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What position will you get? Place the large box on the other side of the room. How many times have your preschoolers used a glue stick by twisting it ALL the way up, using it and then it breaks? The Doctor in the clinic. And drinks all fresh and cold. Our postal service ensures that more than one million homes and businesses have their maildelivered on time. (point to self and a friend) Here come the firefighters. What would I do? Bring your dogs, bring you cats, He/she planes and hammers and saws, Without the postal service, many businesses, organizations, our government, and our homes would surely suffer. You can see our clothes Feel the fire's heat. Five friendly firefighters standing near I'm happy I'm a doctor, ; cut them, squish them, etc. I'm happy that I am a doctor I am a nurse Five brave firefighters, Since it would be difficult to take the students around our preschool neighborhood to look at mailboxes or visit the post office, I came up with this idea. It can even be adapted and used for small group or individual children. Post Office Game This fun preschool post office game will improve your child's sorting and categorizing skills, and it may also provide a few hoots and hollers. Oh, we can mail a letter. Put the fire out! When the toilet just won't flush, Tips for Preschool Teachers & Providers From birth, children are curious. I'm a big red fire truck long and stout, "Row, Row, Row Your Boat". All the people shout! Original Author Unknown The free printable can be downloaded at the bottom of this post. Answer the phone, (hold pretend phone to ear) Can you guess? (make motion for each) Dramatic Play Post Office Kit (Pre-K Pages) – My post office kit is full of props and printables that you could use to set up your own dramatic play exploration for your preschoolers. he'll be wearing his blue uniform....... Sung to: "Are You Sleeping?" Ex. I'll plane and plane and plane the boards for everyone is rough. A package or a postcard! To listen to your heart. Peter works with one hammer, (one hand) If I were a secretary, (pretend to type and write on a notepad) Some people bring us letters and and the child puts the basket behind the next child to skip around. Rise up so early in the morn. 3-20-06 At the post office today. I'd like to be an Like New York, Paris, and Rome. | "Boom Boom Ain't it great to be crazy?". He claps his hands. Mail carriers help us every day! Invite someone from a local mail store (such as mailboxes etc., UPS, etc.) I'm a big red fire truck stout and long, Place a sheet of bubble wrap in your sensory table and cover with shaving cream. Hooray! To make sure no one gets hurt. Natalie used INK PADS with the bubble wrap and the children gently pressed the bubble wrap onto construction paper! He'll be coming in his mail truck when he Be the best that you can be. not retire Step, step, Now ring, ring, ring! I deliver I'm a doctor, a doctor Mail Sorting Materials Needed: variety of junk mail (donated by you, other teachers and families) including letters, advertisements, magazines, etc; several shoe boxes. Four friendly firefighters waiting patiently, Apples - crunch, crunch, crunch. Look for more of my Dramatic Play centers here — I’ve been sharing one each month this year. The carrier asks the barber, I use a stethoscope Some people move our furniture And put it in a van. (wipe sweat from your brow) Click here to learn more! | Arts & Crafts | "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" The busser cleans the table...... Old Man Grocer has a store, yes siree, he Tell them that after you write the letter, you are going to give it to the post office and see how long it takes to get back to you! Plow this way and that way plow this way and that way (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); | Alphabet Wash and trim your hair (pretend to wash & cut a friend's hair) The firemen are brave. But when the pipes aren't working, then Calendar | Sung to: Turn your dramatic play area into a Post office. The firefighter puts out fires . The bulk of our printables were from my Police Officer Printables Pack and any other links to printable crafts are linked at the end of this post. added 3-20-06 ), If I were a dentist, Hope you can use this sometime !! First, I'll saw and saw and saw, and cut the boards in two Star" Go through your glue sticks and choose the ones that are almost used up and a few new ones. This is Nurse Rick, who cares for the sick. Going to a fire where it will stop. "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" The mailman brings the mail . For any kind of job you choose, (make the fingers climb) In a great big pile, Build A Post Office The process of sending a letter is often mysterious to young children. Let's find out! This is Postman Dale, who delivers our mail. 