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now the smell isn't my thing. For me this is a love at first spray. CODE: YWAZXQ10 . I can see where you’re coming from. The Dunhill Icon is the edt. The more I read about this one the more I think I must have received a dodgy bottle when I ordered it from Notino in a gift set a couple of years ago. Some compare to TDH but I dont see it.It does have a grape soda vibe to it which I like. It's reminiscent of 4711 and Neroli Portofino (I'm surprised that I'm the first to list that as a similarity). Online right now: 2505, Fragrantica in your language: I got it and when I first smelt it I was like meh. I think it smells more expensive than the pricetag shows and better than some of the more expensive scents i have. This is a great fragrance with a conservative price! Let me give you advice worth 50$: do not buy it, trust me, you will be disappointed, you do not want this. I really really like this scent. It might be the reason why I smell grape, as it tends to have this effect in some instances. I particularly enjoy neroli and citrus which are abundant in the opening. On FragranceX, it’s much more affordable at $34. This has to be a joke right? I know everybody have difefents smells, but I’ve never have been this off with the notes. Even though it is a light, fresh, summer/ spring scent it actually smells warm and handsome to me. A New Icon? But the vetiver in this is just soo smooth. I absolutely love how Icon opens up with a burst of neroli and a delicious semi-sweet grape note. Luxurious and refined. Legends are born and not made, they say, but when it comes to perfume the icons of scent are most definitely crafted by someone, somewhere. echo ***** echo. ", Fragrance: Men's Perfume, Cologne & Aftershave, Orris-leather accord (this is an exclusive to ICON). I can smell the petitgrain, neroli and pepper at first, somewhat like a fanta grape soda, not fruitier but a blend of florals, spice and fruits. That’s interesting, thanks for sharing your two cents. With that said, Neroli is not a note that generally agrees with my skin chemistry. classic! This is gone by the wind. Whew! Reformulated to a joke, does not last at all. After about an hour the heart notes really take over as the lavender and pepper notes kick in and support the neroli. So glad I stumbled across Dunhill Icon! Granted, Canadian weather hasn't been too kind lately, but I will try this out in warmer weather soon. Why do some fragrances seem to last much longer than others? clean and elegant, perfect for a white shirt and jeans outfit. I am normally not really into vetiver fragrances and I always pick out the vetiver note, which I dislike. What a beautiful smell in the opening too bad it doesnt last long :l also it smells like Terre D'hermes in the dry down, Smells classy to me but longevity is not good on my skin atleast. It almost has the smoothness of the vetiver in Mugler Cologne (even though the note is not listed in MC). It clearly is a citrus fragrance, the top notes (the bergamot, neroli, pepper and the petitgrain) dominate this fragrance the whole duration. Although it's not listed in the official notes, I pick a little bit orange blossom in the composition. Alfred Dunhill Icon opens with a moderate projection of sharp citrus accords. It’s these characteristics that make it a premium and long-lasting fragrance. Icon opens up with a citrus burst closely followed by the sweet oily essence of neroli. It's been pitched as the most complex yet, our review goes for an in depth analysis & use suggestions. However, the wide palate of diverse notes ensure that the fragrance follows a constant theme. Archived. It is so good and unique. Yes, the dry down reminds me of Hermes Terre de Hermes/Tom Ford Grey Vetiver. Maybe my Icon bottle is reformulated or could it be a bad batch? Great scent but personnaly I find the performace is better on my skin in cooler climates otherwise in hotter weather my 2016 Icon is weak in the overall performance category. Wtbs, this thing lasted well over 10 hrs (3 sprays Back of neck, chest and shirt). It has it is own smell and I love it! 4.22 Paul Anthony is the founder and creative director at Bespoke Unit. I'll echo damightyheru's claim here that this is one of the best designer releases in years. Which batch did you get and when was it purchased? I’m happy to say that that I liked it just as much as he did. Those who particularly enjoy it find that it is an refined fragrance and often liken it to incense. Indeed, it’s still one of our favourites and appears at the top of our top 10 fragrance guides! The neroli and petitgrain are the most prominent notes and they create a white floral, green, with a citrus touch; the next most noticeable note is the bergamot and it blends well with the neroli and petitgrain creating a pleasant and aromatic citrusy opening. Icon by Alfred Dunhill is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for men. Yes, that diaper rash cream I used on my kids. It's a very versatile fragrance even though it's great around spring and summer.Yes it is true, Icon has some reminiscence of Terre D'Hermes because of pepper but to me it's much more better and sophisticated. I came across it for about $40 on eBay! Dunhill themselves classify the fragrance family as “aromatic woody.” This is due to the accord, which blends aromatic and herb notes with wood-based resins. Absolutely love the freshness after couple of sprays. It is at once formal and casual, appropriate in most any occasion and climate due to the mix of sweet/spicy/medicinal notes. Great website, by the way. Love it to bits. I love wrapping my right mitt around this weighted baby and placing an equally hefty bottle of Herod in my left. Think of a refined englishman sitting in the seat of a restored 1970s Mercedes sedan on an overcast winter evening. First off, I wanted this for a long time because it was so hyped. I mean makes sense, people compare both of them to lime candy - skittles or jelly beans. I find Icon to smell primarily like grape soda, or grape skittles. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time. very similar to Ferragamo's Acua Essenziale Colonia and Lalique's White, but, whereas Essenziale Colonia stays Neroli and citrus throughout and White has that woody pencil shaving undercurrent, this dries down spicy. It's very masculine (because of the pepper) yet fresh, smooth, classy. I can only assume that it has been reformulated - mine is a 2017 batch. The smell is intoxicating, I put this on when I'm dressed with my Hugo Boss navy suit, I can honestly say I feel like a million bucks. Skin tested this recently and found it to be a disappointing and rather bland department store fragrance - completely at odds with the frankly excessive bottle design and burgeoning hype in the community. It's very modern and can, therefore, be worn by younger guys too, I'd say you don't have to be wearing a tie with this one, but you should at least close your collar. Performance is decent. Even though there isn't much mention of the oud note, I detect a decent amount of it. I don’t think Icon is a bad scent, but rather redundant, since I already own a large bottle of Mugler Cologne. About 2 hours later. It's very refined, smells very professional and sophisticated. The bottle actually comes in at a whopping 21oz (600 grams). The fragrance comes in heavy metal bottle as 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette. This is my favorite cologne, its amazing so sexy, perfect makes me crazy. I got this due to the hype. About one hour of projection, and another two hours of skin scent, which means nothing considering you wear it for others to smell it. It promised to be a perfect transitional fragrance into fall / autumn with its citrus top notes and woody / leather base notes. It smells fresh, spicy, airy with an add of pineapple vibe. I urge everyone to get one not minding the price as the value far out weighs the price. I don't believe I have smelled anything quite like it, but it is extremely pleasing. I've loved this scent from the first sniff. Neroli is not so noticeable, I don't find that fresh barbershop smell that I appreciate in Thiery Mugler's Cologne or in some ADP fragrances. This has a really distinctive opening. Classic that reminds me creed original Vetiver or Mugler Cologne. That's actually the only reason I looked for this kind of code.) An interesting, unique, quality juice which is modern, a compliment magnet, performs nicely and is masculine. It’s at this point the neroli hands over to something softer and less sweet, but still with a floral undertone: presumably that’s the iris (although I couldn’t specifically identify it as such). WHAT A COMEBACK. Almost the same quality but cheaper. Masculine and classy. I just happen to smell some of it on myself. Such a shame as this was a unique scent. That was five hours ago and it's still going strong. This scent is a mind blower from the presentation, to the sprayer to the scent. I have read 2-3 times that this fragrance is a remake of the beloved discontinued City Glam by Armani... can someone confirm this??? This is a stunning fragrance, a Masterpiece. I don´t remember if there is one fragrance that is similar to this one. reminds me of an older cologne or something cheap smelling. First Impression: Amouage Reflection Man! Icon Elite by Alfred Dunhill is a Woody Spicy fragrance for men. very unique scent. Smelled this while passing through Dubai airport duty free 2 years ago. It just doesn't last - at least on me. Just look at the reviews from Youtube and here on Fragrantica, this kicks Dior Sauvage and Bleu de Chanel for 2nd & 3rd place on my list. Founder Alfred Dunhill inherited his father’s equestrian leather goods company in 1893, and began creating a range of luxury driving clothing and accessories. $15 off orders over $85 . Charles-Philippe. like one of those swiss army fragrances. In that regard, I find that Dunhill ICON particularly suits my lifestyle needs and therefore is my favourite go-to fragrance. Icon is a woody aroma A very strong statement from DUNHILL. The flask is simply fantastic...heavy and beatiful! You spritz your first spray of Dunhill Icon and it delivers a crisp, fresh citrus-spicy blast. Dunhill Icon Elite By Dunhill for Men - 4 Pc Gift Set 3.4oz Edp Spray, 3oz Shower Gel, 3oz After Shave Balm, Pouch, 4 Count 4.0 out of 5 stars 2 $43.46 $ 43 . I think Icon is a good name for this because it is a strong scent that only strong, confident, iconic men can and should wear. This thing is simply amazing for it's price as an everyday wear for work, yes it is not unique, but the neroli, spices and citruses smell amazing, the performance is good too, I'd say it's quite uplifting and makes me feel happier in a certain way. However, I won't say that