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Their brains showed more awareness of the fingering, and as a result they made fewer errors while playing. Musical knowledge and improvisation as options rather than aural tests. And classical too, because music that is beginner stuff for piano is high level for guitar. Even classical, it uses very fast piano sometimes that I can't play. never heard of any of those. This is probably because of the prominence of the drum set in jazz, which is extremely loud compared to any chamber instrument (and has gotten considerably louder with the advent of rock music) and tends to play at a fairly consistent volume. When comparing classical vs acoustic guitar, acoustic guitar strings will feel harder when you press your fingers on them. You just need to have had pushy parents who insisted you play half an hour every evening on something you don't really enjoy, then a slightly effete music teacher with limp wrists to yap at you when you sing the wrong note. And I sort of think that they're winging it more than a neo-classical guitarist who is thinking more in a mathematical way. They are different, but with enough practice a decent guitar player can play classical. I voted Jazz but probably more because I have a soft spot for it over classical. I still really respect and enjoy jazz. Classical players will look down their nose at you, but pat you on the back as you struggle through your grade 4 piece, and pretend you are doing well, when in fact they are thinking 'this person hasn't got it and he never will'. It depends on your strengths. The knowledge of theory such as inversions, substitutions, having to know a million chords, scales, modes, etc...just seems overwhelming, not to mention the technique required to pull it off.   Pasted as rich text. Guitar is easier for other stuff. In general, I would say it's much harder to improvise a jazz solo than to perform an already-written classical work. Classical Vs Flamenco Guitar. Was it hard? In classical music, emphasis is placed on the emotion and interpretation performers put into a written piece of music. I see jazz through dim glasses: in a way it's harder, because I am a classical player. Classical pianists are faced with the rigorous task of sight reading. Community Answer. And classical too, because music that is beginner stuff for piano is high level for guitar. Classical music can be considered to cover a time span that covers over a millennium. Which is harder: Classical Mechanics or Quantum Mechanics? Someone else may have found it harder. But in another way it is easier because I am not trying to take it to the level I am trying to take my classical playing to. After that they wouldn't say hello to me when I passed them in the street. Switching from major to minor scales through an ascending or descending arpeggio. Simple question, maybe not so simple answer. French composer Darius Milhaud introduced marimbas into Western classical music with his 1947 Concerto for Marimba and Vibraphone. I find the classical structure much easier to follow and therefore easier to learn, whereas jazz is more fluid and incorporates faster phrases. Musically, I say the edge goes to jazz. I guess the jazz masters blow me away more than the classical masters, mostly because I understand everything that is going on with the classical masters. Listen to a number of different players play a difficult piece of repertoire (Bach's Chaconne, etc), and listen to how they play it. Ask a Question. The bars are wider and longer at the lowest pitched notes, and gradually get narrower and shorter as the notes get higher. But, just because you are proficient in one style doesn't mean you can play another "easier" style well. I think you could probably get to be proficient on either a guitar or piano within a couple of years if you practiced reasonably regularly. As to which is more difficult, how long is a piece of string? Jazz saxophone has been around since the 1930s and it is still a popular style today. Jazz players will look down their nose at you and not even deign to pretend that you could (or should) even consider that you have the right to understand how difficult it is to play 'jazz'. Xenakiboy. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. They are fairly similar and it’s hard to spot the difference for a complete novice. It's just that I haven't found a full, true, real neo classical wanker type who doesn't bore me after a while. Jazz is a distinctively American form of music, and its history occupies a much smaller span of time.'s not writing your own stuff though. I like jazz guitar too but am fascinated with neoclassical guitar.   Your link has been automatically embedded. Classical by far.. Classical vs Jazz Music. Technically, I say the edge goes marginally toward classical, just because it requires some wicked right hand technique. Who doesn't love being #1? I've seen that myself when comparing blues to neo-classical shred. For beginners, learning to play acoustic guitar is a bit harder than learning to play classical guitar (though it’s not that hard really). There is no way one can be harder than the other, because just when you have something mastered, you could always do something" harder". While learning to play each technically and learn to arrange is surely challenging, I would tend to think improv is that extra "wrinkle". For solo piano? These choices not only include a multitude of artists, but also a wide diversity of music categories. Jazz and classical music have different traditions and points of focus. Is jazz or classical harder? states that classical music has many more nuances to style than modern music. Lv 7. is there anyone here proficient enough at both to be able to give their opinion? Jazz has to potential to be so much harder than classical, simply because