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Dutch During the trial, Wright was forced to cross-examine Justice, who had earlier taken a leave of absence from the Agency to investigate Terran's death on his own. Biological information Wright was well known for his bluffing tactics and his unwavering determination in the courtroom, both of which he inherited from Mia Fey. The members of the clan are practitioners of the Kurain Channeling technique, which allows them to channel spirits. As is standard with fighting games, Wright has a number of alternative costumes that reference other characters in the Ace Attorney series, namely: Miles Edgeworth, Dick Gumshoe, Larry Butz, and Godot, as well as a downloadable "Feenie" costume (featuring his attire as a college student). Manfred von Karma (in Japanese: 狩魔豪, Gou Karuma) is the main antagonist of the Capcom video game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and the first season of the anime series, particularly in the "Turnabout Goodbyes" chapter.He is the "God of Prosecution" who is obsessed with protecting his perfect record of winning cases, forging evidence and killing anyone who stands in his way in order to … He then questioned Drew Misham, finding out that his daughter Vera was the real forger and confirmed that Kristoph had requested the forgery. Once you start on something, you always see it through, don't you? 成歩堂 龍一 Jack Hammer was a famous action star who played the Evil Magistrate, the main villain on the Global Studios show The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo. It was there that he met Athena Cykes, who was studying to become a lawyer. Eventually, during the trial of Iris, Godot challenged him to argue his case without Mia's help, and Wright prevailed. During his time there, he saw a story in a newspaper with the headline "Dark Suspicions of a Demon Attorney". Wright in turn presented the piece of paper that the girl had given him, as it seemed to be the missing page, but Gavin declared that the evidence was fraudulent, calling a forger called Drew Misham to the stand, who confirmed that he had made the page. This "agreement" coerced him into disagreeing on the identity of an artifact known as the Founder's Orb that Justice had found during a trip to Kurain Village, prompting the two to have a civil trial against one another. During the trial, Wright determined that the "time travel" had actually been an elaborate ruse set up by the Sprocket family to cover up the murder, with the reception being re-enacted later. For instance, in the trial that got him disbarred, he showed calm concern for the fate of his client, even in the midst of allegations of fraud. He never lost a case, prizing his perfect record above all else. After spending the following seven years as a pianist who moonlighted as an undefeated poker player at the Borscht Bowl Club, he was instrumental in the organization of a test trial for the Jurist System, resulting in his exoneration and reinstatement into the bar. Spanish The article said that prosecutor Miles Edgeworth was suspected of tampering with witnesses and fabricating evidence; it appeared that Edgeworth had become a ruthless prosecutor, unrecognizable from the friend that Wright knew from his childhood. He asked Edgeworth to fill in as Iris's defense until he recovered and gave both his attorney's badge and magatama to the prosecutor. With Kristoph revealed as the mastermind behind the forged evidence that had caused Wright's disbarment, the former defense attorney's name was cleared and he began planning his return to law. This meant that Atishon was holding the wrong person captive, as harming her would render the orb useless to him. That's some major street cred right there. During Wright's investigation of the murder, Maya gave him her magatama, which Pearl charged with spiritual energy to allow Wright to see the secrets of other people in the form of Psyche-Locks. He also laughs more, and not as nervously as he did before. German He also found out that the victim, Elise Deauxnim, was actually Maya and Mia's mother, Misty Fey, who had disappeared after the DL-6 Incident. Wright then began to put his plan into motion, using his influence over the judicial system to bring about the Jurist System. Ace Attorney On Twitter - Evil Phoenix Wright Fanart is a totally free PNG image with transparent background and its resolution is 600x800. In a situation like this... what would that man do...? Some months later, a Fey clan heirloom was stolen and Ron DeLite turned himself in as the mysterious masked thief Mask☆DeMasque. The judge recognized Wright, but the former defense attorney insisted that the past not be discussed for the moment. I like a lot of these characters, but only as villains. Edgeworth pointed out that, while everyone kept saying that Wright was guilty, no one had any evidence. Originally established in 1979, Capcom has grown into a multinational company with subsidiaries and branches in East Asia, … After the trial, Wright met Justice Minister Inga Karkhuul Khura'in, who told him to keep out of the courtroom. Associates Regardless, the class continued to accuse Wright, saying that they did not need proof to know that he was the thief, but Larry Butz, the class troublemaker, also stood up for Wright. He decided to allow Justice to watch the mock trial in his place, while he and Cykes waited in the hallway. In university, he went through great lengths to protect his girlfriend, Dahlia Hawthorne, during his own trial. Wright has a knack for poker, having played the game for seven years at the Borscht Bowl Club without losing once (although sometimes with help from Trucy). Although Wright attempted to contact his childhood friend, he never received a reply. Horrified by Swallow's blasphemous statements about his beloved, Wright pushed him onto the ground, and Swallow fell onto his umbrella, breaking it. Wright, Justice, Cykes, Dhurke, and Miles Edgeworth subsequently traveled to Khura'in to conduct the exchange. You were always