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Many parents have been used to the early morning routine which is to go to pasar for daily groceries, especially vegetables, fish and meat. Older generation mostly have a misconception that the pasar’s seafood are always the freshest. However, we beg to differ.

Why? If you think that the seafood in pasar is the freshest, you are WRONG! You have to know how many layers or middlemen in the process before reaching the pasar. MyFishBid can reach you faster than the pasar!

Have doubt? Check the flowchart below!

Why do you need MyFishBid?

1.      MyFishBid saves your Time! 

No more waking up early! No more snatching fish in the pasar! Just stay at home and spend your precious time with your loved ones. Click and order through MyFishBid App. We will directly deliver your fresh seafood to your doorsteps!

2.      MyFishBid saves your Money!

The qualified vendors are mainly the wholesaler which means the price you get is the lowest price! We have skipped all the commissions that you need to pay to the middlemen. 

3.      MyFishBid guarantees the Freshness!

Without the middlemen, the seafood that being caught from the sea can now directly swim to you in the freshest state! 

4.      MyFishBid takes care of your cleanliness! 

We have seen the seafood in the pasar are exposed to the environment. The cleanliness of pasar is below satisfactory level. We ensure that all vendors use vacuum packaging on every product sold through our platform to prevent the growth of aerobic bacteria or microorganisms! 

5.      MyFishBid is as easy as a few clicks!

Pick your favourite fish, put it into your shopping cart and check out your shopping cart by processing the payment. As simple as that!
Your favourite seafood are now on their way to your home! 


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