'I'll be back in the morning with my bill, bill, bill'. Show children what a post card looks like. When I am teaching, I like to do a week on The Post Office in my classroom and I hang the quilt down low so the children can reach it. ocean". Thank you to Katelyn from Shippensburg, PA for this idea! The firefighter helps us learn our safety rules. In the Mailbox added Down the street, down the street, Can you guess? Take a walk with the children to a local mailbox to mail it! Original Author Unknown Invite your local mail person to come in to say hi and chat with the children. Climb up the ladder,  (make a wiping motion) This is the way he paints the house (hold up a hand with fingers flat across palm) The driver on the bus, Our teacher comes to school each day, The school bus comes for me. We all depend very heavily on the postal service. Even very young children have prior experience with bugs and can easily relate to lessons and activities about them. The fire is out. . for you! What Can We Send in the Mail? We are writing a story about the Post Office! It also allows for some great conversation! Mail Carrier Crackers  (Thank you, Tracie, for this idea!). To get your letters safe to you. I am a nurse One caught a bank robber, and then there was one. I keep your pets healthy. Popcorn - pop, pop, pop. Ocean" Like any other material, the more opportunities the children have to explore an item, the better they become with using it! We will go. twinkle, Little Star". Mailmen deliver mail, Four police officers, watching over me, This one here -- hey, that's me! (With mouth cupped, shout this.) I help to make people well, Policeman Hip! With a crunch, crunch here, and a crunch, crunch there. I give you shots, Who helps you? Original Author Unknown A letter from my grandma! Let the children twist them up,down, off! Click here to learn more! One directed traffic, and then there were four. Ex. Dr. Denise the Dentist, Peter works with one hammer, Once upon a time, we wrote a letter. This is the way the barber cuts. When a fire truck clangs its bell. | Yes! Teaches me to brush just right. Many Jobs Ho! Star" This firefighter rings the bell. We all work together for our community! (Cup right hand to ear.) One cooks some dinner, now there is one. Safe for you. We will go. Back and forth I'll plane the boards until they're smooth enough. And down the pole they go In your neighborhood, in your neighborhood? "Pat a cake, pat a cake ,Pizza Man. Alternative: If you don’t have computer labels available, just take a plain sheet of paper, cut it in half and then fold it into eight squares for your child to color. You can also click on the picture links below to go to specific preschool activity types you are looking for. Tailor, sailor, engineer, added 2-27-98 (thumb Our teacher comes to school each day, I help people The children brush glue on their paper and sprinkle different colors of glitter. (Cup left hand to ear.) Hip! added 3-20-06 how they run, to put out the fire. Do you drive a car I take care of the animals, If there's a letter in the mailbox for me! One, two, three! Did you ever see a builder saw this way and that Original Author Unknown To help us learn and grow. Hold up five fingers ) As all the cars get out of the way. Last we pick up ? Boots, jackets, hats, gloves, Write this way and that way write this way and that way (shout). Letter carriers haul a very Early in the morning, And is his/her saw goes see, saw, see. Did you ever see a builder saw this way and that? (C) Copyright 1997-2019 by Preschool Education. Be sure to ask specific theme questions while making these fun snacks! We then use an icing pen to write the address on and use a piece of candy in the upper, right corner as the stamp! Site members have full access to an ad-free, print-friendly version of … "Pop Goes The Weasel" (middle up) Dial 9-1-1. I can help if you get lost. Can preschoolers learn music online? the Red-Nosed Reindeer". Get the phone Patrolling the streets everyday, And I treat them one by one. "Keep a smile like new." Did you ever see a farmer Plow this way and that (thumb) Dentists check our teeth. oh! Miss Polly Had A Dolly who was sick, sick, letters. First we pick up John, | Music Reviews The barber sweeps the hair up, To trim his mustache. Brave firefighters, brave firefighters, See Teacher, painter, selling shoes, They will love hearing their own story again! "Old McDonald Had A Farm up) Call on me, With a flashing light on top? I take care of the animals, Provide wooden unit blocks to build the post office. I will take pictures of local post offices and different mailboxes and put them in a photo album. Each does his important part ( spread arms ) Be a ___ if you please. Do you drive a mail truck? Bug Activities for Preschoolers At Home Bugs are so much fun to learn about because they are all around us, whether we like it or not. Dr. Denise the Dentist Doctors keep us well. He'll work, and work the whole day through Postal Service as … (Turn around with hand across eyebrows, looking. Repeat second verse, replacing "letter" with other words such as valentine, package, postcard, birthday card, etc.). 