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This requirement only applies to those plants where it is clearly indicated on the product page, Pallet deliveries are always undertaken on an 18-tonne vehicle (similar in size to a standard refuse vehicle). Oleaster hedges produce highly scented flowers in the autumn and orange berries in the spring, giving unusual seasonal interest, as the flowers and berries normally appear in the reverse order. Elaeagnus commutata is a deciduous variety the variegated forms, which can be used to brighten If your order includes pre-order bare roots or root balls you will be notified once they are being dispatched (root balls from mid to late October and bare roots from early to mid-November).Root balls - lifting root balls involves the use of complex, heavy machinery, this lifting is carried out twice a week in the root ball season so we do still have a prompt turnaround timescale but if your order has just missed one lifting, it will be a few days before we lift again. They arrived in very good condition. care or attention. Width: 8 ft. 0 in. Care advice for Oleaster. Deciduous species are best propagated by seed Silvery yellow-white flowers and silvery fruit. Elaeagnus hedges can be maintained at any height from 120-250cm tall and 50-100cm wide. Many varieties are available with a Weather conditions can affect dispatch - bare root and root ball plants are not lifted if the ground is too cold (it damages the roots) and the delivery of all plants can be affected if the water supply is frozen (because we water all plants before packing). 3m spread . If it is growing too tall, it can be height controlled by selective pruning. America. Genus Elaeagnus can be deciduous or evergreen shrubs or small trees, with simple, often silvery-scaled leaves, and small fragrant tubular flowers borne in clusters in the leaf axils, and followed by small juicy fruit . Elaeagnus x ebbingei is a fast-growing If you have any further questions in regards to payment, please do get in touch. It is an extremely resilient plant able to tolerate a variety of conditions, and is often grown as a windbreak.. We accept all major credit and debit cards. Height and spread: 10-15ft (3-4.5m). You can return your plants (within 14 days) for a refund or replacement (we’ll help with the process of returning). For an extra boost, you can water your newly planted Elaeagnus with a solution of Root Stimulator, which stimulates early root formation and stronger root development, reduces plant shock, and promotes greener, more vigorous plants. Suitable for any normal soil and position and the following : Ultimate Height: 10ft (3m) Exposed/Windy: Hedge Height: 5-8ft (1.5-2.4m) Damp Shade: Av. ELAEAGNUS X EBBINGEI GILT EDGE – Variegated Oleaster Characteristics Elaeagnus 'Gilt Edge' is a colourful evergreen shrub ideal for hedging or for brightening up dull spaces. VAT) to mainland UK £9.95, At an additional cost, we can deliver to Scottish Highlands & Islands, which we classify as including AB (Aberdeen) and DD (Dundee) postcodes, as well as Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Wight and Isle Man. 5% discount for new subscribers, plus the latest news, offers and discounts. A useful coastal hedging plant, Oleaster is a hardy variety and will suit all but very cold and wet sites, growing best in a shady spot. We can do “next day delivery” on many of our products for an additional £12 (incl VAT) but please call on 01257 494 491 before placing your order to check. Elaeagnus umbellata is spreading This is a lovely, vigorous shrub with glossy dark green leaves and silvery colour on the underside of the leaf. There will be an additional surcharge applied for small vehicle deliveries. It can also be used in an informal evergreen hedge. Elaeagnus grows relatively quickly and is ideal for making a hedge of any size between four and six feet in height and although it is used extensively for planting inland, it is often planted in coastal situations due to its tolerance of salt and strong winds which is why it is commonly planted along the south coast overlooking the sea often on quite poor soil. variegated forms, promptly remove any green reverted Avoid ELAEAGNUS EBBINGEI. Elaeagnus x ebbingei ‘Gilt Edge’ is an ... Drought resistant, Elaeagnus x ebbingei ‘Gilt Edge’ is perfect for growing in well-drained soils as a hedge or screen, or trained as a climber against a