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It is an animal fi bre produced by certain insects to build their cocoons and webs. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The first synthetic fiber produced and distributed in 1910 is a rayon to replicate silk. they regularly live regarding one thousand to 1300 yards long. Engr. Trimoulters silk yarn is used as package material in pencil industry and for making talcum powder puffs. Spider Silk - Properties and Uses. Silk within the gum has rough irregular surface. Resistance to mildew: Silk won’t be full of mildew unless left for time in damp state or underneath extreme conditions of tropical damp. Reliable mechanical properties critically ensure the functionality and durability of the material in most applications. Physical Properties of Silk: There have a lot of physical properties of silk. Characteristics and Properties of Silk … It is applicable for heat weather wear. Silk fiber is produced by silkworms. Elasticity: it’s associate elastic fibre and its physical property varies because it is fibre. Silk has had many industrial and commercial uses. Properties of silk Silk is marked by the following properties: low density makes for light and comfortable clothing; high resistance to deformation Cleanliness and wash ability: Silk is hygienical material as a result of its swish surface doesn’t attract dirt. Delicate bleaches like metal perborate and peroxide also we can use with traditional caution. Silk is produced by the larvae of a moth, while wool is produced by animals. a lot of over smoothness of the silk filament yarn reduces the matter of wear and tear from abrasion. Fibroin is the main chemical components of silk. To define properties of silk we need to define its physical and chemical properties. The flat surfaces of the fibrils reflect lightat many angles, giving silk a natural sheen. Reaction to bleach: Sturdy bleaches contain disinfectant can deteriorate silk. Chiffon silk is a soft and light silk made from a very highly twisted yarn — strong but still very thin used for women’s formal dresses. Reliable mechanical properties critically ensure the functionality and durability of the material in most applications. It is similar to wool in that it is composed of amino acids arranged in a polypeptide chain. Heated resolution dissolved silk. It is used for children’s wear, ladies wears, tie, suits etc. Strength: Silk is that the strongest fibre. Tensile Strength: Cotton is a strong fiber.  −  Silk is an animal fiber and it is also called protein fiber. Silk within the gum has rough irregular surface. It is more heat-resistant than wool, decomposing at about 170° C (340° F). It is also used in skiing garments because of its ability to keep body warmth contained and because it is lightweight. display: none !important; it’s going to have longitudinal striations. Properties of Silk: Silk threads are very fine, soft and light in weight. Thereafter we also need to clarify about the uses of silk. Silk fabric, a highly breathable fabric, can appropriate for all climates. The silk itself deteriorated within the presence of perspiration. Silk bedding invites you to spend a restful and comfy night. Silk, lower in density than such fibres as cotton, wool, and rayon, is moisture-absorbent, retaining as much as a third of its weight in moisture without feeling damp, and has excellent dyeing properties. In the home, silk might be used to make decorative pillows, curtains, or wall hangings. Cold focused  solutions of alkali like soda or hydroxide has slight action on silk. Mohammad Zillane Patwary. Effect of lightweight: Continous exposure to light weakens silk quicker than either cotton or wool. Silk is the precious yarn par excellence, of which the most precious and elegant fabrics are made. Drapabilty: Silk encompasses a pliability and suppleness’ that motor-assisted by its physical property and resilience offers it glorious drapability.

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