2-27-98 Original Author Call up the florist today, today! The mail comes from all over, Holiday and Celebration curriculum themes for parents and teachers of preschool aged children. put on a hat and apron) The school bus comes for me. I am commited to providing you, the preschool teacher, with everything you need to develop preschool lesson plans and preschool activities for your classroom all in one place! If you are looking for more post office dramatic play ideas, here are a few that I adore! . The School Bus Comes For Me Teaching students throughout each day. Sung to: "Rudolph When there is a fire, That's what it's there for! Show the children how you address the letter, where the name goes, etc. Pour on water! Saw this way and that way, saw this way and that way 9-1-1, 9-1-1, The children write as many of the letters as they can on index cards. Policeman stop the traffic. (ring) Original Author Unknown Bring your hamsters one by one. This is the way he nails the nail Our Preschool Post Office Songs and Music contains the most complete Early Chilhood Education Post Office Songs and Music Ideas on the internet. "Here we go round the Mulberry Bush" The first one rang a big brass bell. Community helpers are an important part of the kindergarten and first grade curriculum. Look and see, look and see! The firefighter will put it out. added 1-20-03 First the farmer sows his seeds. Couldn't do without them too! To the carrier down the street. Original: Original Author Unknown Four busy firefighters could To see our friend, the doctor who, Heavy like they're filled with rocks? (ring up) Sending our letters on their way. And quicker than a wink the fire is out ! Materials Needed: glue sticks, bottles of white school glue (each with just a little glue in them! If you have a problem, "Dinah, blow your horn.". The firemen are brave. Unknown. the door, To the hospital, to the hospital, Help's on the way, help's on the way. The children sort the mail into the shoe boxes by attributes: large, small; letters, magazines; by color, etc. We focus on firefighters and the post office during this theme because it’s usually most meaningful to young children. (Point to teeth.). Putting out the fires everyday, added Song added 6-2-98 (for above, shake head, write pill, hand out bill). you new things. ), Did you ever see a builder, a builder , a The doctor makes us well. The school bus comes for me. Five police officers, standing by the store, What would I do? The Florist added I'm a Nurse Dressed in Can't wait 'til you grow up, There�s so many jobs for you! Original Author Unknown Here a crunch, there a crunch, everywhere a crunch crunch. Always on the go. (making saw motion) CharactersCircle Time Circus Clothes & Shoes Colors Community Helpers Dental Health Disney Family Farm Fire Safety Flowers & Plants Food Forest Friendship Garden Graduations Hats Health & Safety Holidays Hospital Kites Jungle & Rainforest Manners Me, Myself, & I Medieval Monsters Months My Body Numbers Nursery Rhymes Olympics Picnic Praise of God Reptiles & Pond Life Senses Seasons Shape Space Spiders Teddy Bears Transitions Transportation Weather Western, Preschool Office Articles Ask The Preschool          Teacher Contests E-Book Book Reviews 'Cause I think they are just great. Then continue the story (example, if the child says a story about puppies continue with: "The puppies were ________( another child gives a piece of the story). I'm happy that I am a nurse, Watch them go. Near and far. ( bend down pointer finger ) The free printable can be downloaded at the bottom of this post. The trash collector stops, It makes me feel swell. Fight fires, too, added | Snack Playing with matches is only for fools. I help to make people feel well well well There are so many jobs to do. Sung to: "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Teachers help us every day! Sleeping in a row [_________________]  Please paint my house (color word). For added fun use various colors or sizes of packing peanuts and encourage the kids to sort them by attribute. Join Penny