wall. Elaeagnus Umbellata from Burncoose Nurseries available online to buy - Information: vigorous spreading shrub or small tree. The final height will be decided by your local council based on the requirements and information provided by the complainant and hedge owner. Height: 25ft (8m ). A showy form of Elaeagnus ebbingei excellent for brightening up shady areas. We ask our customers to be mindful of bank holidays when couriers are not active. If for any reason you require a smaller vehicle please contact our sales team who can arrange this for you. up the winter garden. Elaeagnus shrub or hedging plant. with silvery leaves and attractive berries. Elaeagnus Ebbingei is a tough evergreen shrub that will thrive even in a coastal spot where it will grow to 15 feet high with the same spread- can be pruned however ( hedges cut back in late summer) Beautiful silver and green foliage which contrast most sharply in spring. Family Elaeagnaceae . Elaeagnus ebbingei Hedge Plants Description. Fragrant silvery flowers appear in autumn All of our hedge plants are measured by their height in centimetres above the ground (the pots aren't measured). 3m height . Please view our Hedging Care Advice page for further information. Overall, the majority of our Elaeagnus × ebbingei hedge plants are grown by our UK experts who are extremely skilled in nursery growing. underside. Elaeagnus eb. Elaeagnus angustifolia hedge plants are only delivered bareroot, during winter (Nov-March). It is a very resilient plant which is able to tolerate exposed situation including coastal areas, which makes them great for hedges and shelter belts. Synonyms Elaeagnus × ebbingei. Oleaster produces fragrant creamy white flowers which are then followed by orange speckled silver fruit. deciduous shrub with leathery green leaves that have A useful focal Elaeagnus Ebbingei Maryline is still not commonly available in the UK, but we have it! Ideal for planting as a hedge, windbreak, privacy screen, or barrier, it adapts well to pruning and makes an excellent choice for mixed borders and foundations. (3-4.5m). and should be trimmed to shape in Spring. Leaves green at first with silvery hue, then developing a central splash of yellow and lime-green, silver underneath. You will receive an email or telephone call confirming the dispatch of your order 24/48 hours before it arrives with you. An attractive bushy shrub, Elaeagnus × ebbingei makes a great windbreak, noise barrier and quick-growing screen, whilst providing seasonal interest. Oleaster Limelight is quite fast growing at approx 30-45cm p.a. VAT) to mainland UK are delivered FREE* (Exceptions apply - see below for Scottish Highlands etc), Orders under £85 (ex. Please note that in the case of damaged plants, if you have not notified us of a problem within 14 days of delivery, we consider you to have accepted the plants and Best4Hedging has no further liability for them should they fail. While Elaeagnus has interesting berries I am hoping that Goumi is more tasty. Fertilize annually in the early spring, and prune as needed to retain the desired shape. Height semi-shaded. Oleaster Limelight is quite fast growing at approx 30-45cm p.a. A spectacular evergreen, Elaeagnus hedging is admired for its fragrant, bell-shaped, small white flowers and orange berries which, unusually, are produced in the spring as opposed to the autumn, against bronze coloured stems. Elaeagnus x Ebbingei Hedge / Ebbinge's silverberry/ Oleaster Hedge, Out of stock until Summer, please call for dates or to reserve; Plants are 40-60cm in height. January 20, 2018. They will put on around 1-1.5ft (30-45cm) in height annually if left untrimmed but the upwards growth will slow when it has been trimmed at the required level and is very easy to maintain with an annual clipping. Olive Martini Elaeagnus Spacing. Olive Martini Elaeagnus Care. Intensely fragrant silvery flowers appear in autumn followed by small egg-shaped orange fruits in spring. Fixes nitrogen. Genus: Elaeagnus Plant Height: 10 to 15 feet; Plant Width: 10 to 15 feet; Zones: 7, 8, 9; Bloom Time: Fall An Oleaster hedge looks fantastic when planted alone, although you can also compliment Elaeagnus × ebbingei with other shrubs for hedging to create a tapestry effect. You can order online or over the phone by calling our dedicated Sales & Advice team. Elaeagnus are are relatively quick growing and if left untrimmed will put on around 