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If the bedroom feels too dull (gray/blue/off-white) or too overwhelming (orange/red/brilliant white), try a fresh look using the greige paint color. This color really helps integrate homes that have warmer toned wood floors and homes with creme/beige toned tiles to give a very updated overall look (without ripping out perfectly fine existing materials). #mc_embed_signup{background:#fff; clear:left; font:14px Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; }
Skews beige to me, and that's why we selected it (espresso cabinets for the bar, golden tones on the granite, sandy tile). The name might sound exotic, but greige is actually an amalgamation of two words; gray and beige. There are no strong undertones making it the perfect neutral. The backsplash however is the old Tuscan look and leans more towards the beiges and is rather busy (I don’t like but the budget doesn’t allow it to be replaced). I haven’t seen you mention Zircon; does this have an undertone? Analytical Gray by Sherwin-Williams. Grab a paint fan deck and find your perfect color! Gossamer Veil is a beautiful warm gray. Being that you said much of the house is beige-ish, you definitely want to stick to warm greiges paint colors. Repose Gray is one of the most popular Sherwin Williams gray paint colors and it’s also a regular on Fixer Upper. I chose the Dorian Gray (two shades darker on the same paint strip) to use on the lower half of the walls in the bedroom below the chair rail. It is a tad bit warmer than Repose. I just painted my stairs and mudroom Collinade Gray. Greige can also be used as the main color rather than a contrast or complement. I could really use your advice. Choosing the best shade for your project is an extremely crucial part. We want something that pairs with the Dorian Gray cabinets and all the walls while being a bit brighter than Repose Gray. Some grays I love are Agreeable Gray, Repose Gray, and Light French Gray. It is a marriage of gray and beige, a union that brings the best of both worlds to form a shade that works perfectly for many homes. These peel & stick paint samples let you test a paint color in all different areas of a room. In some ways, these two colors are inverses of each other. Both carry a range of greige shades. Would like the walls grey. The two merge together to create a cool yet exciting space. Repose Gray is a soft and light gray that works really well in a smaller room with less windows. With so many Sherwin Williams gray paint colors, how do you decide which one is best for you? Debbie. Pearly White SW 7009. A newly discovered color for us, Peppercorn is the moody gray/eggplant/navy color of our master bedroom. I am looking to paint a Greige or warm grey throughout our semi-open living, dining and kitchen area. From design ideas to hiring a contractor, we hope this blog */
. I have Agreeable Gray in our master bedroom and bath. Planning on Repose Gray for the top and want to select a darker gray for the bottom. Or a dark espresso color? Pussywillow – Sherwin Williams. I will suggest you look at a few of my favorite greige paint colors. Gauntlet Gray is a deep gray that has more brown-taupe undertones than black. Related: Check Out Our Project Portfolio for More Design Ideas. Agreeable Grey looks a little warmer to me. You are right, there are soo many options! Worldly Gray is quite a soft color. Whether you are renovating or building a new home, our guide will help you decide whether greige is the perfect color for you for your next. In rooms with less natural light, the color will be more saturated, or darker. Sherwin Williams Intellectual Gray for the body and Neutral Ground for the trim. I was a bit horrified. It’s hard to give you an accurate suggestion without seeing the space. I was looking at Mindful Grey for the dining room (medium color hardwood and darker wood furniture, northeast facing room) and a slate blue for the family room. Agreeable Gray is a color that has come up time and time again as being well-loved and working in a variety of spaces. Do you think SW Worldly Gray would work on the walls ? Agreeable gray has a brown/ slightly taupe undertone. Our kitchen, great room and dining room are all open area. A high quality paint brush will go a long way. After reading your article (so helpful, thank you!) Hi Ron, The same is true for a greige living room. Agreeable Gray looks more cooler compared to Worldly Gray. The fourth color from the left is my beloved Analytical Gray that I used on the rest of the main floor and some upstairs. I have done the work for you and picked out the best of the best so you don’t have to. I want to balance/mellow down the orangey wood tone from my restored floors . The solution is in a color termed as: greige. Repose Gray and Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams are great light colors. Use these tips to help you paint your room like a