single-minded in your work, though. D: Add a photo to this gallery. (this is for age comparison purposes, and so may look odd; click on the question mark for details), (as recorded in court record profiles and case files), (sometimes variously portrayed as blue, teal, brown, black, or gray), (by the Gatewater bellboy, Maggey Byrde, & Max Galactica), (by April May, Richard Wellington, Max Galactica, Regina Berry, Acro, Shelly de Killer, & Trucy Enigmar), (by Redd White, Lotta Hart, Mimi Miney, Matt Engarde, Ron DeLite, & the chief of Criminal Affairs), (by Damon Gant & (temporarily) by Ema Skye), (by Rayfa Padma Khura'in & Nahyuta Sahdmadhi), (by Wendy Oldbag, Miles Edgeworth, & the judge), (by Dick Gumshoe, Maya Fey, Trucy Wright, & self-styled), (romanization written with the given name first), (shortened form displayed above dialogue box), (by Masashi Yahari (Larry Butz) & Reiji Mitsurugi (Miles Edgeworth)), (by Harumi Ayasato (Pearl Fey), Mayoi Ayasato (Maya Fey), & Chihiro Ayasato (Mia Fey)), (by Chinami Miyanagi (Dahlia Hawthorne) & Ayame (Iris); equivalent of, (by Masaru Konaka (Redd White); equivalent of, (by Keisuke Itonokogiri (Dick Gumshoe); equivalent of, (by Koutarou Haine (Yanni Yogi); equivalent of, (by Kaiji Ganto (Damon Gant); equivalent of, (by Shingo Outorou (Matt Engarde) & Gouzou Ban (Bobby Fulbright)), (by Mareka Amasugi (Desirée DeLite); equivalent of, (mispronunciation by Kokone Kizuki (Athena Cykes) & Kurain no saibanchou (Khura'inese judge)), (by Jin Yūgami (Simon Blackquill); equivalent of, (by Fumitake Auchi (Gaspen Payne) & saibancho (the judge); equivalent of, (by Reifa Padoma Kurain (Rayfa Padma Khura'in), equivalent of, (normally Chinese pronunciation of Japanese kanji). He agreed, and so set off for England accompanied by Maya Fey. Despite his usually relaxed attitude, he is a rather harsh critic when it comes to art, possibly due to his time as an art student, to the point of openly mocking his friends' art pieces on several occasions. Upon meeting her in court, he found himself reliving much of his unpleasant experiences with Manfred. Several revelations were made during the trial, including the fact that Dhurke was killed by Inga while he was rescuing Maya many days earlier. Godot had been acting with such hostility to Wright as he blamed him for Mia's death, but finally accepted that he really blamed himself for not being there to protect her after falling into a poison-induced coma. In his first case, he successfully defended his childhood friend, Larry Butz, who was accused of murdering an ex-girlfriend, by revealing the true culprit to be the prosecution's star witness. The only characters in the entire series to call him by his first name are Dahlia Hawthorne / Iris (while they were dating), Wright has endured a large amount of physical trauma. Angel Starr named one of her lunches in honor of Wright called the "Wright Way Lunch". After Wyatt was declared not guilty, Wright attended her wedding alongside Edgeworth, Butz, Fey, Cykes, and Ema Skye. A few days later, Maya was kidnapped by Inga, thereby forcing Wright to obey the commands of politician Paul Atishon or else risk Maya's safety once again. One day, while suffering from a bad cold and losing his medicine, Wright met with Doug Swallow, a former lover of Hawthorne, who told him that she was dangerous; she had stolen poisonous chemicals from his lab before and now some chemicals were missing again. Eventually, Arisu, Xiaomu, and their allies were able to defeat Ouma, thereby allowing Wright and Fey to return to their old lives. He caused the disbarring of Phoenix Wright, which is a pretty big slap in the face of the fans. His Level 1 Hyper Combos include "Steel Samurai Maya Smelting! This is a reference to the 2013 made-for-television disaster B-movie, The adventures of Phoenix Wright have also been turned into, In the first chapter/episode of the manga/anime, Wright appears alongside other Capcom characters in, In the special "Tanabata Festival Live" episode of the anime. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Roger Retinz is a major antagonist in the Capcom video gamePhoenix Wright: Ace Attorney- Spirit of Justice. The magician challenged him to a game of poker, which Wright won. However, trouble soon reared its head when his tour guide, Ahlbi Ur'gaid, was arrested for murdering a guard and stealing a precious relic called the Founder's Orb. This only includes the first three Ace Attorney games. In the end, Gavin presented Magnifi's diary, which had a page ripped out. However, Justice figured out that Maya was needed to channel the Khura'inese religious figure known as the Holy Mother, whose face was revealed in the orb. In-game, the attack would create the "Objection!" Valant admitted that a terminally ill Magnifi had actually killed himself, which a jealous Valant had seen as an opportunity to frame Zak. He visited Justice in his third courtroom battle, which involved a singer named Lamiroir, and told him that the old system would not allow him to get a not guilty verdict through conventional means. Upon doing so, the stage's background music changes to the Pursuit ~ Cornered theme, Wright's special attacks become much more powerful, he gains access to his signature finger pointing which releases ghostly pointing fingers that possesses juggling abilities, his projectiles become faster and stronger, and he becomes able to use his Level 3 Hyper Combo, "Ace Attorney". Lamiroir, who was one of the jurists, visited Wright to thank him, having remembered that she was the long-lost Thalassa Gramarye. Even worse, his killer, an assassin named Shelly de Killer, kidnapped Maya Fey and coerced Wright into defending the star of The Nickel Samurai, Matt Engarde, who was accused of the crime. He then faced Franziska again when he found himself defending circus magician Max Galactica in a bizarre case in which a witness claimed to have seen Galactica flying after murdering the ringmaster at the Berry Big Circus.

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