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5/18/2015 in Geometry Dash Gameplay Discussion. Tartarus completed. Demon icon. Demon: The demon the record was made on. Tartarus ia only 1 because the list mods don't have the balls to knock it down permanently. This level is 3 minutes long, longer than even Bloodlust, technically not released yet. This level has the most tight of all time flying sections! Just over a minute of almost pixel perfect, tight timings with no rests in between. Full and original gameplay, hardest timing demon in the game. Niflheim6. Very hard, took me forever to get past just 1%, and I couldn't even pass 5% on practice mode. Someone below said that only "Intermediate" players can beat it. After multiple breakdowns while playing the level (from situations involving and not involving GD and this level), I've finally done it. In today's video, I am bringing you guys the top 5 hardest levels in Geometry Dash. Tartarus. Cataclysm8. It took me around 7k-8k attempts to get to 28% on colorful overnight while it took me only 4k attempts to 28% on colorful overnight. Extremely hard. 10 Questions - Developed by: Dylan Supriadi - Developed on: 2019-04-04 - 2,035 taken Let's see what your favourite is! Is it? You are out of your mind. 134. ! This level is insane. Ive done segmented tartarus and the golden and neither are as fun as zodiac which i think should be #1. A small simple part that could've been easier spread out is an absolute pain in the hand. Verified by npesta (his reaction tho).Currently the 4th hardest level ever. This is a level that I would say is harder than Tartarus, I find demons with massive variety in difficulty are normally harder than people believe. This is way harder than sonic wave, and harder than bloodlust and crimson planet. It requires lots of patience and several skills to beat it. Bloodlust is basically a buffed and lengthened version of bloodbath, which was once the hardest demon on geometry dash. I just wanna know what other Non-Demon/Insane levels you guys have had so much trouble with! 975. I just voted this easy extreme demon onto this outdated list but I still made my point :P. LoL There is many demons that is harder than cataclysm already. 12 days ago. This excludes legacy demons! No there's no this demon. Sonic Wave easily crushes all the other levels in difficulty. The intense mini wave sections cause you to rage absolutely, and this is also the level that made me break my phone. It's contender is Bloodlust, but Bloodlust is limited since it is based off of a pre existing level. Buffed + extended rebirth of Sakupen Hell. Everything in the level is clustered together. Clubstep was the first demon level in Geometry Dash and is one of the hardest official levels. But it shouldn't be on this list and supersonic is not that hard, This is not that hard for intermediate players with decent skill, My favorite extreme demon very hard espessially Guitar's and Crack's parts. I thought that you might like to share what is the hardest demon level you've completed? Otherwise you'll get 1% like me. gawilson02. For most stuff relating to Geometry Dash, Newgrounds music, or the community. I have devoted half my time playing GD to this level. I have 28% on windy landscape at 4563 attempts and 76% on colorful overnight at 15839 attempts. HyperFlux – Lemons. Harder than tartarus but that might be because tartarus is such a trash level- really fun core level, around the difficulty of spacial rend, maybe a bit easier. The level has been deleted. It literally took me an astounding 403,565,297 attempts to complete this level. Like wow, I only got like 2 percent on it like who on earth would get that?I have to say this level is much harder than bloodlust and bloodbath and yatagarasu, Holy shizy this I don't think is a demon, but it's hard. Harder than Sonic Wave, and there are those spaces where you can't see, Top 10 hardest demons I have completed:10. I used to play geometry dash but I quid a few months ago the game seems interesting again so I'm coming back to the geometry dash community a better player. The first cube is the hardest part of the level. This excludes legacy demons! Sakupen Hell, Bloodlust, Black Blizzard, Phobos, Athanatos, all really, REALLY hard. He has beaten numerous Extreme Demons like Cataclysm, A Bizarre Phantasm, Ice Carbon Diablo X, Galactic Fragility, Crimson Clutter, The Ultimate Phase, and Bloodbath. It dose not deserve this place. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Post your videos, levels, clips, or ask questions here! the hardest legitimately beaten level is Tartarus, i feel like the golden would be a better top 1 imo. Clubstep. I saw the preview, medium demon, get off of this list. Old Down Bass7. The ending is very difficult. Clutterfunk (Not hard at all, but the coins are kinda tricky) 6. Yatagarasu1. ITS BASED ON BLOODBATH. Some timings are insane and easily outmatch the timings in plasma pulse finale, then that wave is insane 10 times harder than the ones in cataclysm. 