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The GoPro Hero 8 Black has since been replaced with the Hero 9 Black, but it's still a feature-rich action camera with plenty of mods to make it a great camera for you. Oh, and you can tune both ends of the zoom separately – which is impossible on a Nikon. The shot I took with the Sony A7R was one that does not require any technical skill or know-how. Canon 5DS and 5DSR: Hands-On Review Just Announced in 60 Seconds: Canon 5DS, 5DS R, T6i, and T6s DLSR Cameras Introducing the Canon EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R The EOS 5DS DSLR Camera from Canon is the long … You can’t push the shadows that much without noise – that I agree with. Only if I can go by car straight to the location I’ll take more. Choose the delay and trigger it with a cheap IR remote, or just hit the shutter once. For the price, you can’t really complain though…. I’m a Nikon shooter (vanilla D800), with a bunch of Nikon lenses, but no Otuses. Use these photography marketing tools to improve ROI for your business in 2021 and beyond. And I say this now, when Canon is well above 36 megapixels. Ok I can´t argue with that so the only solution is the need to plan ahead when flying with lots of gear and with a camera equipment insurance, which will give some sort of peace of mind hopefully. Visit the Teaching Store to up your photographic game – including workshop and Photoshop Workflow videos and the customized Email School of Photography; or go mobile with the Photography Compendium for iPad. It obviously depends on what you shoot and what your personal threshold of acceptability is – fair weather vacation snaps are going to have a far higher hit rate than cinematic still in low light. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review | Photographer Dustin Abbott shares his long term review of the Canon 5D Mark IV after using it extensively for two … He’s getting his information from me, and I’m getting it through my own examination of 7RII test files captured under controlled/known conditions and cross-referencing with Lloyd Chambers. It turns out there won’t be a part two for a simple reason – I don’t see the point. But a couple of minor notes about the controls – you say that: “Some button function combinations are just impossible: you cannot have AE lock on the shutter button in anything other than evaluative metering, for instance, and then spot metering point doesn’t follow your AF point. Canon lacks Nikon’s new f1.8G primes, but Nikon lacks all of the special purpose stuff and some of the zooms – there is no 17 TSE, for starters. , Right, that pretty much summarizes it, as you’ve said it already in the beginning: none of the two systems can claim overall superiority. The things is, with OVF you see what the naked eye sees, but not what you will get. What am I missing? This is something that’s been baked into the Nikon “matrix” metering system since the days of the F4. When the light can be fully controlled (studio, reflectors, strobes etc. Thinking about buying one to use with adapters. Great, thorough review of the camera! In my case this starts with this crazy Photoshop subscription-mode. What I and maybe also you need is a body with a mixture of Sigma DPM Foveon ISO 100 IQ in all ISO levels with noise & dynamic range on all ISO levels like a Nikon D800 and D810, with an AF-system like a Nikon D4s and all that in a body size like a Sony A7 and of course small & light native Zeiss lenses with AF in all focal ranges (FFL and zooms) for this available. Long term review: Canon 5DSR (19 Aug 2015) Review: The Canon 5DSR, part I – solo (2 Jul 2015) Fresh off the boat: Canon 5DSR and some early … sure thing. If the review is in the ballpark, that tells me the 7D mk ii is good but not worth doing handstands over. The A99 was to me a better camera in every way, so I kept my Nikons and left it at that . 1) The reason for my question was your statement “under ideal circumstances, on a tripod, or in very good light, with critical focus obtained with the very best lenses, the files are pretty incredible. I’ve seen the same sort of “hue/tone flattening” when comparing some Bayer and Foveon sensor foliage shots. Moreover, I am entering a new world and even a bit strange for me: when am able to light up the shadows to that extent, with no visible noise increase, I am getting more of a “plastic”, “unreal” or “CGI” feeling…Therefore, I am sliding back the shadows, with no real gain from that great dynamic range. You can also get your gear from B&H and Amazon. You’ll fondly look back at the good times once in a while, maybe even with a pang of regret at what might have been. But your lenses are likely to leave something to be desired, and you’ll probably have to go Zeiss Otus – which aren’t AF. We all thought the DF was going to be a proper digital F2/3…instead it turned out to be a retro-geek exercise with bad function and poor form. Plus you don’t know how it will be handled in transit, either. I am very concerned about the focusing issues with manual lenses & focusing screens/Zacuto viewer however—enough so that I actually asked Zeiss about their intentions of producing their own focusing screens to allow easy focusing of (especially) their Otus optics. Are you planning to test new Sony A7R II? Preservation of the original file when running crop modes; only the crop selected is. and I thank you for that. My job isn’t testing; I derive no benefit whatsoever from anything beyond what is necessary. Have you ever considered to transport all of your photo gear via Fedex or UPS since the Airlines have excluded all risk of lost camera gear? I was interested to see this camera from the perspective from someone who would actually use the camera to its potential. everyone is looking to cut costs where possible and if the marketing department realizes they can get by using inexpensive/technically questionable shots they just…will. There seems to be so many options and unfortunately not many of them can be tested where I am currently located so I would much appreciate any input if you have any.

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