1-1.5ft (30-45cm) in height per year. ELAEAGNUS EBBINGEI. It is tolerant of quite harsh conditions, including drought, and provides a good evergreen winter skeleton. removing wood that is more than a few years old. In Stock | Pot Grown | Delivered Within 7-10 Working Days, Free delivery over £200. How to grow Elaeagnus 'Gilt Edge' Plant size. ELAEAGNUS X EBBINGEI GILT EDGE – Variegated Oleaster Characteristics Elaeagnus 'Gilt Edge' is a colourful evergreen shrub ideal for hedging or for brightening up dull spaces. Leaves which are silvery at first maturing to bright green on upper surface. Good quality plants in good condition, Although purchased during drought, the trees were in good condition.Some were freshly potted from the field but arrived satisfactory.Reliable for good Hedge plants of various kinds, both are root and pot grown, Wonderful looking plants that settled in toNew site happily, The plants look healthy (not as the previous time when we had to throw 2 plants out), One hedging plant damaged and broken stems required pruning, Small Hand Tools, IrrigationCanes & Mulch Matting, *For some plants that are too heavy or too tall to be packed in cardboard boxes we use pallet deliveries. The flowers of deciduous varieties are often followed This shrub grows much more in width than height as it can reach up to an 8 ft. spread. Elaeagnus hedge plants will grow relatively quickly and are ideal for making a small to medium size hedge up to 6ft (180cm) in height. Elaeagnus. We have also partnered with PayPal to provide a further, secure payment option. Rest assured, you can buy Elaeagnus × ebbingei hedge plants online with complete confidence. – 10 ft. 0 in. Elaeagnus. On the rare occasion that we do source our plants from outside of the UK, we endeavour to make certain our suppliers cannot be beaten on quality. Creates an excellent foil for other flowering Look out for the information on product pages which explains this further where applicable and if your order is for less than £200 (ex VAT) please call or email us to agree upon a delivery contribution. Insignificant but … The leaves are dark green with silver speckles and silver coloured undersides, which look stunning where the wind will blow the leaves to expose the undersides. Spread: 10-15ft Genus Elaeagnus can be deciduous or evergreen shrubs or small trees, with simple, often silvery-scaled leaves, and small fragrant tubular flowers borne in … Healthy looking hedging, very pleased with product, All ok . evergreen shrub with large leaves that have a silvery Please call 02 4878 9193 or complete the APPOINTMENT FORM and we will be in touch to confirm a suitable time and date. However, should you wish to shape your Oleaster hedge, this should be carried out in autumn and any diseased, damaged or dead shoots should be cut away in mid-spring. It makes a colourful winter foliage plant and is excellent for using as screening and in winter flower arrangements. A splendid combination of golden yellow margins on bright green foliage provides wonderful year-round interest in the landscape. Extremely hot weather can also be challenging and occasionally we hold backorders for species that are particularly vulnerable. Compacta Instant hedging, has an attractive and unusual silver grey foliage that makes a perfect natural screen in your garden or landscaping project. Angular trunk and branches (sometimes thorny) are covered by shredding dark brown bark that is picturesque in winter. Aspect. When you decide to implement a hedge, determine first whether you want a formal or informal look, the height you need, whether the site is in sun or shade, and whether you would prefer evergreen, blooming, deciduous, or a mix of plants for your hedge. We’re very reasonable and always aim for complete satisfaction as demonstrated by our amazing Feefo customer reviews which can be viewed here. followed by orange berries in spring. Elaeagnus Family: Elaeagnaceae Life Cycle: Perennial Recommended Propagation Strategy: Stem Cutting Country Or Region Of Origin: Hybrid of 2 Asian parents Wildlife Value: Birds are attracted to the drupes Edibility: Fruits are edible Dimensions: Height: 8 ft. 0 in. Dark evergreen green leaves with attractive Family Elaeagnaceae . - 10 ft. 0 in. - 10 ft. 0 in. Name – Elaeagnus x commutata Family – Elaeagnaceae Type – shrub. Especially Easy hedge to establish.

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