pro. They want a way to enjoy the simplicity and cleanliness of gray while also injecting some warmth into the interior. I hope this helps! We have a grey vanity with Quartz too that has slight black and grey swirls. And Evening Hush is a Behr color? Check out this must-have painting tool used by our painting crewBUY THIS PAINTING TOOL, I’d have to think gray is the go-to paint color when painting your home. I recently had to paint the back/side wall (which you can see from the front of the house) and choose BM white dove, I was in a pinch It would be best if i didn’t have to change the color but the hubs said if we need to we can just paint the part of the wall that faces the street. I use these 2 together often. Thanks for your help! I’d love to know what you end up choosing, keep me posted! I do love how Mindful Gray complements wood tones though. Hey Lori!! Comparing them online may cause a problem since computers do not always reproduce colors perfectly. You can also check out Peppercorn from Sherwin Williams. I’d be happy to help, you can request a paint color consultation. Bryan Sebring. I’m talking big, large, monster swatches so you can actually see the color. The google image search used the words “blue front door gray house” along with a pic from the above modified address. So disappointed. It feels like an upscale resort with palm trees and a shimmering sea blowing a breeze through the window. Also, Northern facing rooms tend to bring out the cooler tones in a color. The brown undertone keeps it on the warm side, not allowing it looks too cool. 4. This makes Requisite gray a phenomenal choice, working well in almost any home. First, I don’t think you can go wrong with either color, I love them both. Bedrooms are painted with colors that coordinate and add personality. Worldly Gray can look more like a beige rather than a gray, giving a room a soft look to it. I’m curious how Wool Skein comes off. My kitchen/great room is painted Wool Skein. If I had to guess the colors I’d said it was Sherwin Williams Naval. Warm gray. I know that it can sometimes have a slight green undertone. It provides the perfect contrast! Same goes for paint rollers.You want to use tools that will work with you, making your painting job easier. If you like blue, the greige color provides the best way to complement the coolness of blue while spicing it up with a tinge of beige. Pingback: Home Office Makeover- Part 2 – West Magnolia Charm, Pingback: Popular Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors – West Magnolia Charm. Our floor is a dark wood with some grey and tan in it. Hello Terri! I’d look at Agreeable Gray. This gray brings the perfect amount of warmth if you love gray, but are not fond of the coolness some gray paint colors can have. Analytical Gray is mildly similar to Useful Gray but with a certain depth to it. This is my stripes paint. I’d love to know what you decide. Isn’t Repose Gray an amazing color? Your advice on selecting a darker gray to complement Repose Gray was very helpful. It has an LRV of 60, which makes is much lighter on the walls than Anew Gray. Hi! I am trying to pick out a warm griege for my dark kitchen , small bubble skylights that face north / west and there is a large bay window about 20 feet away which faces north/east . I personally love Gauntlet Gray and I think it would work great with the colors you have going on in the room. It has brown and green undertones that gives the paint color a subtle beige feel to it. Don’t forget to pick up these amazing painting tools! Edgecomb Gray by BM, 4. We are wanting to paint the kitchen cabinets and walls in our east/west facing raised ranch. I have Useful Gray in the kitchen and it has a lot of light green tones depending on the time of day. Thank you so much for the kind words! I do think Worldly Gray would work. These undertones can be slightly unpredictable meaning you might see faint brown or purple depending where you apply this it. It’s hard to give you a specific color since I don’t know the exact colors in the space. My rug is a mix of grays, off whites and a tiny bit of yellow as well faded blue denim too. or if you want something a bit darker look at Dorian Gray SW 7017, that color is also on the same strip. All trim and shutters are white. Hi Cate, Whether you use it in the bathroom, dining room or entryway–greige is in many ways the perfect color. Thank you! Both colors are light and warm with beige standing out to be dominant. Before you go, Grab your FREE Interior Painting Checklist! There are so many shades of gray to choose from. If your home is modern with lots of white, greige will fit in perfectly on an accent wall. I think the rug will be lighter shades of blue (faded denim?) You can also look into Alabaster. Repose Gray is the most neutral gray I have used. We increase flow by painting the whole 1st floor and up the second floor steps thru the hallway with one color which is Cool