of the degree of music theory involved you have to think and apply, especially when improvisation is involved. × Creativity is big with me and it's an aspect of classical that is missing in my opinion. That's the home turf. Try the soprano one for size: Conlon Nancarrow - Studies for Player Piano Imagine writing a piano piece so insanely tricky that you know a human wouldn’t be able to handle it. Be the first to answer this question. anything can only be as hard or easy as you make it. And giving it feeling and swing. Is there any Jazz as hard as top classical pieces? History of Jazz Music. All that proves is how few people you know. Part 2 - The difference between classical and jazz music - Pianist Christopher Brent gives a demonstration! I've always thought that most top flight Jazz guys have all the skill and technique of your best classical players but with the added advantage of being better improvisational musicians. People who have no training, or experience in music have absolutely no problem answering this question. states that classical music has many more nuances to style than modern music. EVH for Eruption and that classical influenced arpeggio sort of chops near the end of Cross Roads where Jack Butler (Steve Vai) loses to The Karate Kid. If you’re struggling with how tough steel strings are to play, one thing you can do is use lighter strings. I was comparing arranging a classical song to improving Jazz, I listen to classical and jazz (mostly non-guitar, but still some) and I don't play either. If reading music comes naturally to you, then jazz is easier. read more Ergo - guitar is harder, for jazz. Why or why not? These gray-haired classical music lovers seem to continue to love classical music (there is evidence, according to Dempster, that people are more attracted to classical music in middle age than in their youth), but if you’re a teen and your mom and dad love something, chances are good that you’ll, if not outright hate it, at least think it’s pretty lame. When you first start learning about guitars, it not uncommon to mistake an acoustic guitar for a classical one. However, the classical pianists performed better than the jazz group when it came to following unusual fingering. My Jazz teacher was a total "tosser" as you call them. Well what ever level of hardness you assign to it, someone may have found it easier than you did. But whereas I could paint and draw, they didn't have a {censored}ing clue. Students instructed in the classical style typically focus on learning to read individual notes on sheet music. View Profile Some guitarists spray a lubricant on the strings that helps make them less abrasive. This is an easy way to tell difference between this types of guitars. Play some Rock or Blues instead - you'll stop worrying about what's harder to play and become listenable at the same time. I played Jazz for quite some time. Jazz is a music genre that originated in the African-American communities of New Orleans, Louisiana, United States, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with its roots in blues and ragtime. But inside they feel all smug and pleased. I play a very wide range of genres of instruments, from metal guitar in a jam session, jazz guitar, alto sax, latin piano, rock, classical, etc... so I have experience with a lot of things. This is due to them being made out of steel and not nylon. Totally different animals, but I like the idea. Something can only be as hard as you make it. On the other hand, jazz guitar is a whole new level of complexity. In a sense, jazz is the branch between the Romantic period (late Classical Music in the 1800's) and Rock and modern music. In 1927 he completed his first … I think a neo classical style is harder to maintain and bring to it's logical conclusion when writing that stuff. I can appreciate Yngwie for his efforts. For example, it has a scratch plate. Fast metal shredding seems way more difficult to master than jazz guitar. Except that there's also a lot of creativity in that seemingly perfect interpretation. Archived. The brass section would just sit there and be pissed that they picked a ghay instrument to play.. Like I said, it was cool. Judging from CD sales, there are easily a million or two folks that listen to jazz guitar or classical guitar that don't play either. But anyone who says jazz is better because of its complexity doesn't understand music. If so, which ones? 0 0. They are designed for large tip openings and chambers to open up the sound, like what is found on my 7* link. Is there any Jazz as hard as top classical pieces? Picking for jazz can be introduced in other styles, but there's really nowhere other than classical to pick up that kind of fingerpicking technique. Jazz music is what happens when skilled musicians decide that they need a challenge. Clear editor. It is responsive. There is always another level of hardness in anything we do, so it is impossible to quantify a level of hardness for anything dealing with the performing of music. The exaggerated vibrato is tricky, but not as tricky as the inability to throw notes away, which is a key element of pop and jazz – singing through all the notes kills the swing. Pop, jazz, and rock songs are often structured around sets of chords—they are the building blocks of contemporary music. What are the best jazz versions of classical music. I'm grade 8 ANZCA classical, same as grade 8 ABRSM and Grade 9,10 RCM,and sometimes, for fun, I'll play some jazz, boogie woogie or blues pieces of the same grade. With my classical playing, I am constantly trying to speak while interpreting what is already written. Classical requires the ability to sight read, while jazz requires the ability to creatively process musical ideas, to understand, instead of simply translating from page. A classical pianist can generally transfer over