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Your comment is now queued for moderation! With that, DAY 1 comes to a close. Before you get too excited hopping onto the Tokyo Sakura Tram, drop by Joyful Minowa Shopping Street, which is just a block away. No, we’re not here to do an errand. Tokyo Subway Ticket grants you unlimited access to all subway lines (Toei and Tokyo metro, NOT JR). Want to be more deserved a valued fare within the same fare zone.Tokyo Metro can offer various discount tickets that suit your style. From Narita Airport to Tokyo: The Tokyo Skyliner brings you to Ueno station in just 41minutes.Since we’ll be in Tokyo for a few days, it’s better to activate the JR Pass later and instead, use our pre-ordered Tokyo Skyliner tickets. All of that means you will be spending a good chunk of time on trains—but treat this as planning time, nap time or just reading a book time—whatever helps you get thr… Nearest subway stations: Iwamotocho (Toei Shinjuku Line), Akihabara (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line). In that case, the JR Pass will be a huge waste of money. However, because we will be visiting two more observation decks this trip, you may skip climbing and just admire the tower from below, which is FREE. There is a free Tokyo Metro Transfer Planner tool which you can make use of via the Tokyo Metro website. 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I wanted to see the busiest crossing in the world myself. As regarding to my transportation plan, do you think it advisable to fully make use of Tokyo + Toei subway 3 days pass while using PASSMO / SUICA as complimentary?. This makes the stroll to the Tokyo Tower from the station a quiet and pleasant one. We’ve always wanted to experience teamLab since we first chanced upon a viral video on Facebook. Ameyoko is a market street where you can shop for almost anything you can think of. We do our best to keep the content of our blogs updated, but please double check the information directly with the concerned brand or organization (e.g. with Tokyo Metro. Vins and I were able to carry the rock, though, so yay! Not to mention all the time that you saved by not falling in line or trying to purchase a ticket each time you’re gonna use the train or tram. You have to go up to a human in the rail stations, rather than just swiping your SUICA / PASMO. If it’s packed and you didn’t make advance reservations, approach the staff by the entrance and they will usually assign a time slot. As mentioned earlier, it’s always great to start the day at an information center just in case you have questions or need assistance. Several seafood restaurants and sushi bars continue to draw tourists from all over the world. In the morning, you will be exploring the quiet and historical district of Arakawa City and Kita City. I recommend buying a subway pass if you foresee yourself taking the subway at least 4 times each day. Legend has it that if you’re able to lift the rock from its place as you think of what you want to attain, that wish will come true. We visited in the middle of winter, so there wasn’t much color. To save time and money, purchase a Toden One-day Pass, which will give you unlimited access to the Tokyo Sakura Tram the entire day. Don't buy one. One of them is the Ueno-okachimachi Tourist Information Center. This application is available in English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, Thai and Japanese. If that’s over your budget, you can choose another restaurant in Shinjuku area. We’ve just arrived from another Tokyo trip, but this time, we challenged ourselves if we would be able to see in two days the city’s key attractions including the usual crowd favorites and those off the beaten path using only the subway and the tram. You can even see Mt. As expected, there were a lot of tricks as the food was served. Check it out below: For the first day’s itinerary, you will be using the Toei Oedo Line a lot. After being treated to the sensory treat that was teamLab Planets, trace your steps back to Tsukishima Station and switch to Toei Oedo Line to Tochomae Station. It’s available in 24-hour, 48-hour, and 72-hour variants. Subscibe on Youtube! I find that most of the places i wanted to go has either tokyo or toei stations nearby. Nearest Subway Stations: Tocho-mae, Shinjuku-nishiguchi (Toei Oedo Line), Shinjuku (Toei Shinjuku Line). The tempura that I’m used to has batter that is light in weight and color. If you’re planning on shopping, don’t forget to bring your passport because you will need it to score the Tax-Free discount if your purchase is above ¥5000. … Both Tokyo Midtown and Shibuya Blue Cavern illumination is indeed on my list! Oji Inari Shrine is a Shinto shrine built in 1822 and is where the famous Fox Parade takes place on New Year’s Eve. Itinerary Menggunakan Tokyo Metro 2D Pass di Jepang – Total 5 hari di Tokyo aku menggunakan 2 kartu sakti khusus turis yang bisa menghemat pengeluaran sangat banyak. A typical meal costs ¥4000. The Greater Tokyo Pass (a 3-day hop-on-hop-off ticket usable on lines operated by 12 private rail companies and 52 bus companies within the Kanto region, including the Tokyo Metro), tickets combined with the Tokyo Museum Grutto Pass 2017 (a pass for free or discounted entry to over 90 facilities situated along the Tokyo Metro Lines unlimited travel area), etc. Click here to order your Tokyo subway pass . Greater Tokyo Pass offers unlimited rides of train and bus to travel in and around