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It winters southwards to Namibia. Colony often destroyed by high tides and storms; commonly re … Outer primaries and tail are dark-tipped. John Weske with Letitia Lussier. The American birds winter southwards to Peru and Argentina. Both parents incubate the single egg (there are occasionally two), which hatches at four to five weeks. In such huge density, we can find up to 8 nests by square metre. Royal Tern feeds mainly on small fish, squid, shrimps and crabs. In the first third of the 20th cen-tury, the Royal was the county’s commonest large tern; today, it is vastly outnumbered by the Caspian and Elegant. Colonies are vulnerable to flooding and egging. Like other members of its family, the Royal Tern is a social species, found in large, noisy groups. Sd: Kungstärna, Photographs by Alfredo Colón Coastal Bays Islands; They’re For the Birds! Royal Tern nesting occurs on low lying barrier islands located at or near an oceanic inlet which are free of predators, have little accessibility, good visibility of surroundings, and nearby shallow areas for feeding. Incubation lasts about 25 to 31 days, shared by both adults. Royal Tern breeds on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of southern North America and Mexico, and into the Caribbean. Over twenty species of seabirds live in the Caribbean, and many more visit every (see the West Indian Breeding Seabird Atlas). The large concentrations of terns at colony sites leave them vulnerable to single Chicks may form crèches. In Virginia and North Carolina, however, Buck-ley and Buckley (1972) did not find the Royal Tern to be particularly aggressive toward predators, except when chicks were a few days old. Weight : 320-500 g. DESCRIPTION: Royal Tern may be found along estuaries and mangroves where it feeds. ABC is advocating for the Royal Tern and other waterbird species that make up Virginia's largest nesting waterbird colony. Every day is a bad hair day for a Royal Tern. Royal terns are an example of how we are all connected to far-flung locations by migratory birds. This "daycare" system of tending young is used by many other birds, including the King Eider, Macaroni Penguin, and Red-breasted Merganser. Pairs defecate directly along their nests' rims; the waste material hardens and may help reinforce the nests against flooding, which is always a threat on low-lying islands. The Royal Tern is found in the Americas and the Atlantic coast of Africa. Nature Photography, HANDBOOK OF THE BIRDS OF THE WORLD Volume 3 by Josep del Hoyo-Andrew Elliott-Jordi Sargatal - Lynx Edicions - ISBN : 8487334202, A GUIDE TO THE BIRDS OF MEXICO AND NORTHERN CENTRAL AMERICA by  Steve N. G. Howell, Sophie Webb - Oxford University Press - ISBN: 0198540124, A GUIDE TO THE BIRDS OF COLOMBIA by Steven L. Hilty and William L. Brown - Princeton University Press – ISBN 069108372X, Wikipedia (Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia). After the breeding season, this species frequents coasts, estuaries, harbours and river mouths. Royal Terns fly gracefully and slowly along coastlines, diving for small fish, which they capture with a swift strike of their daggerlike bills. Fr: Sterne royale North American populations migrate south to winter from the southern U.S. coasts to Peru, Uruguay, and Argentina, and the South American population is believed to winter in the same general area where it nests. They reach their sexual maturity at 3-4 years. studies, egg predation was the main cause of reproductive failure, suggesting that in Royal Terns this is a major selective pressure that contributes to the maintenance of coloniality and regulates minimum colony size. VOICE: SOUNDS BY XENO-CANTO Though closely related, terns are a sister group to the gulls and have a horizontal posture, long pointed wings, sharp bills, and black crests. Royal Tern & Sandwich Tern. Country Diary: a tern for the better Skilled work by the RSPB has reversed a story of bird predation and abandonment See, bird: a roseate tern, now thriving free from predators … Fishing nets can catch a tern while it is diving, making it unable to feed or it may cause it to drown if it is caught under water. The Species aggressed against Fish crow Laughing gull Herring gull Royal tern 15 5 .9+5 17 3 .0+2 25 . The call is a characteristic loud grating noise like a Sandwich Tern. Interesting Facts: Juvenile terns stay with their parents for up to eight months after hatching, an unusually long period of bird parental care. The inaccessibility of many tern colonies gave them a measure of protection from mammalian predators, especially on islands, but introduced species brought by humans can seriously affect breeding birds.

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