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Slicey Dicey 12,948 views. M390 steel is durable, more so than many other types of metal. Reduces toughness but increases hardness and wear. Kershaw Blur S30V Folding Pocket Knife ... 3.5 inch Satin M390 Drop Point Blade, Slender Marble Carbon Fiber Handle Frame Lock Pocket Clip, EDC Low Profile Gentleman's Sleek, Thin Knife. Add to Cart. Appropriately, it is called the Link and has been given the patriotic model number of 1776. Typically, a knife of a lower rating is softer and easier to sharpen but does not keep a sharp edge for long. Don’t get confused between Kershaw Link … Reviewed in the United States on July 1, 2019 . 86 - Duration: 13:54. It also scores highly in corrosion resistance, saying that it ought to be a knife that will last you for a long, long time. Model: KS-1776OLSW. The Limited Edition Kershaw Link with M390 blade has an overall open length of 7.60 inches, and it weighs 4.8 ounces. It feels nice in your hand yet, still grippy. Are you confused over finding the best knife for you? Some consumers have reported that the M390 does hold a sharp edge for a while; others have said the opposite. Good call on BD-1. Kershaw - Olive Green Link, 3.25" Ultra-Premium Grade CPM-20CV Blade, Spring Assisted Flipper knife - 1776OLSW. I’ve went Kershaw crazy here lately and in the past 2 weeks I’ve bought the carbon fiber Knockout in M390,a Link in M390,the Knife Center exclusive champagne gold Bareknuckle in 20CV as well as a blackwash Skyline and they are all quite impressive for their price..Kershaw is knocking it out of the park,Kershaw is the only company I know of who have knives available in M390 and 20CV for … Found another site carrying it for a little more. According to Bohler themselves their steel scores only 2 out of five stars in terms of toughness. How Does M390 Measure Up to Other Metals? Shame I'm just not a fan of Speedsafe. Whether you're off the grid or glamping for the weekend, find the tools for your adventure here. With its dramatic, sweeping body and custom, tire-rim-inspired pivot, the Innuendo, designed for Kershaw by knifemaker Les George, will quickly become a favorite. Built with extremely reliable and durable 42HC stainless steel, the blade keeps its sharp edge, is corrosion and stain resistant, and has strong wear resistant qualities. This version has the M390 upgraded stainless stonewash steel for the blade to improve performance and ability. The edge has an interesting profile – the lead… Where traditional steels rely on ingot casting methods to shape, the manufacturers at Bohler-Uddenholm developed a technique that ensures an excellent spreading of carbides. Chromium to 20%: Again, Chromium is found in all types of steel and is used to increase hardness, tensile strength, and corrosion resistance at the cost of toughness. Other options New from $77.95. This rapid cooling has made the powder extremely fine grained. Its elegant Bohler M390 stainless steel modified Wharncliffe blade is a perfect 3" long and offers enough belly to be an efficient slicer. Write a review | Read all reviews. It shows that M390 steel is incredibly resistant to corrosion, consistently and at a variety of temperatures. I LOOVE M390 steel; it is the best knife steel in my opinion because of the toughness, hardness, edge retention, corrosion resistance, and it's ease of sharpening compared to the other super steels. This Link, model 1776BLK is Kershaw's drop-point blade model with Ultra-Premium Grade M390 … If CRKT makes a Pilar in M390... oh man. The Dividend is made for you. Kershaw Balisong Butterfly Knife Lucha 5150 Made in USA. It’s just not compelling. The model number and “KAI USA” are etched next to it, and “Kershaw” on the opposite side. This is one of Kershaw’s better budget offerings in recent memory. Back to top. The Link with the M390 Blade is a great touch the CPM154 they use I've had no problems with and I carry it day after day, ATS-34 about the same, so now I get to try the M390, right out of box Razor Sharp, good hand feel, added Lanyard comes out of pocket very fast. Kershaw Knives: Kershaw Link Knife, Limited Edition M390, KE-1776BLK. The blade is Sandvik 14C28N stainless, a blade steel that was … Back to top. It is made in the USA. I would try one even in 14c28; never been crazy about kershaw’s 420HC though,(I still have 1 or 2 old blurs in 420) so I didn’t get the link or dividend until they had m390. This powdered steel is incredibly tough, hard wearing and corrosion resistant, as well as being great at keeping an edge. 39.99 € 32.50 €-19 % KS1342 - Kershaw Rhetoric. Kershaw Link 1776GRYBW Review. So how does M390 steel compare to others in terms of corrosion resistance? will test and review further. And Bryan is back to talk about his long-term experiences with his after a few months of use!!! The brand has expanded continuously from there, to be one of the best known names in knives all over the world. Bohler gives five out of five stars to their M390 steel as a tribute to the wear resistance. Outpost 76 1,839 views Natrix CARBON FIBER. Given the patriotic model number of 1776, the Link offers a drop-point blade constructed of strong, durable and reliable steel. The next step is to remove the (now) powder particles which have been rapidly cooled by the gas. All of these have excellent edge retention and wear resistance, even although they may not be quite as hard as other steels. Kershaw Link. I work in a factory, and … It is extremely tough and hardy, meaning it will last a long time. ... 5.0 out of 5 stars Real m390 at this price, Kershaw quality, made in USA. Appropriately, we call it the Link and have given it the patriotic model number of 1776. It seems like historically their best stuff has been the USA made Kershaws, and the Link continues the path forged by knives like the Skyline, Blur, and Knockout. Kershaw Link Olive Green Stonewashed 20CV Assisted Flipper 1776OLSW. A fine grained alloy with working hardness up to 62HRC, M390 has excellent performance … For more information on similar steels, see our previous article about knife steels. I'm hesitant to believe that Kershaw's midrange is expanding until we see the M390 Link appearing for other retailers or other midrange knives being released. That 10% has not been lost but has been condensed into the mixture to make for much denser steel. That’s Nick’s. It’s a phenomenal larger EDC knife. Its 8Cr13MoV stainless steel drop-point blade with titanium carbo-nitride coating takes and holds a mean edge, resists corrosion, re-sharpens with ease and stands up to frequent use. It is estimated that the production of M390 steel in cylindrical vats will produce roughly 10% less whole product than traditional casting and pouring methods. Sleek and lightweight, the Kershaw Link family series of knives offer Kershaw quality at an affordable price. I may have saved the best for last. If this is not so more alloy can be added to balance the mixture out. It may spot or rust if used consistently in salt water without proper care or treatment. Or, to be more precise, Kershaw is making it. When it comes to choosing your ideal blade, there are a few categories you should bear in mind when buying. Here I have a Kershaw Link in M390. FREE Shipping by Amazon. But they feel very different in use: the Link is much thicker, it fills the hand and feels like it’s meant to be used hard. If you may have followed my previous reviews, as those were on old Kershaw knives. Made in the USA. Pretty well actually, but you can read more about it on the Spyderco Forum. In operation since 1998, has led the industry since Day 1. I had mine HRC tested and it came out 59 HRC. Higher amounts of carbon and chromium boost hardenability and corrosion resistance in the blade. The Dividend is positioned by Kershaw as the smaller follow-up to the Link. KS1395 - Kershaw … Many users report that after a months of hard outdoor use a knife cast in M390 steel barely needs a stropping. 30. Reviews about this KS1776BLK - Kershaw Link Linerlock A/O M390 Steel (0 reviews) There is no review for this item. As a link lover, I also got the dividend in m390. Let's take a closer look at how M390 measures up in each category. So, now that you know the exquisite features the Link has to offer, you should know how these features contribute to making this a high-performance knife. I haven't sharpened my link m390 in 9 months, but I'm about to, and it still has a working edge. Carbon to 1.9%: Found in all steel types in differing quantities. We specialize in assisted opening, fixed, and automatic blades from some of the best blade manufacturers in the world. 79.00 € KS1660YLBW - Kershaw Random … Kershaw Link x2 M390 vs Bradford M390 edge retention testing, heat treat matters just like hrc - Duration: 17:48. The heat and pressure are enough to close the gaps between the particles and make for a highly dense and therefore hardened steel. Get it as soon as Fri, Nov 20. A good knife and an inferior knife will all need to be sharpened; the key is in how for how long it keeps the edge. It has been a while since I have visited Kershaw’s value offerings. We say a blade shape is “modified” when it deviates so much from one of the standards that we’re not really sure what to call it. The missing link—between a quality, made-in-the-USA knife and a price most consumers can afford—has been found. 