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Utilized technical drawings in preparation for installation and troubleshooting of copper and fiber optic telecommunication cable networks. Used Computerized Test Programs for troubleshooting and evaluate operations and Digital and Analog Circuitry in systems. Checked newly installed equipment in vehicles to evaluate system performance under actual operating conditions. Utilized troubleshooting techniques to accurately diagnose faults within customer electronic devices. Localized equipment malfunctions to systems, subsystems, circuits or parts. Assembled electronic sub-assemblies for components to be installed in electrical cabinets and lockets for locomotives. Performed setup, maintenance & troubleshooting on electronic gaming equipment. Trained technicians on new equipment and procedures. Documented processes, schematics and setups used in the fabrication, calibration and test of systems or instruments. Performed temperature testing in specialized temperature cycling chambers as well as vibration testing for certain military electronic devices. Conducted troubleshooting using wiring diagrams and schematic drawings. Worked with RF generators, Spectrum Analyzers etc. Tested commercial and military aircraft electronic controls using automatic and manual test equipment. Diagnosed equipment malfunctions and effects repairs to restore equipment to required operating conditions. Experience. Calibrated instrumentation used in medical devices and conducted testing procedures to verify work done. Preformed component level troubleshooting and repair of UHF/VHF portable, mobile, fixed base station, cellular phone and pagers. Served as Electrical Safety Inspector, ensuring personal and equipment safety. How Long Does IT Take to Get Program Electronic Review Management (PERM) Labor Certification? Assembled, tested and packed products using variety of hand tools, pneumatic drivers and computerized equipment. Utilized schematics and technical manuals to troubleshoot equipment malfunctions to the component level and effected repairs. Constructed chiller software simulators, PWM current regulator for control valve position modulation. Used Multi meters, Oscilliscopes and signal generators to perform test. Executed scheduled preventative maintenance on radio communications systems, including associated switching, patching, and recording systems. Updated software in 1A type switches and assisted central office techs with repair using schematic drawings. Used radar, satellite, radiation equipment with frequency counters, power supplies, multi-meters, oscilloscopes, and schematics. Earn Transferable Credit & Get your Degree. Loaded and configured Remote Data Relay (RDR) and Remote Data Relay Command Post (RDRCP) windows software. Performed emergency technical assistance visits to numerous at-sea and shore-based commands. Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for an Electronics Technician. Conducted and documented root cause analyses to determine methods for resolving and preventing customer problems with equipment. Provided technical assistance to field techs and customers Provided quality customer service. Recorded test results and failures using proper documentation. Obtained and retained high level government security clearance. How to Become a Teacher with a Bachelor's Degree, Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA): Computer Animation Degree Overview, Corporate Event Planning Training and Education Programs, Associate of Science AS Health Information Technology Degree Overview, Zoological Veterinary Medicine Degree and Training Program Info, Graphic Web Design Career School Diploma Overview, Working Scholars® Bringing Tuition-Free College to the Community, Attention to detail, problem solving, communication, $62,530 for electrical and electronics repairers, commercial and industrial equipment, -1% for electrical and electronics installers and repairers, Must be a high school graduate or have completed GED. Applied advanced technical knowledge of electronic principles in determining equipment malfunctions, and applies skill in restoring equipment operations. Technical skills for an Electrical Engineer is the set of consolidated knowledge and practices what he reads in books and how that stuff is applicable practical electrical machines. Conducted research and developed emergency restoration procedures for equipment critical to FAA operations thereby minimizing system down time. Trained and supervised junior technicians on system hardware configurations and the operation and maintenance of electronic equipment. Provided post-sale technical support and warranty work on wireless communications products by analyzing and repairing cell phones to component level. Applied technical knowledge to perform simple or routine tasks following detailed instructions. Each module in the Electronics Technician program begins with a practical application exercise that will require you to analyze a situation, problem solve on … Created, enhanced