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Opening the case reveals the new look HD800S in all its glory, safely nestled in a form fitting foam enclosure covered with black satiny material. Adding a Transparent Audio Powerbank 2 also adds a bit more bass. Not so expensive like the HE-1000 or LCD-4. The inner material is a silk / satin like material. So as you can see, the amount of thought that went into this design is simply phenomenal. And there is a final black honey comb mesh directly over the drivers for protection and ideal airflow. Movies and games are both ideal as well due to the sheer resolving power of these headphones. Hi everyone, Before I start the review, I would like to thank Sennheiser for making this awesome headphone, and also to @whitelotus for letting me in the tour. Since I received the HD800 S I have put in somewhere between 100 – 150 hours of listening mostly on two different amps (and a little on a 3, Is there a loss in sound stage over the HD 800? Yes, I hereby agree that my personal data provided by me may be processed by Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG ("Sennheiser"). I had a set of these in house for two days and returned them...the build quality for a $1800 headphone in my opinion is not that great....they also were very thin sounding to me and I have the HD600's which I really do like. I still very much enjoy what it brings to the table. They can be worn for hours without any kind of issues with sweating, pressure, or general uncomfort. With an RRP of over $2500 AUD, they are very much a statement product, one that disregards all notions of value in favour of pure performance and excess. Genre master – I enjoyed it with all genres tested – from classical, jazz and blues to electronic, grunge and pop. For comfort overall, I rank a well broken in HD600 and HD800 pretty similar. I mentioned in my previous comparison of the T1 and HD600 vs the original HD800 that it was probably a headphone that I'd end up getting long term – but that it wasn't a priority issue at the time. I have extensively tested myself (ABX) and I find aac256 or higher to be completely transparent. It should be noted that while these are home headphones, they have quite a stable fit on the head due to the large surface area of the pads and headband. The bright side is that if you buy HD800S and use it, you're probably not going to be writing at the same time - but this is good to keep in mind with entirely open headphones in general. Yes, I would like a fraction more sub-bass slam (likely would improve if I had a proper desktop amplifier) and maybe a tad more treble sparkle too. Even a classical music concert in a properly designed hall presents most of the music with carefully tuned reflections. Mindless Self Indulgence combines certain saw sines and square sines to obtain their sound and while I don't know how those were mastered, they show only on revealing headphones, HD800 being at the top of the chain when it comes to this. Most of my portable listening is done with IEMs, and lately it has mainly been with the Jays q-Jays, Alclair Curve2 and Adel U6. dreamer, Jan 6, 2018 #33. below their unobtainable Orpheus but above the vast majority of other headphones on the market. Finding more often than not, just because stuff costs more doesnt make them better that other lower priced stuff... Cmon man, a "smidgen more bass" when compared to the LCD2 / LCD4 / HD650? As a result, the HD800’s are extremely comfortable even after long listening sessions for which they were intended. Cable is handmade from 4 strands of either Litz copper or Silver plated wire, sleeved with high quality paracord in colour combination of your choosing. Works 100% perfectly, and is in excellent cosmetic condition. A Chord Mojo or even a Schiit Vali 2 (preferably with a better tube) are a couple of my favourite which have given me much listening pleasure, even if they don't bring out all the detail they are capable of retrieving. is as sumptuous and extravagant as the price tag would suggest. i thought that it is going to be a clear improvement over the legendary hd800. iDSD + HD800S = iDSD + VE Enterprise + HD800S. I do use exclusively red-book 16/44.1 if space is not an issue. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the HD800S is the ultimate headphone, Sennheiser themselves make the Orpheus, an even more extravagant headphone at an equally unobtainable price tag of $50,000. I also don't want to take a chance with the treble spike if I get the regular HD 800. More like; better texture and more detailed. Their headphones and microphones alike are highly regarded for their sonic qualities and versatility, and their products can be found in multiple categories including professional use in aviation and marine communications, through to domestic headphones. Treble is a true pleasure to listen to. Not only is the design technically fantastic, but the large cups and light-weight design makes them highly pleasant to listen