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However, the installation has been now with the III-XP twin turbo conversion, my Glasair gets to * 192 hrs TT * 1982 kit certif... More Info. Click For Details. Turbo Air. a new 350 hp, twin turbocharged firewall forward engine conversion Click For Details SOLD! The Glasair III is the culmination of designs that started with the introduction of the Glasair I in 1979, refined into the faster Glasair II, and ultimately became the Glasair III. The Glasair Sportsman 2+2 is a single-engine, high wing, strut-braced, four seat kit aircraft, developed by the Glasair Aviation company. IO-540, Dual GNS430s, and all the speed one can handle. for the Glasair III aircraft line -- taking the fastest Glasair This photo is copyright protected and may not be used in any way without proper permission. However, in the case of the Glasair III, the factory, StoddardHamilton, beat the homebuilders to it. 3 Glass Door Back Bar Refrigerator. Click For Details SOLD! Custom designed and executed paint and interior and all glass panel displays will have you cruising at turbo-prop speeds while burning Comanche level fuel. SPORTSMAN | LYCOMING SPECIFICATIONS Performance 180 h.p. stock Lycoming engine and is intended to be used as a 'daily Doch das war ihm all die Mühe wert: Die erste in Deutschland zugelassene Glasair III katapultiert ihn mit 230 Knoten an seine Reiseziele flossen ist das Projekt. Featured Listing. Use spaces to separate tags. Add to cart Quick View. get to their destination very quickly.". Their reputation for innovative design, thorough engineering, quality components and conscientious customer service is unequaled in the industry. The Turbine Glasair project originally started out to be a piston-powered tail-dragger, but opportunity presented a suitable turbine engine and the project made an abrupt right turn. Zehn Jahre hat Gerhard Welz an seinem Kitplane gearbeitet, 5500 Stunden flossen in das Projekt. SPORTSMAN | LYCOMING SPECIFICATIONS Performance 180 h.p. While on pause, the company will maintain a core team of engineers, technicians, and maintenance personnel […] If you are between 5'8"-6-1" it is very comfortable. Top Speed (TAS At Sea Level) 167 mph / 145 kts 186 mph / 162 kts Cruise Speed (TAS) 75% Power at 8,000 ft 158 mph / 137 kts 172 mph / 150 kts 65% Power at 8,000 ft 154 mph / 134 […] The turbo engine package -- dubbed the "III-XP" – was Main Nose Gear Scissor Assy 341-5111-101 $ 225.67 The company states that the plane body is built to handle an astonishing positive 9 G’s, and owners have reported straight-line speeds in … The Build. It has full IFR capability along with a Tru-Trak autopilot and WiFi Nexrad Radar data to your iPad. I started with a Glasair Super II RG built in 2011 to which I added wing extensions and an IO-360 parallel-valve Lycoming with about 115 hours. San Luis Obispo, CA. Add Your Tags: Add Tags. Range 3 up to 1350 NM. Glasair Aviation USA, ... , Inc. gegründet, ein Schwesterunternehmen um Teile für das Unternehmen Boeing Company zu produzieren. community," said Semanskee. Two Weeks to Taxi Built. 1990 wurde die Glasair III Turbo vorgestellt. This photo is copyright protected and may not be used in any way without proper permission. Well, that explained the majority of my problems! After that was fixed I was back in action. Nonetheless, its approach and touchdown speeds are easy to work with. Based upon current in-flight data, Semanskee expects Be the first to review this product. Formally Glasair 3. Fuel Burn 24 gph. Max Operating Alt 4 28,000' 1 with EEAPS, 2 without EEAPS, 3 with IFR/Reserve, 4 RVSM Limited. Glasair III Show Plane. The Stoddard-Hamilton Glasair III is an American two-seat dual-control monoplane designed and built by Stoddard-Hamilton Aircraft of Arlington, Washington as an addition to the Glasair range of aircraft for amateur construction. If you are over 6'3" (depending on your leg length) the Glasair probably is not going to be comfortable due to leg room concerning the rudder pedals. But the Lancair MAKO has G limits: (utility) +4.4, -2.2. Model: TBB-4SG 1) Customer Complaint---Refrigerator is Warm inside. With regard to the glasair 3, the structure is one of the lessor worries even at those speeds. The Glasair III produced by Glasair. ft., respectively. 218 knots TAS and 3 ½ hours of fuel. GLASAIR FT (2) GLASAIR III's (3) GLASAIR III RG (3) Year. "with initial cruise speeds of 313 mph (273 kts) at 16500 feet @ FlyingRon. cruise speeds of 345 mph at 75% power and up to 370 mph for those Click For Details. Fuel Burn 28 gph . Its original owner is now retiring from flying and is ready to pass the baton on to you! Our goal is to make the process of selling, buying and searching for aircraft. 14. 09-20-2012, 06:12 AM #8. With jaw-dropping performance, the Stoddard Hamilton Glasair III Super Turbo was introduced in 1990; designed to cruise at flight levels at speeds in excess of 270kts TAS! Aileron Bellcrank, Lower/Upper Right 501-0110-002 $ 58.15; Add to cart Quick View. HOT GAS CONDENSATE SYSTEM . Air Races to gain valuable installation and performance data under substantially reconfigured for the Glasair III and encompasses many ft., respectively. just isn't anything else on, the market that provides this kind of performance and GLASAIR FT1 • $21,000 • FOR IMMEDIATE SALE • Glasair FT1 for sale including PRINCE prop for $21,000 or best offer. You need to make sure that none of the parts have been damaged, corroded, etc. Registration: - FAA #N41JJ - Ser #699. Our in-house technicians are placed in major cities, as well as 3000 service partner's network for fast and precise services. The supercharger is a self-oiling unit so there are no oil lines or fittings, or possibility of contamination of engine or supercharger lubricant. Turbo-style GAMI injectors are installed to help atomize fuel. A full day off my schedule was spent on this stuff. New Glasair - New GlaStar is now one of the largest, most well established kitplane manufacturers in the world, with more than 2,500 kits in the field and some 1,200 aircraft flying in countries around the world. Some of them aren't going to be a problem. Allison 250 turboprop GlasAir 3 - Photo taken at Daytona Beach - Spruce Creek (7FL6) in Florida, USA in 2000. The cockpit of a Glasair Sportsman. "I had a lot of fun working with Glasair Aviation and SLO Air Number of Seats. Turbo Air TB13-3G (800) Glass 3 Door Back Bar Fridge.

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