and modified various PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) applications used in the production environment. Conducted complete setup to operations and torn down to operations of all Land and Off shore satellite units. Electronics classes or online learning can prepare you for the courses you will need to take after high school. Performed regular maintenance on Windows NT electronic security system and associated devices. Provided critical leadership in reading blueprints, wiring diagrams, schematic drawings, and engineering instructions for assembling electronic units. Developed skills to install, remove, setup, and break open mechanical tumbler locks and digital tumbler X-09 locks. Repaired/upgraded electrical systems and components. Operated, maintained and managed the Test Group for the ESD Division of BAE Systems. Computer repairers specialize in fixing computers and related electronic equipment, such as monitors and keyboards. Used schematic for searching electronic components to troubleshoot defected circuit boards. Applied electrical knowledge in determining equipment malfunctions and applied technical skills in restoring equipment operation. Performed quality assurance inspections of integrated hardware and systems and network cabling. Programmed, operated and monitored data acquisition units to fit the needs and specifications of written test plans. How Do Medical Assistants Use Electronic Health Records? Operated oscilloscope, signal generator, frequency counters. Possessed Top Secret/SCI security clearance with polygraph. Enter zip: Performed functional testing and repair circuit boards Completed documentation and data handling. Prepared weekly schedules of preventative maintenance supervised and directed aircraft inspections and performed troubleshooting and repair tasks. Diagnosed and repaired malfunctions of computerized generator control systems. Performed preventative/corrective maintenance on SATCOM systems and subsystems on Ship and Shore SHF satellite communication systems. … Removed, replaced and PAL, EPROM and various surface mount components using the state- of -the art electronics solder station. Used DMM's, Frequency Counters, Oscilloscopes and H.P. It's free! Supervised the implementation of a device plastic package qualification for a customer. Utilized pc software applications to research schematic drawings and related manuals. Learned access control, CCTV, paging and intercom systems, and system engineering basics for touch screen controllers. Performed repairs and component changes on high-density SMT printed circuit boards using state-of-the-art equipment. Worked with oscillators, spectrum analyzers, AC voltmeters, digital voltmeters, and performed precision surface mount soldering. Maintained helicopter flight simulators controlled by Linux and Windows computers. Communicated technical information regarding test results with test engineers. Required federal security clearance level: Secret. Performed quality audits and tests on printed circuit boards (PCB's) to ensure proper assembly according to schematics. Offered and became career conditional exempt federal employee and obtained lifetime airborne FAA electronic tech certification for Flight Inspection/Flight Calibration. Interpreted maintenance manuals, schematics, and wiring diagrams Repaired equipment using standard test instruments and knowledge of electronics. Required skills include soldering of components including surface mount components. Maintained all video systems for nuclear power plants including fiber Optics, CCD cameras, and B & W cameras. Completion of a college Diploma or Certificate of Technology (or the equivalent) is generally required to work as an electrical or electronics engineering technologist or technician. Performed board level circuit troubleshooting and rework/repair. Handled complex test instruments, including pulse generators, spectrum analyzers, distortion analyzers, and computer analytical equipment. Diagnosed equipment malfunctions and completed repairs to equipment and maintain up-time. 7. Resolved many field issues and communicated installation and customer concerns to engineering teams. Employers require training in a formal avionics program. Assisted R&D by testing design changes, bread boarding and then trouble shooting test circuits. Read/interpreted blueprints, drawings, and schematics for new equipment wiring installation/additions/alterations. 