4-spike jumps, infinitesimal ship gaps, and mini-waves that are certifiably the hardest section in the entire game of Geometry Dash. #wave parts are hell. We all (probably) know the troubles of Dynamic on Track. If sonic wave is #1, then how come the harder version is easier. WARNING: this includes the 3 official ones ( Clubstep, TOE2 and Deadlocked) and all the ones in the 18 demon map packs and in the demon gauntlet. Galactic System. This is hard but thereis many demons that is harder than this. No, the golden is harder. I'm free! Hexagon Force (I died so many times, but now, I 3-coined it) 5. xStep (Only based off other peoples‘ opinion, for me, it‘s EZ) 4. This should be number one, not the dark blue Sonic Wave, Um WHAT! Creator. I currently have 15,000 attempts on it and I can't even get to the end. bloodlust used to be the hardest but now its 12th. If sonic wave is #2 then this is #1 it is harder than bloodbath because it requires timing and the wave. Tight wave, fast paced, and precise timing makes it real hard. This course would be harder than bloodbath anyway but it is nearly 3 times as long! Verified by Sunix. And people who said we’re idiots not to pick Bloodbath, Bloodlust is just harder. Holder: The holder of the record. The hardest wave parts in any rated level ing game. Only demons in the top 150 are accepted. The level is heavily inspired by another Extreme Demon, Black Blizzard by KrmaL. Press J to jump to the feed. Yes, but Ice carbon has been verified by riot and guitar and souls too I believe. 2 points ... Android, Windows Phone, and Steam game, Geometry Dash. You May Also Like. 158 comments. Which Geometry Dash level is your favourite? Good graphics, the dual parts get me every time! I've beaten around maybe 506 demons, but this one was absolutely the hardest level I have ever encountered. This is the craziest level I've seen soon to beat bloodbath, This is one of the hardest level to me and I want to see Michigun try this level. I can straight fly 50 blocks at slo motion and got like 46% on bloodbath. Utilising almost every game mechanic known and created by 20+ players, this is hands down the hardest level in the game. Pretty sure no longer demon. ... For all fans of the iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Steam game, "Geometry Dash" Post your videos, levels, etc! Please enter the holders Geometry Dash name here, even if their YouTube name differs! However, nervousness might prevent you from success. View entire discussion (40 comments) More ... 26k objects put into a 1.0 level lmao, finally verified too, ID is 59459460. no competition anywhere even sonic wave infinity (also when verified) won't rival it. This excludes legacy demons! It was originally intended to rival bloodbath, and it has completed that goal by a long shot. level 1. Well, it is said that this level is actually impossible, and I agree! Anyone with decent skills like Cyclic, Riot, Souls TRK and more intermediate players can beat it legit. The hardest demon rated level in GD. This was a WILD experience for me. ':(. This level is very very hard. farisha_sultan. But this goes way beyond anything I have ever seen. A superbuff of Sakupen Hell. … Bloodbath 41%. I thought this is satire, then I figured out some people aren't up to date with the demon list, Zodiac is the hardest, its only #3 because its more accessible and you don't need a beafy computer to play it, Not full runs. It is the first demon level with monsters … It is currently #44 on the Official Geometry Dash Demon List, above xo (#45), and below Celestial Force (#43). Extreme Demon. I am glad that this level was able to be on the list.. the music.. is amazing due to my opinion. Tartarus is the hardest as of rn according to the list, but some people think it’s the golden. The wave sections are extreme, and you need extremely precise timings to pass. 2 minutes ago. Sonic Wave truly is the ultimate challenge. GBoy were you trying to make the world go nuts or something?! Did I mention it's hard? I'm warning all GD players don't try unless you've beaten other extreme demons. Someone better rebirth it. You can see the list of hardest levels on https://pointercrate.com/. Now there can be a harder level but that level would be impossible in order to be harder. Anyway what did I do? Demon: The demon the record was made on. BuTiTi II. ... My version of the Geometry Dash iceberg. The timings are not that hard and took me a few thousand attempts(2613) real easy level compared to bloodlust and other stuff. The wave is nearly impossible. Lately, I've finally completed 'Extreme Fantasy' by Ripplez. More "masters of the game" please. Geometry Dash – Vault Codes This is easily first place. And conical depression is below it!?! A superbuff of an already hard level. Sonic Wave(I have 89% on Bloodlust), It's been months and no one is working on a rate-worthy version of this level. Go into practice mode and go through the level. One of the hardest demons of all time, definitely harder than everything on the list except Yatagarasu. Theory of Everything 2. This is the 2nd hardest rated wave level, and remember, I said rated, no just existing or verified. 