Tokyo. If you’re not interested to spend that much on dinner, you can just eat elsewhere for less than ¥1000. Train/subway fares are cheap, starting at ~150yen ($1.50) so you don't have to focus on getting discounts. Odaiba. Often, you don’t need to exit the gates and buy new tickets even if you switch from Toei Subway line to Tokyo Metro line. Kartu sakti ini hanya boleh dibeli oleh mereka pemegang paspor non Jepang yang datang menggunakan visa turis. From the observation deck of the Tokyo SkyTree, the city appears to be sprawling, stretching its concrete arms to the horizon in all directions. You can also purchase online via Klook. Instead of boarding the train right away, make your way on foot to Ameyoko, which is located just around the corner. Any of these may not be reproduced on another blog/website without the author's expressed written consent. If you weren’t able to purchase a Tokyo Subway Ticket at the airport or before the trip, you can also get one here. Convenient prepaid and rechargeable transportation card that can be used at ticket gates and can also be used as electronic money. The subway lines are operated by Toei Transportation and Tokyo Metro. Nearest Subway Station: Tsukijishijo (Toei Oedo Line). We’ll admit, on our first trip to Tokyo we weren’t impressed with Ueno. For example, the train to Tokyo Disneyland and Narita/Haneda Airports. - Klook US This time around, we’re having tempura! You can pick any place that you like. For airport transfers, there are three ways to save: Suica-NEX, Skyliner + Metro Passes, and finally, Limobus + Metro Passes. Don’t forget to take photos as you move around the observatory. To ensure savings and maximize your Tokyo Subway Ticket, try to find the nearest subway station to the attraction you want to visit! Including all the entrance fees and meal expenses, prepare to shell out around ¥15,000 (PHP 7180, USD 138, SGD 185), excluding airfare, accommodations, visa fee, travel tax, and shopping budget. Can’t really decide which one would suit best my 5 day intenary. Book here: JPY 1,480: Tokyo Subway Pass — Per person. This pass grants you unlimited access to both Toei Subway lines and Tokyo Metro lines. In addition to the JR lines, Tokyo also has a metro network operated by 2 different companies. Pada kesempatan ini aku ingin berbagi tentang itinerary menggunakan Tokyo Metro 2D Pass di Jepang. If you’re staying at Dormy Inn it’s an easy 10min walk from Shibuya … Among them are Ueno Park, Asakusa Park, and Asukayama Park. Includes 72 hours unlimited rides on Tokyo subway/metro lines. It’s also a lot crispier, complementing the soft, soft rice that it hides underneath. Subway lines are marked with an assigned letter in a color-coded circle. There are other passes for JR, subways and combination of the two within Tokyo but they generally don't pay off. Nearest Subway Station: Tocho-mae (Toei Oedo Line) The staff will be scratching off a date on the back of the pass, which indicates its validity period. Discount price online, per person. Pick from 24, 48, and 72 hours Subway tickets options as per your travel needs and get unlimited journeys on all Tokyo Metro & Toei Subway lines. – Greater Tokyo Pass for 7200 Y, metro included for 5 days + maybe express ticket price + Skyliner extra fare + Enoden Line = 10 880 Yen – Buy 72hrs Metro Pass twice for 3000Y and buy Nikko Heritage pass for 2050 + express fare + Kamakura JR ticket + Skyliner = +/- 11.110 Yen. Here you’ll find several electronic stores, manga shops and cafes, maid cafes, Gundam Cafe, Tokyo Anime Center, and several arcade centers like Taito Station. A trip to Japan isn’t complete without a ramen experience! Tokyo Tower Operating Hours: Daily, 9am-11pm. At the center of the largest pond stands a teahouse, where you can enjoy Japanese tea and sweets. Most importantly, you can purchase your Toden One-day Pass here, so you can use the tram much more conveniently. Ameyayoko Shopping Street. Nearest tram station: Minowabashi (Tokyo Sakura Tram). Akihabara is the otaku’s ultimate mecca and Tokyo’s quirkiest destination. Tokyo’s extensive train system is controlled by over a dozen operators, but in this itinerary, we will only be using the subway lines and the tram line which is very rare in the city. Each of them operate multiple lines that are so connected to each other, it’s amazing how the Japanese make it work and t… While waiting, follow us on these channels. When you’re done, walk back to the Ueno-okachimachi Station, take the Toei Oedo Line to Kasuga, and transfer to Toei Mita Line to Onarimon Station. Daikokuya’s is a bit darker, close to golden brown, but absolutely more packed with flavor. Although separate entities, these two work in great synergy. But if you only have a very limited time in Tokyo and your itinerary is super packed, then go ahead. This blog is designed and arranged by One thing I instantly noticed was how different it looked. There are 13 lines in total, Toei is in charge of 4 and Tokyo Metro operates the other 9 lines. But one of the most convenient is the Tokyo Subway Ticket. Grab some brochures and if you have questions, just ask away, because the staff here speak English, and even Chinese. It’s often served with other types of seafood and vegetable tempura. This subway line is particularly useful for visitors because it connects many of the most popular tourist spots in Tokyo including the Tokyo Tower, Shinjuku, Yoyogi, and Roppongi.

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