My favorite feature is that it can now be charged via USB, whereas the privious version required batteries and were a pain to replace. However, it's fairly safe to say that Withings Body Cardio is a more popular digital scale, based on its 1,000+ reviews. At $180, however, it’s relatively expensive. Withings claims that this should last a year. Withings/Nokia Body Cardio – Heart Health & Body Composition Digital Wi-Fi Scale with smartphone app 4.3 out of 5 stars 2,209. You can check the battery level of your Body Cardio by going to Devices in Health Mate app. Make sure you are buying the right Withings scales when looking at the best online prices: the range goes from the basic Body scales up to the most sophisticated Body Cardio scales. Additionally, it calculates your fat mass, muscle mass, bone mass and water mass by bioelectric impedance to inform you about your body composition. Withings/Nokia Body Cardio – Heart Health & Body Composition Digital Wi-Fi Scale with smartphone app $149.99 ($149.99 / Count) (2,105) ...Still have questions? This manual is available in the following languages: English. The Body Cardio is our favourite smart scale for the sheer number of stats and handy info like how much weight you've lost or gained since your last weigh-in. This Nokia Body Cardio Smart scale remains accurate when placed on any surface and records data for up to eight people. When the Body Cardio scale is connected over Wi-Fi it even provides a daily local weather forecast – handy for runners and outside exercisers. Track progress. Pour la quatrième génération, il semble que Withings ait voulu marquer le coup en adoptant un design tout à fait différent des trois premières. It also offers a unique feature: Pulse Wave Velocity tracking, which could help you monitor your heart health. After a few weeks, users should be able to see how their lifestyle impacts their PWV. The app's home screen is clear and concise, showing you your health stats in one easy glance, including steps either from your Nokia activity tracker or from your phone's step counter. How much screen time is healthy for children? Ask your question here Then enter the height and weight of your baby and weigh yourself while holding your baby in your arms. It syncs with Withings' range of activity trackers for all-round fitness monitoring, and can use a phone's basic step counter if you don't own a tracker. The Withings Body might be a bit simpler than the Body Cardio but it still tracks weight and BMI over time and feeds all data back into the Health Mate app automatically. Unlike other scales (see our best scales reviews roundup) the Withings Body range display your previous day’s step count and a trend graph right there on the scale display. $119.99. Body Cardio - Using Baby mode Baby mode allows you to find out the weight of your baby by weighing yourself on the scale while holding your baby. I was strongly considering Fitbit, because he already has a Fitbit watch, so it would fit in the ecosystem. Our only complaint is the squiggly graphs on the mobile app. Once the new account has been created, you can share the access to your scale to the new account by performing the following steps: Open the Health Mate app. This manual comes under the category Scales and has been rated by 1 people with an average of a 7.5. The Fitbit Aria 2 is more of an "everyone" scale. Withings (which was previously bought by Nokia, then sold back to the Withings founder) was one of the first manufacturers of smart scales, and the Body Cardio offers a wide range of health measurements. The Withings Body Cardio is just one example of how far the humble weighing scales has come. Withings Body Cardio was released in 2018. By Simon Jary, SVP Consumer Worldwide | 28 Nov 2019. If the battery level reaches 5% or less, we advise that you charge the battery. Although some of body measurements like pulse are not reliably measured, weight and body mass are reliably captured. So FitTrack Dara, while being a cheaper option, tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than the $120 Withings Body Cardio, as seen on the chart below. Simon’s desk is a test bench for tech accessories, from USB-C docking stations to chargers, batteries, Powerline adaptors and Fitbits. The Withings Body Cardio does pretty much everything a smart scale can. Our one complaint about the Withings scales is the graphs on the app. Remember that in addition to your weight and body composition, it can give you an indication of your cardiovascular health thanks to measuring pulse wave velocity, an innovative measure generally limited to a clinical environment. Graphs help users visualize trends over time and note how their weight impacts overall health. Body Cardio User Guide - EN. $69.00. The Body Cardio also monitors something none of the other smart scales can: Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV), a measurement of arterial stiffness that is a key indicator of cardiac health. The battery level is located next to the Body Cardio. Go to Devices. It's pricier than the others but offers just about everything you might possibly need. To use this mode, you must create a profile for your baby in the Health Mate app. Body Cardio features a rechargeable battery rather than running on four AA batteries like the other scales tested here. It also offers two light versions, the Body and the Body+. If you don't use a Withings activity tracker you can still sync your phone's step counter to the Withings Health Mate app. Syncs with Apple Watch plus more than 100 top health and fitness apps including Apple Health, Fitbit and Google Fit. When you go into more detail some of the graphs turn into quite confusing squiggles, where a simple trend line would have sufficed. (That also means that it can’t make medical claims.) It measures and tracks the aspects of your body that are important for everyday health, like BMI and body fat percentage. The prices shown above are the best available right now, though you may need to buy quickly as some deals will sell out.

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