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Please write me back at : [email protected]. Hi Ankit, I am 29 Years old and i have myopic cnvm in my right eye for which i had Avastin injections 4 times. Please suggest any cure/treatment. It is important to note that Ayurveda emphasizes disease prevention and health maintenance. I am engineering student at IIT Bombay. Please let me know, if there is any treatment in Ayurveda that can do something for PVD. We are also exercising the eyes per the recommendation of the book mind and vision under a trained trainer in aurobindo Ashram. sir i m wearing specs for past 10years and my number is -4.25 and want to get rid of it by ayurveda. Im suffering from myopia from7 years now my power is-4.50 both eyes I want to get rid of spects naturally can u please suggest me the treatment of this now I’m 18 yes old. Patient can take one teaspoonful of this medicine added with one cup of milk twice daily. m also taking injections of avastin for the same. Greenery has an immense real effect on eye and brain as well as on general health. My email is is [email protected], I have a myopia in left eye -1.25 and -1.25 in right eye.IS there any medicine or treatment to cure this disease. Internal Medicine : 2 Tablets of Saptamrut loha with 1 tea spoon full triphala ghee and half tea spoon full of honey after meal twice a day. I read lot of books and embroidery, since my eye power is so high i feel so uncomfortable. Patients are advised to continue even after 15 days to have a significant result on eyes. In Ayurvedic texts, only by the main feature impairment of distant vision myopia can be correlated with Drishtigata Rogas (2 nd Patalgata Timira). Images focus in front of the retina (which is the light-sensitive part of the eye), instead of directly on the retina. This herb has been used in ancient Ayurveda to make the mixture called Triphala which is very good for curing most vision problems. but i don’t know any of the treatment for myopia. Expose yourself to morning sun ray. Please let me know your result of Shreedhriam. Youth Restora Capsules. My right eye -21 &My left eye is opreated in 2015 retina detachment in aiims Delhi. Disclaimer: The information on this page is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. dear please tell me what exercise you had did under the supervision of doctor to overcome myopia. Once myopia has stabilized (usually sometime after age 18 to 20), LASIK and other laser eye surgery procedures are effective long-term treatments for nearsightedness. Take properly cooked and with minimum or no oil and masala(spicy) food. I want to get rid of spectacles before the age of 20. Chandigarh Ayurved Centre is providing you the best Ayurvedic treatment for curing myopic permanently. All the information provided here should be treated as reference and not as final prescription, Sir,I am suffering from myopia left eye (-1.75) & right eye( -2.00).I want to joinNDA 2016 .So please please reply to cure from myopia.Don’t, say to suggest ayurvedic I want to get answer from u sir please reply…. Myopia progress further because of the use of corrective lenses for close work. but now things also not shown, it is blurred vision. I am fed up with this. There is also a panel of doctors available in He is the best and his medicine are totally free, you are welcome if you wish to donate. i have been declared unfit for indian air force due to myopia. All we want from you is keep following our instructions and in couple of months your myopia/ hypermetropia will start curing and it will be improve your eyesight with the regular use of our ayurvedic treatment for myopia/ hypermetropia. Try to send message to multiple doctors through the form provided like here Mix … Hence the World Health Organization (WHO) has initiated Vision 2020 global program – “The right to sight”. This herbal formulation is wonderful blend of various herbs. Wish you a quick recovery. what to do? and NDA entry doesnt allow LASIK. I have floating problem also. All medicines on are for reference purpose only and should not be taken with out prescription from a qualified doctor. First Only little problem. As per Ayurveda, if a person is suffering from chronic cold and constipation, he/she is more prone to get Myopia. I have myopia -2.5 in both eyes.Now i am wearing spectacles. Hi, Iam 14 years old and have right eye power -1.25 and left eye power -1 Can i cure my myopia in 3 to 4 months with the remedy you suggested? Can ayurvedic treatment cure my myopia fully? Rather the power is increasing @ rate of 0.5 / 3month. Please suggest me for the nessesary steps what shoud I follow……Thank you, Sir, i See you have posted this 3.5 years back. Hi My daughter (3.5 Year old) do have Myopia -13 (both eye). Ayurveda and yoga do wonders but, might take considerable time in some cases. People says if it is at young age, it can be cured completly. So plz tel me tht cn ayurved cure it ?i wanna increase