and the KidVision Pre-K Kids at a United States Post Office! The butcher gives a letter, I can drive the fire truck, I went to mail a letter and slid right in the box All that you could see of me were What is learning Miner, designer, baking cake, "My Bonnie lies over the ocean". Firefighter See the butcher for meat. Don't you hear the Captain shouting: Some people work in shops and stores One, two, three! Do you know what they mean? VARIATION: You can also build a city or post office with table blocks on a table nearby! Daily Preschool Curriculum & Themes Welcome!! Place the envelope that it came in with the printed picture of the envelope that you sent it in on the floor. You can either scroll down through this page to see all of the preschool lesson plans and activities for this theme. Feb 14, 2017 - 20 post office mailing activities perfect for a community helper theme or to supplement Valentines activities; for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten . When dry, they cut the papers into small shapes to use as stamps in your Writing Interest Center. Let’s Talk, Read and Sing about STEM! by: Joyce Adams She had more things, than I can tell, School each day, school each day. WHOOO--OO! Near and far. The farmer sows the field . Pretty soon our dumps will all be full, I'd say, "Climb into my chair." Do you carry great big boxes, Materials Needed: various colors of construction paper, glue, brushes, glitter. Down the street the engine goes (hold up five fingers) Original Author Unknown Who am I? What would I do? Painting, painting, painting. Up the ladder with their hose A plumber has to fix them. Do you drive a mail truck, Packing Peanuts--Sensory AND Math, all in one! I'm a doctor, We can dress real fast. Astronaut added Oh, we can mail a letter. Doctor Day added 3-20-06 Original Author Unknown There are things that you must do. Special Delivery! In this set, there are songs that are sung to the tunes of … In the mailbox, in the mailbox, Post Office Play Printables (Pre-K Pages)- The Post Office theme is very popular at this time of the year because Valentine’s Day provides a natural opportunity to discuss mail. If possible, take pictures of your local Post Office. Doctor Day Computer Related Reviews Did you ever see a farmer a farmer a farmer Through this post office/mail theme for preschool, kids will learn and practice recognition of the letters of the alphabet. You're our friend, the traffic cop. The fire and smoke are going away, FAQ's Free Coloring Pages Free Printable Pages Search Submit an Idea Mailing Lists Update Newsletter Preschool Edu List Preschool Edu Parents Preschool Themes, About Us Awards Writers Guidelines Terms and Conditions Privacy Statement Buying Ad Space Email Owner. They place them in envelopes and then print their friend's name on the envelope by copying the letters on the name cards. Hear the fire truck say ( Imitate siren ) With my star, However, we also have construction going on in the block area and in the sensory bin, and we display a variety of community helpers books in our reading area. Then he and I were on our way, . The chef cooks the food . | Incentives | Because they might have to put out a fire. When the fire is out, home sooo slow Click Here to Learn More! (I LOVE Amazon, and if you choose to get yours there, they do send me a few cents--which supports my coffee habit!). This is the way the barber shaves, "We got a letter! Teachers help in many ways, The Doctor in the clinic. We had better figure out something to do. neighborhood, "Down by the station" Who make sure all is well. When you get hurt or sick, Some of our garbage, All around the neighborhood, When you call them, tell them they can leave advertisements with you that you will send home to the families (free advertising for them! Now we are at school. And I feel just swell. This is Dr. Health, who cares for our teeth. then you'll have a pretty smile, And turns around to view his lands. Then carry it to your home. Shhhh! . Continue with other verses. Thank you to Tammie of Seaford, DE for this great activity! This firefighter hold the hose so well. ( bend down little finger ) Have some letters all ready and stamped for him/her to take with them! Continue until all the children have added to the story. And he told Miss Polly, 'Put her straight to bed.' "Oh, pretty!" It makes me feel just swell. | Theme Topics (Bend down thumb) I love to deliver the mail, mail, mail. In the mailbox, in the mailbox, Down at the firehouse © Copyright 2010-2020   |   All Rights Reserved   |   Privacy Policy & Disclaimer. The children will enjoy the slippery, bumpy feeling.

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