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published in 1611--"He That Will an Alehouse Keep.". And even what I think I do recall may well be a combination of many similar celebrations I attended in my younger, wilder days. Embedded audio playback is not supported by your browser. Perfect for pondering, allowing your mind to run free. Such dangerous whirlpools were viewed as portals to the underworld in worldwide hunter-gatherer cultures, including those of North America’s Eastern Woodlands. How embarrassing for an adolescent lad of my persuasion. Not unlike the Wild West, I’m glad I grew up where I did. The reason I suggest uncertainty is that I know memory doesn’t always serve one well, especially on familiar turf, where one story can easily run into another over time. In fact, not only is it a dangerous whirlpool, it may well be the most dangerous whirlpool in the 400-mile-long Connecticut Valley. rejected the old folk festivals--such as May Day and puritanical. The pioneer flame burned just as brightly among Zachery Field’s descendants, many of them Indian fighters and ground-breakers for early towns like Deerfield, Northfield and Sunderland. Which brings us to the present time, and a curiosity pulling back to the site. He doesn’t say why. He lived in a home I pass in my daily rambles. him to give reasons for his actions. Or foil, recoil or quarrel In recent years, new life has been pumped into this deep-history oral tale by scholarly, professional, Abenaki storytellers, Marge Bruchac and Lisa Brooks, among other Native contributors who continue to come forward with their own little tweaks and twerks to an alluring tale. Once I learned to navigating around the program, I was able to glean much new information about South Deerfield ancestors and relatives long ago entered into my Family Tree Maker program. Brother Joseph is a card-carrying creative writer and performer, with many books about Native and colonial folklore to his credit. On the open Dwyer Lot stood a roofed pavilion that hosted many a public cookout. The answer to that inquiry could gone a half a day. So, go figure. . Erin is used to it. Something lighthearted. It was the Woodruff Bible, which displayed on one of its first pages a family register filled out in ink, most likely by my great-grandmother, Fannie Woodruff Sanderson (1865-1947), who died six years before I was born. He’s now part of that land. I’d rather continue piecing together the puzzle for a future narrative. Whether he was aware of the whirlpool and ancient ford is irrelevant. Now you get your chance to save the damsel or dude in distress. Deacon D.W. Childs of Deerfield insured his life a short time since for $1,000.”. She recorded birth, death and marriage dates for the family members under her Pleasant Street roof, beginning with her father Asa Franklin Woodruff (1817-1891) and his wife Eliza Arms (1824-1898). A man who volunteered for Civil War service after his 60th birthday, Field had, by the time of this formal portrait, served many years as deacon of the Charlemont Congregational Church and lived a distinguished, pious life. Can you imagine what would become of similar pranksters today? From the photos, Thomas created sharpened digital files that can be enlarged and more easily read on a computer screen. That’s why it wasn’t settled until the late date of 1749, by outsider Abraham Parker of Groton. Another landscape feature named Hopewell is a brook bubbling from a spring-hole on the north end of Hopewell Swamp, just a stone’s throw from Sugarloaf’s southwestern skirt. In more recent years, Dassatti has tended a long, narrow garden strip maybe 200 yards southeast of the tree. Then we’d close it out on December hardwood ridges during the shotgun and blackpowder deer seasons. Launching from Montague, across from the Deerfield’s dangerous Connecticut River confluence located between the General Pierce and bicycle-path bridges, Peirce had maneuvered more than a mile upriver when obstructed by shallow water requiring walking. 1765) with nephew Thomas Sanderson’s family of eight. Phinehas Field had much to be proud of. Back then, as sports editor of the Greenfield Recorder, I was in the early years of cranking out a weekly Thursday outdoors column titled “On the Trail.” Come archery deer season each November, I’d dig out my detailed, annotated list of western Massachusetts deer-checking-station phone numbers and call every last one of them weekly looking for good copy about remarkable hunts. A Whately Historical Commissioner and professional genealogist, she’s working on a book about old Whately homes and families and, out of the clear, blue sky a few weeks ago, decided to pick my brain about the Elijah Sanderson farmstead on the southern foot of Mt. He remarked that bucks like that are rare indeed in this neck of the woods. Was there double-indemnity back then? He said I could call him Gil. Their insights into Northeastern indigenous cultures and their understanding of the Native cosmos are top-shelf, yet not entirely unimpeachable in my eyes. (Shakespeare, parodying Malvolio as a He descended from a founding family of Hatfield and had grown up a mile or so away on the Straits. When a border dispute immediately arose over the parcel that became Canterbury, between the Deerfield and northern Bradstreet Grant lines, the town line was fixed east and west from the point where Sugarloaf Brook crossed the Indian trail. Truly unique tavern. The column I was writing became temporarily irrelevant. No Comments. Elm trees have no gender. for offline playback in a dedicated media player. A tavern meal. The entertainment consisted of medieval reenactment, fire eaters, belly dancers and it was fantastic. All were questions capable of keeping a thinking man awake nights, tossing and turning in possibilities. It was a way of life. Thomas Hooker’s Newtown congregation of English Puritans founded Connecticut Colony in the 1630s and a faction split off in 1659 to migrate north and settle Hadley and Hatfield. Sugar Loaf) and the body is the northward range.”