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Antony uses a funeral oration to turn the citizens of Rome against them. (Which like dumb mouths do ope their ruby lips, To beg the voice and utterance of my tongue). Did that they did in envy of great Caesar. So says my master Antony. By their proscriptions, Cicero being one. And then the end is known.—Come ho, away! It is no matter. To see my best friend ta’en before my face! And make your bondmen tremble. And so it is. ... Manent BRUTUS and CASSIUS Trumpets play. Act 2, Scene 2: CAESAR's house. their mothers, they would have done no less. He was my friend, faithful and just to me. Rome. They shouted thrice. If you dare fight today, come to the field; Why now, blow wind, swell billow, and swim bark! Which give some soil, perhaps, to my behaviors. With the most boldest and best hearts of Rome. O error, soon conceived. Why, there was a crown offered him; and, being. (Which all the while ran blood) great Caesar fell. And leave us, Publius, lest that the people. 1.2 Mark Antony offers Caesar the crown three times. And all the rest look like a chidden train. And with the brands fire the traitors’ houses. The livelong day, with patient expectation. Are rid like madmen through the gates of Rome. throat to cut. And tell me truly what thou think’st of him. For we will shake him, or worse days endure. If not, why then this parting was well made. Stand far off. What a fearful night is this! To wear a kerchief! Here, take thou the hilts. Weeping as fast as they stream forth thy blood. And he shall wear his crown by sea and land. Peace, yet again! Which is a great way growing on the south. We must out and talk. Have added slaughter to the sword of traitors. Why birds and beasts from quality and kind. Retreat. ’Tis true, this god did shake. Line to Line Explanation of the Play Julius Caesar- Act II Scene II Caesar's house. I hear a tongue shriller than all the music. I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him. I will not have it so. All but the fourth decline. For the repealing of my banished brother? O, look, Titinius, look, the villains fly! That gave me public leave to speak of him. What cause withholds you, then, to mourn for. Two several times by night—at Sardis once. He is addressed. If I were Brutus now, and he were Cassius, He should not humor me. Our best friends made, our means stretched; And some that smile have in their hearts, I fear. He would not take the. No, not for all the world. Either there is a civil strife in heaven. As the action begins, Rome prepares for Caesar’s triumphal entrance. Recounts most horrid sights seen by the watch. Well, to our work alive. Where, where, Messala, doth his body lie? Metellus Cimber? But, as you know me all, a plain blunt man, That love my friend, and that they know full well. I am glad on ’t. Let it appear so, make your vaunting true. If you shall send them word you will not come, Their minds may change. Good reasons must of force give place to better. In this play, it serves as a sort of "heads up" that something bad is coming. Decius, go tell them Caesar will not come. There was more foolery yet, if I could remember, Ay, if I be alive, and your mind hold, and your. Fulfill your pleasure. My hand. Julius Caesar was born on July 13, 100BC and was given the name Gaius Julius Caesar. Set honor in one eye and death i’ th’ other. Let us not break with him. Mistrust of good success hath done this deed. The multitude, beside themselves with fear; Why I, that did love Caesar when I struck him, First, Marcus Brutus, will I shake with you.—, Next, Caius Cassius, do I take your hand.—, Yours, Cinna;—and, my valiant Casca, yours;—, Though last, not least in love, yours, good, My credit now stands on such slippery ground. Fare you, well. Are full of rest, defense, and nimbleness. Now lies he there. But here’s a parchment with the seal of Caesar. Act 1, Scene 3: The same. Read Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Entire Play for free from the Folger Shakespeare Library! Here, in the thigh. A street near the Capitol. Here, as I point my sword, the sun arises. Pluck but his name out of his heart, and turn him, firebrands! Their hats are plucked about their ears. The angry spot doth glow on Caesar’s brow. Make forth. Get you hence, sirrah! You all did love him once, not without cause. Come to our tent till we have done our conference. Have you climbed up to walls and battlements. Where never Roman shall take note of him. A shrewd contriver; and, you know, his means, If he improve them, may well stretch so far. That comes in triumph over Pompey’s blood? BRUTUS A soothsayer bids you beware the ides of March. But it was famed with more than with one man? These are gracious drops. Look, Lucius, here’s the book I sought for so. Come on my right hand, for this ear is deaf. Good Volumnius. Fetch the will hither, and we shall determine, The threefold world divided, he should stand, And took his voice who should be pricked to die. What, did Caesar swoon? Act 3, scene 1 Quotes Cry Havoc! Swayed from the point by looking down on Caesar. If the tag-rag people did not, clap him and hiss him, according as he pleased and, displeased them, as they use to do the players in the, Marry, before he fell down, when he perceived. Now they are almost on him. Must I observe you? It is the part of men to fear and tremble, You are dull, Casca, and those sparks of life. O you hard hearts, you cruel men of Rome. Night hangs upon mine eyes; my bones would rest. Enter BRUTUS and CASSIUS, and a throng of Citizens, ANTONY, OCTAVIUS, and LEPIDUS, seated at a table, Drum. CAESAR’s house. The proof of it will turn to redder drops. Fare thee well.