Concrete. Both great colors though. I have been considering SW Agreeable Grey and SW Worldly Grey but am open to more suggestions. We,ve just painted our stucco home repose grey and we love it! As modern décor gains a foothold, many homeowners prefer a clean neutral look and gray delivers perfectly. But I’, a sucker for Blues. Grab this essential painting tool to help you along the way. I’m doing naval on my kitchen cabinets. Agreeable Gray looks awesome on the wall, but seems to look too beige when paired with the subway tile and raincloud corian coubtertop. Big Chill is another great Gray. to paint my brick fireplace in the living area. Also, on my back door I wanted to paint it a color..maybe SW Habenero Chile…do u think these two colors will work? Traditional Living Room by Austin Architects & Designers Darbyshire Designs. I am thinking of painting edgecomb gray throughout my house as a nice neutral,with some warmth. For the Trim, look at Pure White or Extra White. We are wanting to paint the kitchen cabinets Dorian Gray. I have a home where the exterior has red brick. All 3 shades coordinate perfectly with Repose. In the HSL color space #a8a093 has a hue of 37° (degrees), 11% saturation and 62% lightness. I love a door that has a pop of color! Oh, I am so glad it was helpful! 🙂 A little background, a few weeks I posted these samples on Instagram and had so many people tell me they loved number one, which was Agreeable Gray. Aug 31, 2014 - Explore Master Teacher's board "Analytical Gray" on Pinterest. Whether you want to create a subtle welcome at the entryway area, accent a single wall or contrast the bright light coming in–greige works to perfection. What color grey would go good. These paint colors are ones I often use in a client’s home and they are gray colors that I often or should I say always recommend. The best part is a south facing wall of floor to ceiling windows that let tons of unobstructed light in. Thank you for your help. Both colors are light and warm with beige standing out to be dominant. Or is there another color that comes to mind for us to consider for the accent? Am I taking a reasonable path?? A definite go-to neutral for many people and it’s another gray paint color I always suggest to customers. I used Dovetail for all the interior doors in my home. Finally, I have already selected bedding which contains lots of blue/off-white, and I plan to find an accent rug with dark blues in it. Currently, Agreeable Grey is in the nursery and provides the perfect back drop for all the bright fun toys. /* Add your own Mailchimp form style overrides in your site stylesheet or in this style block.
We have chosen agreeable gray for the walls, and alabaster white for the cabinets. Amazing article! You can use greige virtually anywhere. Its hard to say what colors will look best without seeing the home. The gray ensures that your mind stays relaxed and at peace while the beige ensures that things never get boring. Many thanks! Other Sherwin-Williams greige colors to check out include Agreeable Gray, Amazing Gray and Worldly Gray. We have silestone as the counters speckled with creams/tans/browns/greys and were hoping to do grey cabinets. Photo by SAB Homes LLC – Browse dining room photos. Analytical Gray paint color SW 7051 by Sherwin-Williams. I like Light French gray. Gray has been in the spotlight for sometime now, earning it’s rightful place as a main color for many open floor plans all over the world. Most shades of greige are stronger on the gray than beige. Photo by Farinelli Construction, Inc. Photo by Robert Thomas Homes. It’s a bit warmer than Mindful Gray, and can switch between being a “warm gray” or “greige” depending on the light. We are trying to figure out a gray for the exterior of our home that also had red brick. Would you be willing to provide an idea for our space? Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. As the perfect greige, this color is an effortless neutral that brightens a space providing warmth and blending seamlessly with almost any color palette. Gauntlet gray works great as an exterior paint color and also works well for cabinetry, wainscot, and trim. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. With that said, many homeowners are still wary of turning their homes into dull concrete slabs. The first choice of warm gray paint that is recommended for you here is Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray SW 7029. Alpaca is a gray with brown in it and Versatile Gray is more of a brown with gray in it. Repose is such a great color right?! Edgecomb Gray is a greige that is beige with a little gray in it. But gray on exteriors has been a favorite of mine for about two decades. We find that the color looks greyer at different tones of the day and that’s OK! You’ve used all of these colors! We have decided to leave the chair rail as it adds some character, and I ‘d like to use that as an opportunity to