power of my eye nt th spects. i have a power of -0.75 in left and -0.5 in my right eye. be reversed by some ayurvedic procedure and spectacles be removed permanently…plz do reply…. As per Dr. Tushar, at a younger age, the best way to treat myopia is with glasses (spherical glasses). Background: Myopia is very common ophthalmic disease especially in children and adolescence. Hi my daughter 8 yr consuming fennel almond mishri equal quantity for 4 month but no result in eyesight .her number is -2 both eyes . General advice : Try to learn relaxing and stop getting anxious about the eye condition getting worse. but not kept overnight. can this no. These herbs possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immuno-modulator properties. It. In this medicine Triphala, Yashti Madu, Lauha Bhasma, Ghee and Honey are used. For simple myopia, the duration would be between 14 to 16 days. Cows ghee is a recommended food as it helps in improving eye power. It’s been almost 10 years that I had Lasik.My prescription prior to the surgery was -4.75L & -5.0R. One teaspoonful of this medicine twice daily with milk is prescribed. Do not forget to visit a doctor as self medication is dangerous. Hello Doctor …I am 28 years …I have my power 7 myopia … In which I had the same 7 power before 1 year ….I was frightened of lasers ..I want to get rid of my glasses and contact lenses ….please Give a opinion of completely curing my eyes with out power by ayurvedic treatment….. kindly help me, Sir/Madam Whether akshatarpana treatment for eyes is helpful to control myopia, hi, i am a 22 year old computer engineer and our work involves sitting for long hours in front of computer…due to this i have observed a progresive increase in my myopia no. 2) can i take yashtimadhu medicine ? i am planing for a laser treatment. suddenly mixed & drink. I m 16 years old and suffering myopia(-2.5left&-3.5right). my father had a problem of high Myopia and have lost his eye. Concussion and eye sight High myopia treatment eyes sight Disclaimer : The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. 3. Samshodhan : Also called as purifying procedure and Virechan karma is used for it. i am a high myope of -7 n -8.can this be corrected by any treatment? Reference: Hi Bhawana, i See you have posted this 2.5 years back. Eye Exercises. my prescription specify -3.5 both eyes…… that hypermyopia. i’m very much worried about my child so please advice me the best. We are providing you a wonderful and effective herbal kit known as “Myopia Care Kit” that provides effective & good results in Myopia. Even Ayurvedic medicines varies depending on body type. I have high myopia. Due to this defect, light rays do not properly converge on the retina of our eyes. Avoid all fried foods. Nw i am livin in kathmandu. I have -2 (Short Eyesight) Far distance words / things not to see. The herbs that are used for the preparation of these Ayurvedic formulations have been used in Ayurveda for many ages for the treatment of myopia. sir, i am from mysore,karnataka.i am wearing spectacles from the past 4 years. Please follow the instructions provided in this site, but remember not use any medicine without a proper prescription from a qualified doctor. I am suffering from eye floaters with flashes of light in my both eyes. CASE HISTORY- my eyesight degraded mainly because i avoided wearing glasses since i was 15 years old, at the age of 18 years i had -1.75 and -1.5, thereafter when i was 23 years old my eyesight got reduced to -2.75 and -2.5, and now it is, as stated above. I have myopia of -5.5 can it be cured through ayurvedic treatment and how much time it will take plz talk me on my e-mail plz. she is 10 years old. Let me know any hospital or any references where I can treat my children. Now his eyes power are right -15 and left -12…we’r vry much worried about it. If yes how ? According to research, eye exercises do have an effect on myopic conditions, which … Is there any ayurvedic treatment for complete cure. I am 33 yrs old now. Hi, My daughter is just 5 years old, she is having cylindrical power in both her eyes which was found couple of months back. My son is 2years and 4 months and i detected with high myopia in both the eyes( -8) and (-7). PLEASE REPLAY. Could you please let me know what treatment was given.. eargerly waiting for your reply. Ayurvedic Herbs That Cure Myopia. Vaidya Jagjit Singh is an Ayurvedic Doctor in Chandigarh and has an experience of 30 years in this field. plese reply. For both eyes. Please let me know any hospital or any references where I can treat my children. that are associated with myopia and other eye-related diseases. ? It can also be caused when the eyeball grows more and becomes very long front to back. further degradation of eye sight can be definitely stopped using proper medicines and adopting yoga regularly. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions …

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