34.0k. Geometry Dash Demon Levels, a Studio on Scratch. No doubt about it. Clubstep (Took me 783 attempts, but really easy demon) 3. Bloodlust is basically a buffed and lengthened version of bloodbath, which was once the hardest demon on geometry dash. This board is for all Geometry Dash-related arguments or polls that don't have a definite answer! If you play sonic wave after bloodbath, bloodlust, or yatagarasu you will see the difference in difficulty very clearly. Jan 25, 2016 @ 6:35pm Hardest Non-Demon/Insane levels? The only easy part is the last wave. Intermediate, as defined by the Webster's online dictionary, is " relating to or having the knowledge or skill of someone who is more advanced than a beginner but not yet an expert" check your definitions before posting lol, because there is not an Intermediate player in the world that could beat Bloodbath, This is the hardest level in the world. Hell wave sections. As you explore into user-made Demons, you will find many Demons that are difficult. I was going through lots of hard times during the final week of trying … That level. It should be number one because yatagarasu got nerfed to be easier, this is a harder and extended version of bloodbath, and its obviously harder than sonic wave. Use brain cells please, Maybe slightly harder than 41 maybe potentially you know, Insanely cancerous demon by Krazyman50. The hardest part of the level is the first spider and halfway through the level. This is the first Demon level Robert Topala made. Waiting for 2.2. Now despite what people think about bloodbath and bloodlust sonic wave is the hardest to ever be verified due to the near impossible wave section. Many GD players have said that this is the hardest demon. This is practically very insane! -» Geometry Dash. Very curvy and tight ship areas as well, Hardest wave level that is finished, besides maybe Orochi, I don't know if that level is finished yet. Geometry Dash is challenging. The hardest "impossible demon" in GD. level 1. It is going to take good skills like Cyclic, Riot and more intermediate players to beat it legit. At first the creator (Gboy) hacked it but then completed it legit in the coin update. Artificial Ascent2. It took me like 500 attempts to get just 1% no joke, Dis level is physically impossible for anyone in the universal world. 8,952: 173,993 [ti]Demon[/ti]Hardest extreme demons at the end of 2021 by dtc Jan 2, 2021 12:59:35 GMT -5: GD Debate - 27 Viewing. But colorful overnight also requires those two plus it has immense pulsating lights very tight spaces. Should be harder than Cataclysm. I like the design, and the addition of rotating decor on the jump rings is pleasing. I only have two percent on this though, I'm pretty screwed. I'm gonna have to stick withe ice carbon Diablo X. like actually insane. Windy landscape is extremely hard and totally deserves to be at this place on the list, if not higher. Yeah. Not that hard. The end is extremely annoying! Don't even think about trying this level(unless u wanna rage and kill urself) until you have beaten other hard demons such as bloodbath or bloodlust. It's all about timing and perfection which is what makes it so tough. He has a record of 65% and 28-86% on Cold Sweat, which if beaten will become the hardest Demon beaten in Chile and the biggest jump in Geometry Dash, as the hardest beaten by someone in Chile is Wasureta; He is the first person to legitimately complete the first non-wave section of Silent Circles, which consisted of 0-28%. Honestly just ridiculous on how this isn't number one. So don't say I didn't warn you! Sonic Wave Is very hard but not impossible. It is just too hard. Harder than cataclysm, and 10x buggier. The Official Demon List formerly sorted out a total of 50 demon levels and was extended in October 2017 to 100 and in June 2019 to 150, dividing the list into a main and extended list with 75 levels each. I mean, okay, I've only beaten 666 demons and this isn't quite as hard as practice mode stereo madness, but still, since that isn't on the list, I'll pick this. When you pass it the level is practically free. For all fans of the iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Steam game, Geometry Dash. Electrodynamix (demon) (13) toe2 (demon) (14) Clubstep (demon) (14) Deadlocked (demon) (15) Responding to the person before me, Clutterfunk, although hard, is not worth being a demon. I have to say, comparing Bloodbath to Sonic Wave is like comparing Stereo Madness to Sonic Wave. If this level wasn't 55 seconds long, and a little bit, this level would be easily the hardest gd level. Well everybody knows that noobass uses the speed hack so it's no surprise he uploaded it. This doesn't deserve number 2. Also xander556, who verified it, said it's easily harder than bloodlust, and bloodlust was officially number 1 before zodiac was released. Mullsy yes. Every single part of it requires immense skill and timing, but it's actually doable, unlike some like woodkid, just that the difficulty is one that surpasses much.I'm just saying. So, this is officially the first post on this Geometry Dash blog. The verifier of BloodBath. Go try bloodlust. Though I get 5% on sonic wave! Geometry Dash. Clubstep. this video is the longest ive ever spent on editing. Mind blowing. Every single part of it requires immense skill and timing, but it's actually doable, unlike some like woodkid, just that the difficulty is one that surpasses much. It is so hard. It makes no since. Okay, this level is INSANE. This level should be the 3rd hardest level losing to AA and yatagarusa. Hardest released and verified legit is Tartarus or The Golden. 