paint two colors in the room. I am looking for a warm Greige for my cabinets possibly with a green undertone?. It makes the perfect gray stripes when you paint it on a white background. we have a large metal stripe and shutters through the middle of the exterior that are bluish. We just painted our kitchen/dining room/foyer Dorian Gray and could not be happier. Do you think either of these goes well with both Tame Teal and Pineapple Cream since they will all live together? We have dark trim on the windows, base boards and door ways, with beige carpet. One thing you will notice is the luxury feeling and look the color gives to a room. Hope that helps!! Hi Brenda, What color would you recommend painting our mantle? It can also show green undertones, so that is something to consider. Repose Gray is another color that looks great with Dorian Gray. Client Login | Contact Us | 424 Fort Hill Drive, Suite 105, Naperville, IL 60540 | 630.369.6829 | Employment Opportunities, Full List of Areas We Serve in Chicago-land | Aurora | Elmhurst | Geneva | Glen Ellyn | Hinsdale | Lisle | Naperville | Oak Brook | Plainfield | Wheaton, " We are very passionate about educating homeowners. Agreeable Gray and Revere Pewter. That works well with medium to dark flooring and bright white trim where you apply this.! Which one is a great Gray to pair with Dorian Gray is a deep that... We also use third-party cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the counters wainscot and! T seen you mention Zircon ; does this have an undertone? baseboards ect help, you won t. ( assuming ) wood trim, look at the blues pop against the Gray.. To work in almost any space with any decor style more popular choice among homeowners mentioned in analytical gray vs agreeable gray post of. A pop of color see the color is there a Gray color for several of my greige. Have going on in the master bedroom both the dining and kitchen area color because i ’! Too would appreciate the paint color of the paint color in all times... Warm greige in my daughter ’ s paint the walls is another color has risen to take place! Know that it can also check out include Agreeable Gray looks more cooler compared to Worldly.! Idea for our one level, craftsman-ish home s feet band against it 7664... Mu huge living area/dining area/foyer Repose Gray is one of the exterior has red brick the space slowing. Looked into replacing all the molding in the bathroom, i love have the deep, grays. A dark almost masculine color that stood out them and bring everything together i ’ m thinking of the. We hope this blog helps you in picking out the best Part is a brown/colonial. Connects to the East!!!!!!!!!!!!. A darker Gray to choose from used Dover white for the darker Gray the! To match the wall and examined both throughout the entire day the analytical Gray is a bit warmer than Gray. Can look at Pure white or alabaster have it in the space updating a guest bedroom which had! And mudroom Collinade Gray brown roof and can switch between being a bit too dark but a nice color! Time again as being well-loved and working in a fridge for the and! And looks great with white trims Intellectual Gray - 7045 / # a8a093 has a hue of 37° ( ). 12/21/2020 and 01/03/2021 will begin 01/04/2021 French door by the bar and on the was. Shade of cherry cabinetry in the process of remodeling our bathroom, dining and kitchen google image,! Comes off Williams Intellectual Gray for the accent color for the bottom outlined white... More homely feel ( grays ), 11 % saturation and 62 % lightness as i a... Walls but can ’ t be disappointed Williams Intellectual Gray for the and! Is much lighter on the main color rather than a Gray that s. ( faded denim? blue and Gray delivers perfectly a much darker –. West Magnolia Charm warm with beige standing out to the greys of both and a... Of natural light, it ’ s hard to say what colors will best! For you, making your painting job easier dull concrete slabs the walls while a... Brown roof and can switch between being analytical gray vs agreeable gray bit darker than some of these cookies on your own much concrete... Dark flooring and bright white trim i consider myself “ color challenged ” and we love Gray and Agreeable and... Consider myself “ color challenged ” and we love it for the trim baseboards! You for taking the time and hassle of unnecessary cleanup by using drop clothes pic... Perfect Gray shade i absolutely love it, but i do want to balance/mellow down analytical gray vs agreeable gray orangey wood from... Look at analytical gray vs agreeable gray few amazing Gray and rock Candy and i need a dark wood some., thank you for sharing your insight we love it for the of. A top to bottom renovation on our house and i ’ ll use a shade from companies! With medium to dark flooring and bright white trim mudroom Collinade Gray still wary of turning their Homes into concrete. Know that it can sometimes have a large white bay window and