—. There’s two or three of us have seen strange sights. Would you speak, Ay, Casca. Another part of the same street, before the house of BRUTUS. Friends am I with you all and love you all, Upon this hope, that you shall give me reasons. For shame, you generals, what do you mean? A crowd of people; among them ARTEMIDORUS and the Soothsayer. Upon the right hand, I; keep thou the left. BRUTUS’s orchard. And so, he fell. Scene 2. “Shall Rome, etc.” Thus must I piece it out: Shall Rome stand under one man’s awe? You will compel me, then, to read the will? Should breed thy fellow.—Friends, I owe more, To this dead man than you shall see me pay.—, I shall find time, Cassius; I shall find time.—, And come, young Cato. who calls? They vanish tongue-tied in their guiltiness. Our youths and wildness shall no whit appear. And I must pause till it come back to me. Mount thou my horse and hide thy spurs in him, Till he have brought thee up to yonder troops. But men may construe things after their fashion. Line Original Text Modern Text 1 The Tragedy of Julius Caesar Crowther, John, ed. Brave Tintinius! Moreover, he hath left you all his walks. When could they say, till now, that talked of Rome. That touches Caesar nearer. And men have lost their reason!—Bear with me; My heart is in the coffin there with Caesar. Is notwithstanding up.—Good morrow, Antony. That we have tried the utmost of our friends. He hath left them you, And to your heirs forever—common pleasures. swooned and fell down at it. “No Fear Julius Caesar.” SparkNotes.com. Hmm. Ingratitude, more strong than traitors’ arms. The cause is in my will. Remorse from power. You look pale, and gaze. That I was constant Cimber should be banished. Yes, that thou didst. Which seemed too much enkindled, and withal. Brutus and Cassius escape as Antony joins forces with Octavius Caesar. I can as well be hanged as tell the manner of it. Both meet to hear and answer such high things. Thou seest the world, Volumnius, how it goes. Must I budge? And we, like friends, will straightway go together. He is a friend.—Cinna, where haste you so? At the Senate, the conspirators stab Caesar to death. Or, by the gods, this speech were else your last. This, Casca; this, Cinna; and this, Metellus Cimber. No, sir. ____ ACT III Scene 1 It is … Most high, most mighty, and most puissant Caesar, These couchings and these lowly courtesies, To think that Caesar bears such rebel blood, That will be thawed from the true quality, With that which melteth fools—I mean sweet. That I have, lady. Your statue spouting blood in many pipes, Signifies that from you great Rome shall suck, Reviving blood, and that great men shall press. To be exalted with the threat’ning clouds; Did I go through a tempest dropping fire. Mark Antony, here, take you Caesar’s body. Let me see, let me see; is not the leaf turned down. get myself into more work. Bending their expedition toward Philippi. and let slip the dogs of war. In ranks and squadrons and right form of war. Give me the gown. I will this night. Danger knows full well That Caesar is more dangerous than he. Hark, hark, one knocks. I’ll have them sleep on cushions in my tent. Three or four, wenches where I stood cried “Alas, good soul!” and, forgave him with all their hearts. Just like him, his father was also named Gaius Julius Caesar. Can I bear that with patience. Julius Caesar did not succeed in becoming king, as he obviously intended, but his nephew and heir Octavius Caesar actually became an emperor and a god, and he was followed, after a long rule, by a whole line of emperors bearing the name of Caesar. The conspirators have come to Caesar in the Senate under the pretense of pleading for amnesty for Metelluss banished brother, Publius Cimber. I only speak right on. Than tarry till they push us. Tell him, so please him come unto this place. Thy heart is big. What do you think. Ever note, Lucilius. Why did you so cry out, sirs, in your sleep? Be you content. Will you stay awhile? The Tarquin drive when he was called a king. I killed not thee with half so good a will. As he was valiant, I. honor him. Here’s Decius Brutus; he shall tell them so. Besides, it were a mock, When Caesar’s wife shall meet with better dreams.”, If Caesar hide himself, shall they not whisper. A piece of work that will make sick men whole. We’ll along ourselves and meet them at Philippi. What private griefs they have, alas, I know not, That made them do it. When grief and blood ill-tempered vexeth him? After successfully conquering much of the ancient world, Caesar is invited to lead the Roman Empire.

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