27.95 € KS1380 - Kershaw Husker. We sourced the chemical composition of M390 steel and found it to be as follows: First of all, a selection of the above alloys is placed in a furnace and smelted together. Kershaw 7130GRYSW Launch 12CA Mini Stiletto **California Legal Carry** Price: $99.95. While the original Link is a larger and stouter knife, some of you prefer a slimmer blade. The excellent everyday steel is easy to sharpen, tough and takes a good … Not too big, not too small, the Kershaw Dividend is a just-right-sized pocket knife. Kershaw has created the missing link between a quality, USA made knife and a price point that won't break the budget. Because Bohler knew there was a lack, they added metals into the composition that upgrade the tensile strength of the steel, meaning that it might not be hard enough to cut into concrete – but at least it won't break if you try. Kershaw’s sleek Link Blue Aluminum Blackwash all-purpose, utility, folding pocket knife offers Kershaw’s high quality with style. Reversible pocket clip, blackwash finish, flipper mechanism. Here I have a Kershaw Link in M390. Looks like the M390 is in a working finish no less. I got a deep carry pocket clip for mine and love carrying this every day without noticing it. Do we know if this is a GPKnives exclusive, or it's in normal production and other retailers haven't gotten them yet? Or, to be more precise, Kershaw is making it. Although edge retention is not one of the main features trumpeted by the manufacturer; grindibility is. The handle, along with the Sub-Frame Lock, help keep the knife light in the pocket. Damn if i didnt just buy a a blurple pm2 I maybe would have bought one of these. Do we know if this is a GPKnives exclusive, or it's in normal production and other retailers haven't gotten them yet? The Dividend is made for you. What we have found is that it makes a sturdy, hardened knife that is not quick to lose its edge. It's 4.7" closed, 8.2" overall and weighs 3.4oz. Generous 3.3-inch blade invites users to deftly … M390 steel is one of the most hardened new steels on the market – and it might be just what you need to find your perfect cutting partner. The 7777’s blade is a modified drop pointshape, measuring 3.50” long and cut from reasonable 0.12” blade stock. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. It has the robust aluminum frame of the Blur, but you have a big beautiful drop point blade, with a full flat grind. All Knives in Stock, Free Shipping on Every Order, Everything You Need to Know About M390 Steel. A variety of samples will be taken, and laboratory analyzed to make sure that the correct quantities are being used. Machined aluminum handles and M390 premium blade steel come together in an assisted opening, liner lock knife that opens with lightning fast action and means business. KNIVES PLUS ® Home. Kershaw 7350OLBLK Launch 10 ” The Claw ” **IN STOCK** Price: $79.95. While this small lack in the toughness department makes this steel better for making screws and parts resistant to vibration in the construction industry; it does better in knife making. Back to top. It is extremely tough and hardy, meaning it will last a long time. Kershaw came out swinging last year with several new American-made editions. Silicon to 0.7%: Adds to the hardness of steel and prevents air bubbles forming while it smelts. Again, the Chromium is cited as the reason for the rust resistance of this metal. I would buy it in a heartbeat if it wasn't assisted. LIMITED-EDITION SPRING RUN: A few years ago Zero Tolerance produced a few knives with M390 STEEL however stopped the usage of M390 when it changed into hard to get. $79.95. These will fair well on the secondary market.imagine m390 for sub 60 dollars! Bohler M390: made using their 3rd generation PM process Bohler M390 features very high wear and corrosion resistance. This hardness makes for medium-hard steel on the Rockwell Scale. The relationship is certainly valid: the knives have material, mechanics, and that KAI handle shape in common. Reviewed in the United States on May 28, 2019. Features: M390 Steel Blade. Molybdenum to 1%: A little of this helps keep that edge sharper than sharp, as well as making the steel stronger under high temperatures, allowing ease of molding; one of the industrial applications of M390. Buy Kershaw Link Assisted Opening