1.4k. Some harder, but this just clarifies. Sonic wave is just a flashy wave that you can get used too. Blinding gameplay and intense timings. Sonic Wave has emerged as truly the hardest demon of our time. This is also harder than cataclysm and aftermath which are also apart of the 3 part series. Overall just redecorated hyperbuffed and extended sakupen hell. Black Blizzard has a lot of timings and jumps sometimes I couldn't get past 1%. The point here is that people's perspective of what constitutes for a really hard level changes over time, because people are getting and better over the days. It is Kaito's hardest and arguably most detailed level ever built, as well as being the final level he finished before quitting Geometry Dash.It is currently #105 on the Official Geometry Dash Demon List, above Glitched Memories (#106), and below Shock Therapy (#104). This is, without a doubt, the hardest demon in Geometry Dash. Tartarus and The Golden are mainstream it's pretty hard to not hear about those, Some say Tartarus, some say the golden, imo its zodiac, Tartarus and the golden are about the same difficulty, but the difficulty difference the two have with zodiac is abyssal, More posts from the geometrydash community. it took literally forever to finish it up, with all the recordings, editing, scripting and rendering. Tight rocket spaces, precise square and ball areas, ufo timing areas, and deadly wave parts. How the hell did Sunix beat this? 2 days ago. Im curious. Ok, so this level technically isn't verified yet, but it is harder than Bloodbath, The Hell Factory, Sonic Wave, Sakupen Hell (which is hacked), and all the other contenders. Geometry Dash Discussion - 26 Viewing. Harder than this list combined, no bugs, just game glitches in the GAME, not LEVEL. Kwiper. Took over 60k attempts to verify this, which is INSANE. Put it in #386 and that’s good. This level does deserve it's position, it is a extremely tough level and is a lot harder than what it looks. 51-70%: Hectic but easy. However the timings MUST be perfect. We put geometry dash demons here, enjoy! I agree that Sonic Wave is harder, because the wave is the absolutely tightest wave EVER! That one guy who recreates "Bennet Foddy's Getting Over It" in GD. Riot. Geometry Dashers. Some say the Golden, but the verifier of the Golden, NSwish, said that Tartarus is harder, probably since the Golden was nerfed because Bo wanted it out sooner. It is currently #1 on the Geometry Dash official top demon list, while Bloodbath is battling to keep its spot in the top 20. Cyclic no he hacked watch riots video called dedicated to cyclic he exposes him after he quits. The eventual community's shift to higher refresh rate monitorsallowed people to complete levels that had not been finished legitimately before due to the limitations of lower refresh rates. No doubt. There are way harder levels in GD than Tartarus and the Golden, such as Silent Circles, Element 111 Rg, Silent Clubstep, unnerfed Stereo Demoness, etc. It could take weeks, months, or even years. This level is extremely hard I think its should be impossible demon. (Bloodbath, Sonic Wave,The Hell Factory etc) I have no idea why this is number 2. How the heck is bloodbath and sonic wave over Bloodlust and Zodiac? It took me 27491 attempts to get to 50% and I just beat it in 87526 attempts windy landscapes is not even a insane demon and extreme demons are below this hunk of stuff. This level is a harder version of sonic wave and it is up here?!? Only demons in the top 150 are accepted. GD Demon Levels--Welcome to the GD demon levels studio! Hi there, I would like to share with u GD gamers your own thoughts about what would be your top 10 official demon levels from the hardest to the easiest. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE... Orchestra Final 57 terms. … Extremely buggy, Extremely hard. With crazy wave timings, as well as the headache-inducing nine circles effect, this level can only be beaten by the best of the best. It is not up there.Electrodynamix is a demon, but not harder than the others. Progress: The progress made as percentage. I'm not that good at the game but the demon list says it's the hardest and I trust the large group of great players that create that list. I can tell you people out there who want to attempt this level, practice first. Smokes (xSmoKes in game) is an extremely skilled Chilean player and popular level creator in Geometry Dash. Progress: The progress made as percentage. In a few years, the demons we would once consider to be the hardest will be nothing more than a typical demon … Do not try if you value your sanity. And search up some edited together videos of it before you dare even considering otherwise. Only demons in the top 150 are accepted. 