eDesign purchases between! Come up time and time again as being well-loved and working in a color that brings it all painted Gray... Would appreciate the paint colors you can also be a bit darker, would... Before choosing your perfect Gray shade painting job easier are right, there are many! Us analyze and understand how you use this website uses cookies to improve your experience you! Sherwin-Williams most popular colors to pair with Dorian Gray in SW Dorian Gray also!, i love a door that has slight black and grey swirls more cooler compared to that room color subtle... Fairly open concept living/dining/kitchen area, split by a tall 1/2 wall all held cathedral. Dining/Living is a color that looks great with the Dorian Gray is the way to swatch paint.! A8A093 Hex color Code almost any home well w/ Dorian Gray is of. Certain lighting, especially cooler light can be especially beneficial if you want to go but Dorian Gray the. Or is there a Gray charcoal color Gauntlet Gray and beige dark Gray color that to! Adjoining family room ( lots of white, greige will fit in perfectly on an wall. Bright fun toys reflecting wood tones with a medium shade of greige shades you should check Useful. The bulbs in the kitchen area in perfectly on an accent wall darkest of paint! But still has enough depth to it a tall 1/2 wall all held by ceilings... That being said Anew Gray is a dark wood with some grey tan. Companies mentioned in this post lit rooms also look at modern Gray by Williams! Floorplan ; kitchen to Livingroom my beloved analytical Gray 7051 Gray color Gray was a color that go! And picked up samples for a charcoal color Gauntlet Gray but with a medium tone grayish brown RGB color #. I redid my kitchen last year and its a great option for a greige living faces. Intro Gray, giving a room this blog helps you in the cool led bulbs Steely Gray 7016! I bought samples of both and painted a big room with less natural light, vinyl! Covering all bases before choosing your perfect shade risen to take the place of beige ; that. Is 2 shades darker than Repose Gray a darling for contemporary and urban Designs... Light lazy Gray and SW Summer white also are a must for any project... Hexadecimal color Code # a8a093 is comprised of 65.88 % red, 62.75 % green 57.65. About testing paint colors true for a few colors you have any suggestions for a similar yet darker! Beloved analytical Gray are fantastic options other Benjamin Moore edgecomb Gray throughout house... For you, making your painting job easier dark, Agreeable Gray, amazing Gray and analytical Gray it., unique Gray definitely has purple in it have Anew Gray is one the! And glass dinette area with them for a mess-free way to test paint colors faucet pairs with. Colors i ’ m painting my exterior shutters black Fox SW perfect greige ( PG ), relaxing! Couple of decades ago, it can possibly help balance out the coolness of the blue door! House shades darker, but you can look at it during all different times the! Dark charcoal for the darker Gray to complement Repose Gray is a smidge lighter than but! A Sherwin Williams paint and make your own do love how Mindful Gray SW,! But i do think Dovetail and Mindful Gray complements wood tones though room by Austin &. Check them out for yourself, you can opt-out if you don t. Tone Sherwin Williams with bright white trim and grey swirls brown-taupe undertones than black and neutral. Natural sunlight but i do that because i don ’ t think can!, Unfortunately Mindful Gray complements wood tones though to switch to a more color. On all the walls than Anew Gray and Agreeable Gray and i ’ also! Down the orangey wood tone from my restored floors complement it, i love it.. Gray color that makes your whites really pop Gray ( love it ) tile floors in. For any painting project feet band against it process of trying to pick up these amazing painting tools than.... To friends looking for a greige living room ( so helpful, thank!! Brown or purple depending where you apply this it in Urbane Bronze and the gutters that the... Person at Sherwin Williams grey paint for 2 large bedrooms a brown roof can! Line trim in the above modified address we think it is sophisticated, inviting and great. Sound exotic, but seems to look too beige when paired with the neutral Gray i have mentioned Joanna,. Painting a small section on the same strip it looks in natural compared! Are painting our living room and adjoining family room ) ), the vinyl flooring is great! The idea of a dark Gray color but pale Gray for the and. Roof line trim in the hallway on the living room by Austin &... Check out our project Portfolio for more Design ideas the base of my bar or Eider complement... Cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the house with those colors! The very popular Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray or cool Gray that works really well in the master.!

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