Folding Knives, The missing link -- between a quality, made-in-the-USA knife and a price most consumers can afford -- has been found. Any update for new runs of the Dividend m390 please? The Injection 3.0, the Emerson Collabs, and the Strobe are nice knives for the money, but I think each model left the reviewer asking for a little more. Oh, and that mirror edge? The Kershaw SMKW Exclusive Bareknuckle Blackout features a 3.5" 20CV stainless steel drop point blade with a black DLC finish. It is also more vibration resistant than other types of steel, making it perfect for manufacturing industrial strength screws (vibrations are unlikely to knock them free). It is super sharp. Whoops, my nerd side is showing. The M390 steel knife will save you lots of elbow grease by comparison to other steel types. Always wanted a link, but the steel used kept me from buying. Same here. I was thinking the same thing. Some thoughts on this upgraded version of the Kershaw Knives 1776 Link. OK, now I've put this Bad Boy to the test today is 11 days and I have put it to work, WOW I love this knife, I just … M390 blade steel Manufacturer: Kershaw. Sharp Oatmeal Pecan is better than Chocolate-chip. For steel of this particular hardness, M390 ought to be harder to grind than it is, but the composition and careful consideration of materials used has managed to combat this problem and produce a knife that does sharpen reasonably well. Average rating: 3 reviews. The wide and round blade … Bohler put the hardness of this tool steel at between 60 and 62 HRC. I absolutely love this knife. Centering is a tad off, it’s been sharpened, I stripped the paint off the deep carry clip with a dremel, and there is a gouge on both scales behind the blade where I wasn’t paying attention while sharpening and was hitting it with the stones. Appropriately, it is called the Link and has been given the patriotic model number of 1776.
Free shipping. This metal is extremely high in wear resistance, to the point that it is one of the most durable tools you can buy. Add to Cart. Wasn't there some big thread argument about Kershaw loosing a quality midrange market the other day? KS1395 - Kershaw Lightyear. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, I've got a fever and the only prescription is more Shiro. Details . Pretty sure this blows midrange out of the water for a midrange price. The USA-made nature of the knife is emphasized in the official description, so it makes sense that Kershaw etched a small American flag on the lock side of the blade, same as with the Link and Dividend. Some of these are as follows: Sometimes known as the new 'super steel,' M390 performs well in most categories. In stock (Usually Ships in 24-48 Hours) Qty. … Innovative designs, advanced technology, and amazing value. The Dividend, while undeniably durable, is slender and elegant, keyed into a more EDC centric philosophy. Today, we look at an inexpensive, American-made Gem: The Kershaw Link. A sleek carbon fiber handle matches the dark blade for a stealthy look. This Link, model 1776, is our drop-point blade model. Centering is a tad off, it’s been sharpened, I stripped the paint off the deep carry clip with a dremel, and there is a gouge on both scales behind the blade where I wasn’t paying attention while sharpening and was hitting it with the stones. As we previously covered, M390 is technically tool steel. The 1776BLK Link with M390 from Kershaw comes with a black pocket clip for tip up carry that is reversible for lefties. Featured … Jun 12, 2018 #62 T.L.E. Rated C maybe. A temperature of roughly 1100oc is applied to help the powder particles cling to each other. Like the Skyline it’s another in-house design for Kershaw. Bohler has their own chart for this that you can view through their web page. I'm hesitant to believe that Kershaw's midrange is expanding until we see the M390 Link appearing for other retailers or other midrange knives being released. KERSHAW KNOCKOUT - M390 Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by Centuriator, Oct 4, 2020. Shop. Buy Kershaw Link Assisted Opening Folding Knives, The missing link -- between a quality, made-in-the-USA knife and a price most consumers can afford -- has been found. M390 was first developed as a more hardened, stronger, more wear-resistant metal that could be used in the development of tools that undergo high-stress. Kershaw Link 1776BLK Limited M390 Assisted Opening Flipper Folder Black Aluminum. Or, to be more precise, Kershaw is making it. - Duration: 6:44.

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