1/10 Which was the hardest demon level? if yatagarasu were on, I'd vote there, but if stereo madness were on, I'd vote on it, no questions asked. I forgot to note this in my last comment, but I have played both levels ever since they first started. New Down Bass3. And if this is gonna be your first Nine Circles demon then I recommended you to play Ultra Paracosm or Problematic Before even thinking about trying this level. Anyways, I chose this because it is legit the hardest timing demon there is. Erebus4. None of the RobTop levels are any more than Easy Demon in reality. This level has some tight ship parts, but overall it is very easy. Easily harder than bloodlust. That makes a total of 3+54+5 = 62 levels. Definitely one of the hardest, with so much detail making it hard for you to see what to do, and don't forget the length! If you can get to 1% on your first try or finish the level in less than 1000 attempts in practice mode, congratulate yourself, because the verifier took 120k normal attempts and 1000 hours of playtime. OH MY GOD YESSSS YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS. Hardest demon you've beat? I thought I'd start off simple, so the first post will be about Clubstep. please dont say back on track that joke is getting annoying mine was Ecropolis or DeCode < > Showing 1-15 of 34 comments . Less-than-one-block-space flying, quadruple spikes, extreme mini-wave, lightning-fast gameplay, confusing decorations and extreme memorisation makes this the hardest (will be) level in the game. Zodiac is easily the hardest with the 4x speed cube and tight spaces. Please enter the holders Geometry Dash name here, even if their YouTube name differs! Bausha Vortex5. Deadlocked. [Official] Top 10 hardest Nine Circles in Geometry Dash! Good luck for those of you who want to play this, because be prepared to punch some holes in your wall lol. Crimson Clutter9. Comments (1) autorenew. You will feel the pressure. level 2. Ok, all of these like Sonic Wave, Bloodbath, Erebus, all are to be honest, sorta tied. Sunset Sandstorm is a 2.1 Extreme Demon created by Crohn44. Post your videos, levels, clips, or ask questions here! Also on the Legacy List, probably would've been #1 today still if it had survived building. Holder: The holder of the record. I beat Clutterfunk in 645 attempts, while Clubstep took me 1000+. I have 40% on Clubstep and 7% on this! And the beginning is pure cancer. These levels are extremely hard and very few people have beaten them. Login Store Community Support Change language ... Geometry Dash > General Discussions > Topic Details. Problematic – Dhafin. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews ... what was your hardest demon level? Sonic Wave is the hardest demon tho. Hardest demon ever. Holder: The holder of the record. Demon: The demon the record was made on. share. It was uploaded by noobass right? Must at least be #2. Please enter the holders Geometry Dash name here, even if their YouTube name differs! Electrodynamix (Really, Clubstep should be insane, THIS should be demon) 2. Silent Circles XII. Sonic wave. Okay so this level has a lot of hard dual parts and the mini double gravity orbs are really hard! This is so hard that it can't be completed in one day. choir final 52 terms. Countries With the Most COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases. Weeks of stress has led me to this moment. SPEEDRUN is a 2.1 Extreme Demon created by Kaito and verified by Cinci on December 2, 2019. Bloodlust comes 2nd and Crimson Planet comes 3rd. I think that Colorful Overnight should be above Windy Landscape. The hardest extreme demon by a long shot. The 11th hardest level in geometry dash. According to geometry dash wiki this is harder than yatagarasu and sonic wave so it should probably be at number 1. Black Blizzard requires almost-perfect timing, while Sonic Wave needs PERFECT PERFECT timing. That level. I admit there are tight spaces but not compared to anything I said up top. I can't see anything! Feel free to put down NEARLY completed demons. Currently the hardest demon in geometry dash, soon to be beaten by Bloodlust. Unpopular opinion but in my opinion this is harder than zodiac. This level was EASY 982 attempts for it. The current top 3 completed. I have heard a lot of people say its bloodlust. If (When) Riot verifies this it will be the hardest demon in the game! This is the #1 hardest demon ever according to the official demon list, so this should be #1, Rated as the hardest by the community, can confirm it's hard, Don't think this is rate-worthy.

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