it's beast mode because the scent itself is moderate with an urbane type vibe. I have been using an anti allergy nose spray for 20 years, which affects my olfactory. The first fragrance of the collection, Icon Cologne, is a blend of the classic heritage & a touch of modernity. It's elegant enough to dress up but works for casual as well. Inspired by reflection, for those looking to the future, seeking to … Dunhill Icon Cologne by Alfred Dunhi... (49.36 GBP), Buy it online BIG SALE on or Buy it online 31 items on, Perfume rating Terre d'Hermes with added bubble gum and cardamom! A MASTERPIECE...And from a house i've long since written off. this is just a definition of a mature scent. An amazing Neroli based scent. It remains neroli, pepper and bergamot hinted for the rest of its life on my skin. This one is really tough to describe without getting your nose on it. The opening is a blast of Neroli and a lot of pepper and cardamon. to my nose is very similar for the 50-60% to terre d'hermes, which is superior for quality and performance but both has in common that orangy-creamy-earthy taste. Great alrounder and I can’t see anyone getting offended by this one, making it great for closed environments like the office. Top notes are Neroli, Bergamot, Black Pepper and Petitgrain; middle notes are Black Pepper, Lavender, Cardamom, Juniper Berries and Sage; base notes are Vetiver, Oakmoss, Agarwood (Oud), Leather and iris. Imo, it's a great scent for an office setting or early dinner date. 0. you can feel a lot DNA than a lot perfumes in it. There appears to be two camps with this one. It’s a medicinal, clean smell, and if you’ve never applied Desitin to a baby’s rear, you won’t make the connection and reflexively think of this house as “Dunghill”. The great price and lovely bottle were value added. Get the best deals on dunhill Bath & Body for your home salon or home spa. Sillage just for your body but long lasting. Gorgeous neroli, bergamot with spices, wrapped around cardamom, juniper berries and lavender. Then I waited for 24 hrs before it then made a perfect sense to me that this is a winner, did I hit a gold mine? I'd Put this one on a scale between Amouage Reflection Man and Vince Camuto Eterno. Definitely a scent that has light citrus notes in the opening, but quickly dries down into a neroli fragrance through and through. Then later when I tried it again, I GOT IT. Unique, classy and perfect for the office. Longevity and silage are average. Great for warmer months and office. Everytime I wear this it puts me in a good mood and gives me a boost of confidence, for the price point it would be a mistake not to add this to the collection. Its heart includes spicy and aromatic notes of black pepper, lavender and cardamom, leaning on a woody base of smoky oud, vetiver, leather and oak moss. DUNHILL ICON ELITE EDP Positive note, the bottle design is very cool. Icon is a study in contradictions. The opening does have a little resemblance to Terre D Hermes. Yet I will often wear this when going out on evening dates with my girlfriend. I initially splashed a bit too much on my favorite spot -my prostration spot on my prayer carpet, and I instantly felt as if I would be allergic to it. Vintage fragrances often do not have batch codes at all. It seemed like this would be a sure thing! I believe there are only 4 "Masterpiece" Designer fragrances, here they are: Light airy pleasant neroli smell. Later on in the dry-down it's vetiver woody with hints of neroli and citrus, very pleasant. Icon smells a little bit generic, casual and is more feminine than I prefer. Those scents are too stuffy and old for me, personally. It’s the Dunhill Icon take on the oud trend, while not going the whole shebang. Like it, but not super unique? Thus, on a trip to Las Vegas in 2015, I picked up a bottle from the Dunhill boutique in the Caesars Palace Mall. You may check the batch code and expiration date on the following page www.checkfresh.com. A nice elegant clean fragrance! : Alright, it's pretty self explanatory. I think petigrain, cardamom, vetiver and juniper wreck it for me. It is little bit soapy or detergent like. ICON’s base is what ties it most to its seasonality. Each cycle phase is long enough to be noticed and enjoyed before the powerful oily resins emerge from the base. Dunhill is one of the oldest designer fragrance houses. The base notes have oak moss and leather. Dunhill Icon is a really good fragrance, but I would not say it is a love at first sniff. I wanted to like this, it seemed like just what I was looking for, but at first I only really got a "someone else's jacket" vibe from it. Types of Perfume Qualities? 46 ($14.49/Count) $49.76 $49.76 It has a good longevity, this is an eau de parfum, not toilette. Posted by. This is so great on me and I wear it despite of all other people's opinions. Not my thing! great for work year round but should really shine in the warmer months. Agree with other reviewers.. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. I love nearly every single note listed and has been receiving rave reviews. I would consider buying it if only it has more longevity. As for the olfactive family, the overt agarwood (oud) notes set it firmly in the woody umbrella whilst various notes like oak moss, vetiver, lavender and cardamon give it an aromatic (rather than spicy) profile.

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