with, even for long periods of time (issues with the frequency response not withstanding). I know these aren't your cup of tea - but beyond the lack of comfort you find with the LCDs, it would be great to hear your sonic perspectives on the comparison. I prefer a more neutral midrange within a relatively tight tolerance, but I`m probably more forgiving of brightness over darkness. This adds some euphonic warmth, but does seem to overly colour the sound. The HD600 is definitely lighter, and this may appeal to some. This seemingly small change has made the aesthetic of the headphone stand apart from the HD800 - and it looks absolutely brilliant. The dynamics and depth of presentation are alls till there – but for my tastes, it is just a little behind the X7 in terms of overall fidelity with the HD800S. 2.0 out of 5 stars 1. HD800 is not made for bassheads and will not be for you if you're looking for explosions or for rumble, but it is going to be there and with some equalization it is going to be more than enough. And in this scenario, the Enterprise pulls ahead of the Little Dot as well. hd800s prices; By Tassie Devil , ... the cables and the headphones themselves are identical to the pair I purchased new some time ago in Australia and paid $2250 for that pleasure. Sheepskin Replacement ear pads for Sennheiser HD800 and HD800S headphones. Our Verdict. Ultimately, Sennheiser, masters of the dynamic driver and it was definitely a good idea on their part to stick with a technology they can draw absolute potential from. I'm a 49 year old music lover. Free postage. I really can't decide on the HD 800 vs 800S. One of the best things about the HD800S is that its not particularly picky (IMO) regarding source or amplification. It has also slowly become my main headphone by default. The extenders look at first glance to be plastic, but research into the construction reveals that they are actually a special polymer initially developed within the aerospace industry, with the sole purpose of contributing qualities of high strength and at the same time light weight. Thanks for your great review! The headband also has a small notch in the centre which allows the headphones to rest on a stand/hangar without indents forming in the padding. Most of the testing at this point (unless otherwise stated) was done with my iFi iDSD both as DAC and amp. Constantly keeping himself busy, Matthew is a production manager, Brazilian jiu-jitsu blue belt, Head-Fi fanatic, coffee enthusiast and all-round cool Dad. While the treble doesn’t seem as immediately resolving as the more forward ie800 (an earphone that exaggerates the detail and clarity in music like the HD800S. The word which keeps coming to me is precision. Thanks for the precise and well developed review. The tough part was trying to compare the iDSD to the K5 + E17k or X7 – it just took too much time to swap out the sources. great review and spot on sir. ie800 is more colored albeit I do like it's coloration of sound, but HD800 feels like the idea benchmark for a perfect colorless and transparent sound. This suits me perfectly as it it the ultimate small form factor for a desk set-up which keeps clutter to a minimum. Headphones Headphones and Headsets Over-Ear Earbuds Wireless Audiophile Music & Entertainment Travel Sports This is, to a degree, why planar magnetic headphones have become popular, as they can avoid this. Depending on the song, it might need a little bit of equalization, but that is a problem with the song master, not with the HD800S itself. I really like the details and writing on HD800S, and their build quality, but it looks quite frail and unfortunately I would have a hard time taking it out of the house and I consider it's transportation to be a problem as well. As someone who has never really owned a dedicated home headphone, I suppose you can take this as a more average listener’s subjective impressions of the audiophile lifestyle rather than a critical article; that is to say, what can the HD800S, a $2500 headphone, do for the average listener? Well, HD800S manages to playback even a normal track as vivid as a live track sounds on my Dj One Pro, and Dj One Pro is already the most detailed headphone in its class. When mated, they fit extremely firmly together. Clarity and air carry incredible detail, and female vocalists in particular have a touch of euphony in their presentation. I think cheap, compared to HE-1000, LCD-4. Mildly emphasised upper mid-range which gives a slightly euphonic and sweet air – particularly to female vocals. The original HD800 headphones are to this day considered a 'reference' for many head-fi enthusiasts, so when the updated HD800s was announced, we were keen to put them through their paces. i was very excited to try the hd800s together with the Oppo HA-1 amp and dac. Lower mid-range – sounds reasonably flat to me (which is good). To be honest, the box alone looks like it would cost at least a hundred $ to buy, and the XLR cable is placed in a pouch - very refined selection of both materials and presentation. Good review, but prone to scratching part is intresting... Its, because you put HD800S on a hard table. I would had appreciated if the scale used for Frequency Response would had been finer (if the whole graph would had been between -10 and +10 dB), so it would had been easier to read it. Without this peak the music can sound muffled, such as with V-MODA's LP series which was designed without the peak for listening loudly to club music. The #HD800S Anniversary Edition celebrates 75 years of Sennheiser sound expertise and innovation. Location: Herts., England. The headband padding and pads themselves are covered in a very high quality material, they feel nice on the skin and won't cause sweating or irritation, even after a few good hours of usage. I should note here that I have heard headphones (AKG) which portray more width with Binaural tracks, but the actual impression is wrong because the instruments simply aren't as far away as portrayed. In addition, the earcups are absolutely huge, easily enveloping even the largest of ears. This sits atop a 45mm wide and 10mm high padded underside with microfibre covering. This is on account of the marginal increase in perceived bass and the marginal decrease in energy in the 6k region. A modern classic, Sennheiser's reference class HD 800 headphones deliver sound that is as natural as possible and true in every detail. But the HD800S is honestly the most resolving headphone I’ve ever experienced and happens to be very comfortable to boot, something I prioritise very highly; so many high-end headphones are simply unlivable and this physical discomfort detracts from the listening experience. How would you compare the respective midranges? Mine don’t contact any part of the headphone’s inner surface which works wonders after a lengthy listening session. Sennheiser HD800S reference class headphones $ 1,839 Was $ 2,599 A modern classic, Sennheiser’s reference class HD 800 headphones deliver sound that is as natural as possible and true in every detail. The HD800s houses an enormous 56mm dynamic driver - one of the largest available in the consumer headphone market today. Studio recordings have the same amount of space as live recordings do on lesser gear and live performances are simply spectacular. Female voices have a certain sweetness to them, air, and they come off as natural. I have big ears and the cops are large and deep enough to allow for my ears to sit entirely into the cups - really really nice. For me nothing has captured me like the HD800S has. I generally prefer a slight v-shape to my sound, but still closer to neutral. The head pad and ear pads are not the most robust and may require replacement after some years, which is thankfully not that costly, unlike the cable! Perhaps I need more time. Well if you like the sound of the HD800S and need the HD800 + Sonarworks to get an equivalent - then personally I'd be just buying the HD800S. Compared to the X7, the LP5 Pro is perhaps a little smoother overall, and maybe also a little more laid back. There is a USB stick in the box, but no spare pads nor any other spare parts. Very enjoyable read and a masterful review, thank you! Also I'll be using them on my Casio Privia PX 160 digital piano. Texture and tonality with vocals is incredible, as is clarity. The cups don't move a lot and I would recommend not forcing the cups as I don't know how resistant to force is the mechanism, but they held pretty well on my head and moved just enough for me to adjust and feel them comfortable. In addition, due to the exceptional soundstage, complex passages are reproduced with ease and refinement; the HD800S oozes that character of effortlessness that is often only glimpsed by lower end gear. I don't see this as a weakness of the headphone. Hipper Forum Resident. I have no doubt that the HD800S will scale incredibly well with an even better source, but for now, this is best I can provide. Impact is very good. I know people who regard it as a bit pretentious, and others who love the unmistakable design. I have used HD800S together with FiiO X5ii as a DAC or transport and E12, ifi iDSD, Chord Hugo, Wa22, and all my usual arsenal of amps. HD800S costs a hefty amount, about 1700$, but it is the last bechmark headphone you will need. Sonically I haven't been able to spot any in my week with this headphone. (however I confirm with sennheiser technical support that it is normal). With added extension (particularly into the bass, a touch more warmth, and a reduction in the peak at 6 kHz, Sennheiser has addressed some of the perceived shortcomings of the earlier model. There was a 6kz problem. In fact this year, the T1 has had very little head time, and it has predominantly the HD600 which has stolen all my leisure listening time. The black isn’t just on the yolk of the headphones, it’s also the headband assembly and even the driver grills. Cue Jensy (Head-Fi's “White Lotus”) sending me a PM asking