2 Dec 2020 accessed. Repaired and assembled mechanical and electronic assemblies for advanced driving technology for wheel chairs (PLC based systems). Maintained, repaired and responsible for troubleshooting CCTV, card access and alarm systems from outer to component level. Assembled cable harnesses, assembled drawings and schematic diagrams with standard procedures and specific written or oral instructions IAW installation procedures. Performed technical support programs service agreement tasks and scheduled assignments to ensure that automation system is properly maintained and operating correctly. Performed repairs on numerous electronic and electrical systems (AC and DC motors, radio systems, Analog/Digital etc.). Identified and repaired electrical/mechanical malfunctions in consumer electronic devices ranging from DVD players to microwaves. Tested and troubleshot microwave detector telecommunication PC boards to component level. Performed Duties as Electronics Technician for U.S. Navy Contractor Specializing in Overhaul and Replacement of Naval Shipboard Communication Systems. Provided daily technical/operational support to VHF/UHF Communications and Radar Platforms. Must have normal color perception. Maintained test equipment, ESD checks on benches, and checked test equipment was within Mil standards. Guided FAA flight inspection completing Tactical Air Navigation System operations checks, validating 144K square mile navigation pattern with zero errors. Designed test plans and kept highly accurate records to meet FDA requirements. Maintained federal secret security clearance status. Maintained and troubleshot manufacturing equipment's electronic systems to include PLC's, VFD's, Vision systems and robots. Controlled inventory for all Electrical/Electronic devices and performed duties in packing and shipping in warehouse. Certified Electronic Technician, Installation and Maintenance of Transmitters for Radio and Television. Edited and corrected test procedures, parts lists, engineering drawings and Users Guides. Used Windows operating systems and software for tracking locations and situations status of helicopters while in training exercises. Performed dis-assembly/re-assembly of company manufactured medical diagnostic test equipment. Study.com, 16 Nov 2020 published. Utilized technical data in technical documents and technical manuals, read schematics, troubleshot malfunctions, including circuit board level malfunctions. Median hourly earnings for electronics technicians are dependent on the type of work. Provided manufacturing support through component level repair and testing of manufacturing based products. Assisted the Production and Engineering departments in troubleshooting and solving problems in the assembly, calibration and manufacture of PCB assemblies. Provided comprehensive instruction to over 400 maintenance technicians including international students. Recorded data on testing techniques, laboratory equipment, specs, test results, equipment performance. Replaced temperature-compensated crystal oscillator, ceramic filters, fuses, and integrated circuit chips that use surface mount technology. Interfaced large mainframes, mini computers, pcs, printers, and terminals. Performed test for low/medium power equipment and troubleshoot electrical and electronic equipment to component level. Provided secure emergency satellite system support for real-world emergencies and commander support. Must have an Arme… Problem-solving skills. 7/1/2003 – 9/1/2004. Acted as an on-call repair technician responding to user inquiries regarding computer software, hardware operation, and equipment malfunctions. Operated and maintained 60 UHF radios resulting in sustained communications and operational readiness for the Southwest Operating Region. Utilized precision test equipment including Spectrum Analyzers, Frequency Counters, Signal Generators, and Digital Multimeters. Performed scheduled and corrective maintenance for navigation electronics and computer systems. But what does an electronics engineering technician do? They work in offices, laboratories, and factories because their job tasks involve both engineering theory and assembly-line production. Followed all safety rules, procedures, and instructions, while complying with all ESD, PPE, and FOD directives. Tested, performed trouble shooting, burned-in and delivered 500 boards per month for a project lifespan of 10,000 boards. Maintained electronic equipment for Marine Air Traffic Control Facility to include; Navigational Aids, RF Communications/Telecommunications, and Weather systems. Electrical and electronics engineering technicians work closely with electrical and electronics engineers.For this reason, teamwork is an important part of the job. Facilitated installation, integration and repair over 900 MRAP communication systems into theater providing essential support to accomplish the mission. Assisted with the setup and maintenance of an automated conveyor system for the USPS Processing & Distribution Center in Columbus. Used test equipment and technical documentation to troubleshoot and repair different electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment. Manufacturing Technician‘s role is pretty broad in nature and they often use a blend of technical and mechanical skills to do their job. Tested and debugged analog/digital circuitry at the board level with assistance from engineering staff. Used test equipment, schematics and block diagrams to perform repairs to module and board level components. Supervised technicians in CoreDirector Linux-based switching and transport section.

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