Simplest and Easiest Salmon Recipe in 10 minutes!!! Leave a comment

Cooking is never an easy task when you have to start from ingredients preparing, washing, cutting, cooking… But today! We will recommend you the simplest and easiest recipe for you to get ready the meal for your family within 10 minutes!

Isn’t it fantastic? Let’s get started!

Our main dish today is Pink Salmon from Refine Seafood.
Firstly, season your salmon with olive oil, salt and black pepper.

You may adjust the amount according to your preference.

Then, put the fish fillets into air fryer. (You can fry them if you don’t have air fryer with you) 
Our suggestion is 160 degree celcius for 10 minutes.

The results will be as shown below:

You may choose the side dish according to your preference. We have broiled broccoli, hard boiled egg, smashed potato for our kids to have a healthy diet. Sometimes, we will have french fries, wedges on our cheat days too!

Blog credit to : Refine Seafood

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