if I'd like to take the new HD800S for a spin for a week, and write a review based on what I'd heard. The Sennheiser HD800 is a legendary headphone, even 11 years after its release. I have the 800 S and I need some advise as to what will pair well with the headphones. Each pair is individually tested. So now I'm thinking I may be smarter to stick with the HD800. Crystal clear mid-range which equally portrays amazing timbre and depth in both male and female vocals. So why is the HD800S, a traditional 56mm dynamic driver, actually more expensive than headphones such as the Oppo, Well, part of that comes down to the quality of the driver itself, even if it is more physically limited than a planar or electrostatic design, in addition to the meticulously thought out structures that surround it and allow its capabilities to shine. The Sennheiser HD 800 S take the classic HD 800 and smooth off the treble slightly. headphone side cable connectors are slightly wobble. Get the best deals for sennheiser hd 800s headphones at From design and build through to fit and finish, the HD800S is definitely TOTL and one of the best dynamic circum-aural open headphones you can buy today. They are big and their case is even bigger, and quite thick. Message. The HD800S did an exceptional job, of the trumpets and sibilance in the vocals whilst providing a truly toe-tapping sense of rhythm. This lead to people often pairing the HD800 with warmer-sounding tube amps, as well as re-cabling them to try and tame the peak. For example, there is a sound of more than one violin that builds the tension in certain Sonata Arctica songs and on most setups you barely hear one. It certainly had issues: the treble at 6k is sinfully hot, it's exceptionally amp-picky and the presentation is clinical and brighter than neutral. Part of this comfort stems from the wide, soft headband which is well shaped to make maximum contact with the top of your head, dispersing the weight force evenly to prevent hot spots. The Sennheiser HD 800 are known by … Unfortunately I wear glasses and the clamp force (while by no means excessive) is enough to force my glasses onto the bridge of my nose. This is the exact sound of a live cymbal. Suddenly had a brainwave and removed the iPurifier 2 from the iDSD (I won one in a competition, and thought - why not?). I would definitely buy this setup. ", HD800S is probably the answer at this momment in time and space, considering their technical abilities and sound alone. ), the HD800S are their flagship open back headphone that sit below their unobtainable Orpheus but above the vast majority of other headphones on the market. The balanced connection cable for HD 800, HD 800 S and HD 820 headphones. Being a fairly large diaphragm and the cups being large, the result is quite a large presentation of the music. But for those more familiar with audio, this review will be somewhat ironic; the Sennheiser HD800S needs no introduction nor do they really need another review, they are universally acclaimed (as they should be at this price). I fall very much in the latter camp – and the one thing I always liked about some of the Colour-ware HD800 mods was how good the black looked. The Hi-Resolution logo adorns the front denoting the headphone’s audio prowess, and I can assure you that it is very much deserved. I tried various amplifiers (properly volume matching with an SPL meter and test tones), with the aim at seeing what level of amplification was required, and what (subjectively) I preferred with the HD800S. In terms of imaging and sound-stage, the HD800S again is more expansive, clearer, and more defined – but these are not massive differences. The cups themselves are D shaped, with the ear-pads well padded and covered by the same extremely comfortable micro-fibre outer. Using it's in-ear version, ie8000, is a delight and I'm sure that anyone who owns both understands what I mean. Posted in: Headphones 5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings - Sheepskin Replacement ear pads for Sennheiser HD800 and HD800S headphones. Accurate imaging. IT is exactly how it should be, like ie800. If I use a different. If we look first at the two in terms of build and comfort, the HD800S is clearly the better built headphone, but you really can't fault the HD600 for its modularity, and also for its ability to withstand the test of time. So while the HD800S has the same kind of contrasted sound as the ie800 (that really draws attention to the extremities of its FR), the midrange performance is equally as impressive as the bass and treble. MiCity 2.5mm OCC Balance Replacement Upgrade Audio Cable for Sennheiser HD800 HD800S Headphones. Until now that is. The HD800s has introduced a similar acoustical absorber to that of Sennheiser’s flagship In Ear Monitor - the IE800. This does allow the listener to focus on the mid and upper bass frequencies and thankfully, these responses are impeccable in every regard.

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