. “Hobmock, a benevolent spirit giant,” was called upon to “relieve the stressed people, and that he did by chasing the troublesome beast “into the immense lake… and flinging great handfuls of dirt and rock” at it. The sensational story got big play in a newspaper full of short local-news blurbs. Now, fast-forward six days, to the morning of Tuesday, May 26, noontime approaching. When introduced to the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association by founder and president George Sheldon at the group’s second annual meeting in 1871, Field stood to introduce himself by highlighting his ancestors’ military acumen. On that Ohio college campus, an anti-war demonstration blew up into chaos when National Guardsmen shot four protestors dead and wounded nine others to set off a contentious national debate. Medieval Fare is a fun day where you will step back in time. Many indigenous tales recounted classic battles between this culture hero and Pleistocene megafauna like the giant beaver, comparable in size to today’s black bear. $('#embed-d15').mediaelementplayer({'customError':$('#embed-d15 .me-err-fallback').html()}); Mounsieur Mingo This time around, Whately Historical Commissioner Dereka Smith is working up a revision of Temple, Crafts and Cane’s town histories and genealogies with a book of her own, while Northfield master-potter Tom White will produce hand-thrown stoneware pottery in the style of historic Whately potters. His fellow found A case in point occurred during the writing of this piece, relating to what I believed I recalled of Deerfield’s Tercentenary. I finally reached out by Facebook Messenger, and he agreed to visit the site and age the big elm on one of his trips through Greenfield. Plant food, not meat – a fact Native Americans would obviously have known. It just happened. He’d found an online column of mine expressing confidence about the existence of ancient petroglyphs and pictographs still to be discovered in our slice of the Connecticut Valley. Ask JiriRysavy about Stredoveka krcma Detenice. "catches," or rounds, often with a bawdy meaning hidden in “Looks like about 175 years old,” he said. For whatever reason, Sheldon never mentions it. This dinner party was hosted in full theme with rich medieval characters, we decorated in a medieval style with rich fabrics and tapestries, the dinner party included medieval games and a medieval … An adventure, indeed. He wondered if I was familiar with his Montague find. Dwyer Lot, the site of the beef barbecue and Rotary Club Beer Fest, was right across Pleasant Street from the home my parents shared with my grandfather for my first 12 years of boyhood. spelt Orlando di Lasso (1530-1594). Here today, gone tomorrow. Plus, Long Arm carved a discrete, tell-tale Marine anchor on the back to mark it as a modern creation. The Code of Hammurabi of ancient Babylonia (c. 1750 bce) provided that the death penalty He was living with her at the time after retiring from the US Marine Corps. I immediately Googled “underwater panther,” and struck gold. I sure do wish Scott was still in the neighborhood. Members of the Field family were still involved in the fight right up through February 1763, when the long string of French and Indian Wars finally ended with the Treaty of Paris signing. Returned from a meandering meadow walk, my saturated, worn Gore-Tex hiking boots facing the sun on the flagstone terrace hauled many years ago by oxcart from Charlemont. The backyard brook was trickling its soothing summer song as I introduced myself and learned his name. A satisfied smile. I don’t remember the topic of the first, only that my grade was an A, and – horrors – the teacher read my paper aloud to the class. next page). Gramly’s most authenticating observation was the underwater panther’s association with water vortexes, better known in laymen’s terms as whirlpools. As trade gr… What better place to perform ritualistic theater? Even if you don't post your own creations, we appreciate feedback on ours. Purely in-town vernacular usage would explain why another respected 19th-century valley historian, Sylvester Judd (1789-1860), follows suit. That said, you gotta hand it to good old South Deerfield: back then a hard-drinking, hard-working, hell-raising prankster town. Reluctant to engage in conversation during the height of state’s COVID-19 distancing measures, Peirce decided to paddle a short distance down the Connecticut on a temporary reconnaissance mission. Nonetheless, I met the loin-clothed campers a few times and spoke with them. But at least with role-playing games like Dungeon & Dragons or Pathfinder, you can save the lady in peril using miniature figurines instead of getting your metal armor all dinged up in hand to hand combat! Old habits die hard. Whately was his hometown. Sadly, Pocumtuck DNA is scattered far, wide and thin, their language is extinct, and the creation tale of their homeland has faded to a ghost of what it was. I had met my first bad editor. The tavern is supposed to be located in the town or in a larger village. Pony up, fella. The impetus for what has become my a 30-year genealogical chase was a 19th-century King James Bible stored atop miscellaneous papers in a large, covered Tupperware box. Whately Squire Goes To Happy Hunting Ground, Sugarloaf Beaver Tale All Began In 1871 With Phinehas Field And The PVMA. It was more than a little squiggle. I had just completed my junior year in high school for Hatfield’s last birthday party, a time when Hunter S. Thompson’s “Gonzo” journalism was born. Download the MP3 file What choice did I have? Tickets available on Quicket * * * Medieval Fayre Attractions * * * Tavern Quiz. Finished hunting the wetlands bordering his meadow across the road, I spotted him in front of his garage and pulled in to chat. Something important to remember is that Field was not an anthropologist or ethnologist. posted in Columns, Indians | He could go on and on. Homicide by horse? Most everything had a spirit – even inanimate objects like the Pocumtuck Range, which local indigenous people believed had once been a troublesome giant beaver bludgeoned to death by the giant culture-hero Hobomock for flaunting rude, uncooperative behavior, in its case, hoarding and greed. Although that name is indeed more of a Whately phenomenon, it was settled between 1749 and 1770, when still part of Hatfield. Scott was curious if I had ever explored that ridge. We’re talking about dumb luck, the improbability of which was greater than getting struck by lightning. Sugarloaf. Book online! But he did chime in a day or two later on the phone. Temple never took a shot at defining Canterbury’s boundaries or exploring the place name’s origin. Tavern, an establishment where alcoholic beverages are sold for consumption on the premises. So, why, you ask, should we be interested in Phinehas Field? Daily offer Medieval meals are combined with traditional Latvian cuisine in the tavern’s daily menu. Many a big buck has been taken from those woods overlooking the so-called “Plantation” and West Brook. Toon Viking Dwarf Horde at the Brewery. You know how that goes. I thought heads should roll for unjustified killings of peaceful protestors exercising their right of peaceful assembly under the First Amendment.

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