to jazz easier than a jazz pianist to classical. Listening to classical music, as so many introduction courses tell us, requires a basic understanding of form and sub-genre. They are different, but with enough practice a decent guitar player can play classical. Musically, I say the edge goes to jazz. The classical period of music actually spans a time from of 1750 to 1800; thus, the term Classical is a misnomer and could more correctly be changed to Western Art Music or European Art Music. Relevance. guitarman3001, November 9, 2009 in Electric Guitars. That's the home turf. 50% of the people I came across who played an instrument at Uni) were complete tossers. So I'd say jazz is harder. The question is, which is harder to listen to? Yes No. Learning complex classical and jazz riffs will take much dedication and practice to master and proper finger technique will dictate how well one can play for both genres. 4 Answers. Classical pianists base a lot of their strength in the piano from technique where Jazz pianists rely much more on their rhythmic understanding and scales/chord forms and progressions. Some times he misses the boat. Classical; many styles of Latin and Brazilian music; some pop, folk, and jazz as well. And then again, there less soul in thinking this way. Display as a link instead, × Both forms of music will withstand time equally as well 5. But I've also seen some very impressive classical guitar. Someone asked me this the other day and I really didn't have an answer, probably because I don't know how to play either style. Asked by Angus Mraz. it just blows my mind. I don't think one is more difficult than the other. Piano Classical sounds harder than piano Jazz? Or maybe it's because I've spent a lot more time playing classical and jazz is still kinda scary territory for me, outside of basic chord progressions. Jazz has a lot of open space and you need to be able to fill it. Modern music uses much smaller forms than classical music, usually lasting a few minutes. Posted by 3 years ago. Just this weekend I played a Mahler Symphony, a Strauss tone poem, and a two sets of jazz duo with a guitarist. 8. Classical requires the ability to sight read, while jazz requires the ability to creatively process musical ideas, to understand, instead of simply translating from page. Reading sheet music is probably one of the most arduous and tedious tasks of playing classical music. Xenakiboy, Antiquarian liked this post Jul-22-2016, 05:59 #5. Guitar is easier for other stuff. That said, despite all of that, I still think that the level of dedication and technique and knowledge required to play yngwie-style stuff is much greater than that required to play blues. Close. This focus on chords is the main area where contemporary piano technique differs from classical piano. Because of this, many people unknowingly regularly listen to classical music. Register to get answer. Long answer is I do both often and neither is a walk in the park. Both the classical and jazz guitar requires a lot of skill. Though the modern pieces are of the same difficulty as the classical pieces, I feel like jazz pieces just sound easier, is it just me? And of course, even if no ones heard the classical shred before, it's either right or wrong. One style is harder to play over another style depending on each person's way of learning it. Is metal more complex than jazz and classical music? I once had a dinner with two jazz musicians, who made out that you couldn't appreciate art without having a deep background knowledge of the artist and a 'training' in art history etc. Musically, I say the edge goes to jazz. Such a blend of musical elements was not entirely new: by 1924 both Milhaud and Gershwin had composed classical works that incorporated elements of jazz Johnson, a serious musician more experienced than most classical composers with jazz, blues, spirituals, and popular music, was particularly suited to expand Milhaud's and Gershwin's experiments. They both take a remarkable level of dedication to reach the master level. Just because they're not inventing a solo doesn't mean that they're not creative. A lot of classical musicians, when they try to play jazz, think you have to "swing" on every single note. Of course, performing something like a Liszt concerto accurately takes many years of practice, but Lizst has already done a good chunk of the work by writing the notes. 3. I could mention even persons I know personally who have started as classical musicians and then they have made a career playing jazz. share. The jazz guy might be able to cover his improvizational meanderings. Classical guitar has inspired the birth of many songs by famous rock acts, such as “Dee” by the late and venerable Randy Rhoads from Ozzy Osbourne’s 1980 album Blizzard of Ozz, and Steve Howe’s “Mood for a Day” from Yes’ 1971 album Fragile. © 1995-2019 Harmony Central, Inc. All rights reserved. Answer Save. So, lets say, it was reletively easy for you..... O.K. For all saxophones, avoid “gimmick” mouthpieces. Liz. During this long span of time classical music underwent a number of significant transitions through different periods of music. Jazz is not as restrictive, but it takes a lot of knowledge to be able to play Jazz and make it sound right. Would you agree jazz is harder than classical? Everytime he left the room, me (guitar) and the drummer and bassist would break into Metallica or something totally NON-Jazz.. Paste as plain text instead, × In jazz guitar is trying to edge in on other instruments. I think anyone could do it, with the right training and background. I think this is what blows it for Yngwie. save. I was a lazy bastard and I managed it, and it wasn't particularly in my genes or anything like that. I'm grade 8 ANZCA classical, same as grade 8 ABRSM and Grade 9,10 RCM,and sometimes, for fun, I'll play some jazz, boogie woogie or blues pieces of the same grade. Sight reading includes being completely fluent in reading rhythm as well as melody. I was curious if there was any jazz as hard as high level Liszt pieces etc? Thanks! Piano Classical sounds harder than piano Jazz? report.   You cannot paste images directly. In jazz guitar is trying to edge in on other instruments. If you're tired of playing classical music on the sax or if you want to build your skills, learning to play jazz saxophone is a great next step. I think it was all Vai for that part. 19 comments. There's no right or wrong answer there. If you have a good ear, then classical is easier. Answer. Anything you could point out as being hard, I could counter with a scenario that would make it even harder. It gets torturous by the end of one of his sets. Source: Jazz also has a much larger scope for improvisation which eludes a lot of classical pianists. ... which is about three times harder than Silver Maple. Is jazz considered contemporary classical music? Be the first to answer! But you know? Is it still easy? Rock, folk, blues. O.K... so you have mastered all Paganini's Caprices for violin, and maybe Bach's Chaccone too. Which is more technical: Jazz or classical? read more, Jazz is rhythmic music and develops rhythmic devices a lot more than classical. OK, it’s hard to narrow these down to just one - but Berio’s experimental Sequenzas were actually designed to push the boundaries of what might be possible with any given instrument. With my classical playing, I am constantly trying to speak while interpreting what is already written. Style. I can't understand how jazz is the slightest bit complicated, metal is way more complicated than jazz no matter how I think of it.   Your previous content has been restored. I've used the ZZs in jazz ensemble. Why are classical pianists bad at jazz piano? I started classical piano when I was 6 and got to grade 7. The classical tenor player may find the most success with a Selmer S80 C**, a Selmer S90 180, or a Vandoren Optimum TL3. I don't want to hear a full set of any one style. Jazz vs Classical Music Upon entering a modern record store, one is confronted with a wide variety of choices in recorded music. Also, classical music is known to have a wide dynamic range and will often speed up and slow down at different movements. Eddie Daniels is both a jazz and classical musician. read more, Surprisingly enough that is not an easy question to answer because it really totally depends on how you were taught, or not taught, to play music. Since my early training was in jazz, for me listening to jazz is easier—and takes less mental strength—than listening to classical music. read more. Classical requires the ability to sight read, while jazz requires the ability to creatively process musical ideas, to understand, instead of simply translating from page. The short answer is no. 0 0 1. There are fewer forms of modern music as well, with the songs consisting of a series of verses and choruses in various orders. Where the two differ - noting that DS has chosen the jazz route for Trinity, not the classical one - is the range of skills he is required to / has the choice to show on top of the pieces. I have and it ain't pretty. ..but then, there's also those who studied classical but somehow got no rhymic feel/ear/compositional knowledge along the way and so find it very difficult to fit into jazz/modern music where there may be a demand to play with only a lead sheet, or without a score at all. read more. I can understand the "it's impossible to say/completely different disciplines" view. When I think jazz, I'm thinking of guys like Joe Pass, Scotty Anderson, etc.. © 1995-2019 Harmony Central, Inc. All rights reserved. I'm leaning towards jazz, especially when I see something like this. The overall dynamic of jazz is much louder than that of classical music, at least at the chamber music level. Mind you, that was in Cambridge - a town full of arrogant and socially crippled wankers. But either can be achieved for any type of person if you meaningfully practice for an hour a day and dedicate yourself to learning properly. Hang out at a high end stereo shop (not talking mass market crap... high end... $3,000+ speakers) and you'll find a large chunk of them listen to jazz and classical and relatively few play. Best jazz guitarists are those who have discovered how to make the guitar work for them, not against them. Scott what's his name. Rock, folk, blues. Powered by Invision Community. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. For example, on the surface one might say that playing like yngwie is much harder than playing like albert king, but.....have you ever seen yngwie try to play blues? For jazz, the Otto Link metal 7*, the Vandoren V16 hard rubber T7, and the Jody Jazz HR 7* will all work beautifully. But it is impossible to answer which one is harder. Agree completely. A jazz pianist has a difficult time to find their voice because of all of these creative parts of jazz. Because it’s more popular than you think. I'd say you could probably spend more time playing jazz and never get completely comfortable with it while classical is all about disciplined practice. read more. Creativity with classical guitar is in the interpretation. 0 0. [Halford]I am the THREAD KILL-LER! 1.Most classical music adheres to a strict set of rules whereas rock is much freer musically 2.Classical music generally is more complicated than rock music (although not always true). Form—sonata and rondo, minuet and scherzo, and so forth—needs to be understood before the music can be properly ingested. Creativity is big with me and it's an aspect of classical that is missing in my opinion. Rock is a much younger form of music than classical 4.

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